A community rich with tradition

When a school is the oldest continuously operating school in Dallas, it’s going to have traditions — plenty of them. These unique, time-honored annual traditions help make your four-year Ursuline experience unforgettable.

Throughout my short time at Ursuline, I’ve felt a strong, unique sisterhood that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s built through traditions like Intramurals, Sophomore Serviam, Junior Ring Ceremony, and Graduation, that all bring the Ursuline community together as a whole.

- Mia Alvarado, Class of 2019

Baccalaureate Mass and Brunch

Graduating seniors and their families celebrate their achievements at a special Mass followed by a festive brunch held the day before Graduation ceremonies in May.

Catholic Schools Week

The Student Council oversees the activities of this special week, usually celebrated in late January or February. Ursuline honors its history and highlights the benefits of attending a Catholic school.

Freshman Convocation

The Freshman Class is formally received into the student body during a Eucharistic Liturgy in October.


Held in May, Graduation is one of Ursuline’s most beautiful traditions. Dressed in a formal white dress and carrying a bouquet of red roses, each graduate curtsies and receives her diploma before family and friends gathered with Academy faculty and staff on the front lawn.


Intramurals dates back to the 1950s. The entire student body participates in a service project, hall decorating, mural, videos, and a volleyball tournament. Students wear their class colors (freshmen — green; sophomores — yellow; juniors — red; seniors — blue) in addition to their uniform skirts.

Junior Ring Ceremony

Juniors receive their school rings in a special spring ceremony marking their almost-senior status.

Mother/Daughter Mass and Brunch

Students and their mothers participate in a Sunday liturgy and brunch held on campus in early fall.

Class Retreats

Each class enjoys the privilege and camaraderie of a retreat (one-day for underclassmen and overnight for upperclassmen), which brings students into greater harmony with themselves, their classmates, and with God.

Sophomore Serviam Ceremony

At the Serviam liturgy in February, sophomores pledge to live in the spirit of St. Angela Merici, foundress of the Ursuline order, and receive a Serviam pin as a symbol of that commitment. The Ursuline Mothers' Club Beth Rayfield Memorial Challenge Award is presented to one sophomore who embodies the principles of Serviam, based on the student's written reflection and individual record of service.