Serviam, I Will Serve

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The motto of Ursuline Academy is Serviam, Latin for “I will serve.”

It’s a way to deepen your concern for others and turn it into meaningful action. It’s a calling to use your unique gifts and talents to help those in need. It’s an attitude and a spirit that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

At Ursuline, students may choose from a variety of Ursuline-sponsored service opportunities. Many students also find independent ways to serve the community suited to their own unique needs and interests. During the freshman, sophomore, and junior years, students live out the spirit of Serviam by getting involved in activities organized each year by Campus Ministry and school clubs to serve non-profit organizations. During senior year, students choose a non-profit organization for an extended service placement off-campus.

Each year, Ursuline also offers international mission trips in partnership with the Diocese of Dallas and other Catholic schools in the area. These transformative experiences give students a broader perspective of the world through immersion in different cultures.

The mindset of helping others applies at school, too. Ursuline students help one another and their school community with the same enthusiasm that distinguishes their service to the world outside of the Academy.

Serviam News

"During my years at Ursuline, I have gradually learned to embody the spirit of Serviam, I will serve. Serviam entails viewing the world from another’s perspective and walking in solidarity with others. I am always surprised by the many blessings I receive in each act of service, no matter how large or small. Serviam has taught me empathy to understand, generosity to give, and faith that my actions can impact the world. I am grateful for Ursuline’s many service opportunities because they have shaped my character and prepared me to respond to the needs of a global and diverse community."

Siena Theivagt, Class of 2022

Ursuline Academy students, faculty and staff volunteer to support the work of many different community service agencies and other non-profit groups each year.

The following is a representative list of organizations that Ursuline works with on a consistent basis:

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