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Colegio Santa Ursula in Lima, Peru

  • Founded in 1936
  • Partnership began in 2007
  • Last Ursuline Academy of Dallas visit to Colegio Santa Ursula: March 2017
  • Last Colegio Santa Ursula visit to Ursuline Academy of Dallas: January 2020

Colegio Santa Ursula has been an International Baccalaureate World School since December 2012. The education is based on a comprehensive, multilingual structure. Visiting UA students live with a host family, attend classes at Colegio Santa Ursula, and visit important cultural sites in and around Lima.

"I've enjoyed every minute of my global experience. Making new friends across the globe, participating in cultural activities, trying new foods, and going out of my comfort zone has been amazing. These life-changing opportunities have taught me so much about myself and the world." 

Sarah Pumphrey, Class of 2020

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Ursuline academy of Dallas students in Peru.

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