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Beijing Huaxia Girls' School in Beijing, China

  • Founded in 1996
  • Partnership began in 1997
  • Last Ursuline Academy of Dallas visit to Beijing Huaxia Girls' School: March 2017
  • Last Beijing Huaxia Girls' School visit to Ursuline Academy of Dallas: January 2020

The partnership with Beijing Huaxia Girls' School is the cornerstone of the Global Relationships and Cultural Exchange program. Beijing Huaxia Girls' School — Ursuline’s first sister school and modeled after Ursuline Dallas — was the first all-girl school to open in China since the Cultural Revolution. Visiting UA students stay with a host family, attend classes at Beijing Huaxia Girls' School, and tour many of the ancient historic sites of China, including the Great Wall.

"The opportunity to travel to China was one I never thought I would receive when I began studying Mandarin. The experience helped me gain more knowledge of a culture I had been learning about while also giving me another family across the world."
Aidan McLachlan, Class of 2021

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