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Colegio Santa Ursula in Ribeirao, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Founded in 1912
  • Partnership began in 2011
  • Last Ursuline Academy of Dallas visit to Colegio Santa Ursula: March 2017
  • Last Colegio Santa Ursula visit to Ursuline Academy of Dallas: September 2016

Colegio Santa Ursula is one of Ursuline's co-ed sister schools. It is also one of the largest sister schools with more than 1,500 students. Visiting Ursuline Academy of Dallas students live with a host family, attend classes at Colegio Santa Ursula, and visit important cultural sites in and around Ribeirao Preto.

I realized my call from God was to help people. I saw Serviam in the social work experience because I was serving my fellow brothers and sisters.

Lulu Melke, Class of 2015

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