Clubs & Activities

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Get Involved with Clubs

Be a leader, meet new friends, and develop your Serviam (I will serve) spirit. Explore the world of science, civics, or international affairs, or pursue your intellectual passions, from love of languages to literature.


Celebrate your academic endeavors in organizations like Computer Science Club, Engineering Club, National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and National Science Honors Society.


Learn about different cultures all while promoting diversity and inclusion in the UA and local community.


Time to roll up your sleeves! Do you like cooking, rock climbing, or kayaking? There’s something for everyone.

School Organization

Get to know your school better with clubs like Ambassadors, Jesuit-Ursuline Ranger Band, Jazz Choir, Bear Facts, and Esse.


Promote spiritual growth by sharing the gifts given by God through meaningful service. In serving others, compassion, joy, and charity are realized and nurtured.

Ignite club memebers.


Spanish honor society.

Spanish Honor Society

Plus club group picture.