Training & Nutrition

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Our ultimate goal at Ursuline is to prevent student-athlete injuries whenever possible. Overuse injuries are rising nation-wide and the CDC states that overuse injuries make up more than 50 percent of all athletic related injuries. Two great ways to reduce overuse injuries are proper training and adequate nutrition.

Proper Training

According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, more than half of overuse injuries are preventable. Here’s how you can decrease the risk of overuse injuries:

  • Functional Test/Screenings during annual physical to determine if you have any biomechanical movement patterns that predispose you to injuries.
  • Delay sports specialization. If you only participate in one sport, you should not be playing/participating year-round and should be doing adequate cross-training in the off-season.
  • Enroll in a strength and conditioning program in the off-season or pre-season to make sure you are in proper physical shape for tryouts. Strength and conditioning programs should focus on balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength.
  • You should be participating in a pre-season or sport-specific fitness program in the two months leading up to your season. Training intensity/distance and time spent participating should only increase by 10 percent each week to avoid overuse.
  • Proper footwear will decrease the incidence of low leg overuse injuries. Make sure that you have good arch support and heel cup in athletic footwear, as well as a pair of orthotics/arch supports in school schools. Arch supports can be bought at almost any pharmacy or sporting goods store.

Adequate Nutrition

Athletes require fuel beyond a normal teenager, so it is imperative that you make sure you consume enough calories and make sure your body is fueled properly. Nutritional needs vary based on the type of training for each sport.

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