New Practice Gym & Weight Room Support Athlete Development

Ursuline athletes are hard at work utilizing the new Practice Gym and Weight Room, made possible by The Campaign for Ursuline.

“The new spaces give all students the opportunity to stay healthy and do more strength-based workouts,” said Claire Chestnut ’23. “I’ve used the weight room to get a workout in during my free period and I consistently use the new training room space for ice baths or a recovery session after a game. These new additions have definitely made a difference in my recovery and helped strengthen my muscles to prevent injury.”

“I love that we are given a space where we can train as a team or individually,” said Tess Hovivian ‘23. “It has also helped me start preparing myself for what it will be like working out with my future college team.”

“UA lacrosse has been working out in the weight room twice a week,” said Lauren Peck ’23. “Using the weight room has helped me gain strength and has ensured that I understand the basics before starting team lifts.”

"Muscle development and conditioning are essential for the improvement in a sport and for injury prevention,” said Taylor Radack ’23. “The new weight room will help future UA athletes level up and stay safe while doing it.”

“I remember when I first saw the finished project,” said Kathryn Ryan ’23. “I was blown away by the quality of the facility and it’s amazing to see all the new equipment that is available for us to use. Not to mention, it will provide a safe space for athletes to learn how to correctly use the equipment.”

“The new weight room and gym are unbelievable,” said Caroline Staubach ’23. “The spaces will help athletes perform at their best and focus on proper recoveries.”

Practice Gym

Weight Room