Hogan ‘22 Breaks UAXC 5K Record

By Grace Lamont ’22
Re-published from the October 2021 The Bear Facts

     “I knew a personal record was in reach and I was going to fight for it,” Amanda Hogan ’22 said.

    On Saturday, August 27, Hogan and other cross country members raced in the morning meet. Since Hogan’s race was going so strongly, she had not even noticed that she was close to a personal record (PR), let alone an Ursuline record.

     “I had no idea what the Ursuline 5k record even was before I finished! My goal was to race competitively and run to a new personal record,” Hogan said.

     After crossing the finish line Hogan felt relieved and proud about her race, unaware she had beaten the Ursuline 5k PR.

     “When my mom pulled up the records on her phone after the race, I visually scanned the times up the list and found that my time sets me first in the ranks! I was stunned since the previous record was set back in 1997,” Hogan said.

     She finished the 5k race with a time of 17 minutes and 43 seconds.

     “If I took anything away from former Ursuline Cross Country Coach Dr. Moody in previous seasons, it is how to love running,” Hogan said.

     Becky Wade, the new UAXC coach, represented her cross-country team at Rice University and authors a published book called “Run the World,” diving into her personal experiences running across the world.

     “Not only is she an excellent runner and author, but she is also a personal, supportive, and experienced coach,” Hogan said.

     She also describes Wade as her “role model athlete.”

     As much as Hogan misses Moody’s encouragement, she is overjoyed about her new coach Wade.

     Hogan gave descriptive insight on her cross-country schedule, strategies and opinions. She stays busy throughout the week, running a total of approximately 40 miles a week, six days a week.

     “With a partner for sure—it makes running easier, and I am not thinking about the run as much,” Hogan said. “We also always crack random jokes, making the run more enjoyable.”

     Hogan’s longest race was the eight-mile turkey trot over Thanksgiving break of last year, and she prefers cross country over track and field.

     “I love morning practice and cross country is less pressure than track, although the hills are such a quad burner,” Hogan said.

     As a competitive runner, nutrition is vital to achieve peak athletic performance. Hogan shares a couple of her favorite go-to snacks before, during and after working out.

     “The night before a race, I always ask my mom to make me chicken parmesan. It is the perfect balance of healthy proteins and good carbs,” Hogan said.

     While running, random thoughts and cravings normally come to Hogan’s mind.

     “Fruit punch and Sprite were the only things I could think about during the 5k race,” Hogan said.

     After a race, run or any workout, Hogan usually drinks a Premier Protein Shake. Her diet is relaxed while she takes her running seriously.

     Hogan also shares personal motives that encourage her during runs.

     “‘The Champion’ by Kelly Clarkson is my favorite song to listen to while running or even before a race,” she said. “It makes me feel confident and strengthens my running goals.”

     Hogan has a brightly paved pathway with running which she hopes to maintain in college. She wishes to represent her college running team in both cross country and track. While Hogan’s unique running habits and traditions encourage her friends, fellow athletes, parents and coaches, her outstanding athletic ability and desire for running make the Ursuline community proud every day.