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Classroom Corner: Art Department

Ursuline Visual Art classes are preparing for the annual Art Exhibit which will begin April 24, and go through May 12. See what art classes are working on in the classroom and preview student work that will be featured in the exhibit:

Visual Art Department teachers provided a round-up of current classroom activities:

Ceramics teacher Leah Schlief-Freese- 

  • In Ceramics classes, some students are working on the wheel, while others are working on their coil vessels.

Photography teacher Bill Thompson-

  • Photo III finished a segment on Night Photography and are beginning a unit on Architectural Photography. 
  • Relief & Engraving finished a linoleum cut project called Personal Artifact and are beginning another project called Face Time which honors a person in a portrait. 

Studio Art teacher Sarah Kennedy- 

  • Studio Art I just finished working on personal still lives and are getting ready for their final project using acrylic paint. Also coming up: a Cyanotype Composition Design Challenge.

Filmmaking teacher Hannah McKee-

  • In Filmmaking, students are finishing up Final Films and creating film posters for advertisements.   

Studio Art teacher Jocelyn Holmes-

  • In AP Studio Art, students are working to finalize their body of work and it is great to see the efforts of a yearlong sustained investigation of a theme reflecting their personal voice and perspective come to fruition! 

Find a sample of featured Art Exhibit works below:

“I am excited to show the UA community the hard work we have been doing in my AP Art Class this year," said Simone Mayega '23. "As I finish my AP Art Portfolio for the exhibition, I am interested to see people’s reactions to my portfolio and the ways I have used symbolism to explore my theme.”

Simone Mayega, "Beyond My Reach" (oil on canvas)

Georgia Thompson, "Water Lily (fused glass)

Kaia Putman, "Ceramic Deffeused Nebula"

Nika Vahadi, "The Doctor" (screen print)

Olivia Dominguez, "Floral" (photography)

Paolina Hunt, "Acrylic on Canvas"