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Committee Chairs

Mardi Gras Chairs

Tiffany Luedtke
Jody Dodson
Gina Porter

Honorary Chairs

Marian Haggar Bryan ’72
Vicki Vaughan Miller ’75
Lydia Haggar Novakov ’68
Marty Vaughan Rumble ’74
Mary Alice Haggar Stedillie
Patty Jo Haggar Turner ’63
Mary Lynn Vaughan ’73

Director of Volunteer Relations & Development Events

Kathie Kahn Wood ’87

Event Coordinator

Jada Stotts


Amy Bowers
Stacy McDermott

Big Board

Marsha Louviere
Allie Morgan Dunklin '04
Jen Ratan


Lois Serna

Decorations & Centerpieces

Cindy Syler
Justine Sweeney


Mike McDermott

Live Auction

Tracy Bundy
Gina Underwood
Pamela Moayedi


Stacy Blakeley


Susan Bach

Party Favor

Kelley Tiffany


Stacy Tanner
Liz Schroeder

Set Up

Karen Bredehoft

Silent Auction

Laura Berry
Beverly Pitchford
Nancy Childers


Aimee Baillargeon Griffiths '90
Kristen Hayden
Maria Parigi
Kathleen Barger Thorson '88

Volunteer Coordinator

Susan O’Suilleabhain

Additional Committee Members

Farah Ashmore
Stan Bach
Ana Maria Benitez
Karen Bredehoft
Laurie Caracio
Elaine Catloth
Marilyn Duhon
Adrienne Edwards
Heidi Edwards
​​​​​​​Amae Egedigwe
Suzanne Everbach
Gail Grein
Michelle Grimes
Joan Hurlburt
Lucia Jentz
Tracy LeBlanch
Clara Lobo
Shannon Long
Beth Marks
Jennifer McCaffrey
Beth Montigue
Charry Morris
Dana Place
Gerda Polma
Mary Progar
Jean Reasonover
Anne Sinasac
​​​​​​​Courtney Slusher
Cindy Smith
Jocelyn Smith
Sanka Stalcup
Lisa Tomaselli
Estefania Walls
Alex Watters
Tara Walsh
Roxanne Welch
Laura Wilson

“By attending Ursuline, I have become a part of a sisterhood that is bigger than just me, and I would like to thank you for making that possible.”

Class of 2020 Scholarship Recipient