Business Applications For Student Internships

The Student Internship Program is seeking businesses to mentor rising seniors this summer for at least 60 hours. Our students have a wide variety of interests, so we are open all types of internship opportunities!

As an internship mentor, you/your staff would:

  • Provide the student with opportunities to apply critical thinking and gain hands-on experience and observation;
  • Offer a minimum 60 hours of unpaid work/exposure to this particular field, with completion of required hours between May 24 and August 20;  (this schedule can be very flexible based on the mentor’s availability)
  • Offer the student exposure to different aspects and areas of this particular field;
  • Incorporate meaningful activities/tasks to provide the student with a well-rounded understanding of the profession;
  • Maintain regular contact with the student to ensure progress and build a relationship during the internship;  
  • Provide a safe and appropriate work environment for the student 

View business application.

Questions? Contact Christian Freberg