Gifts that Keep on Giving

What is an endowment? An endowment is a permanent "trust" account established by a donor. The endowment principal earns investment income to benefit the school.

An endowment is a permanent "trust" account established by a donor.

Endowed funds provide financial resources to Ursuline Academy of Dallas in perpetuity. Endowments are managed by the Ursuline Academy of Dallas Foundation, Inc. A formal investment policy provides for both growth and expenditures.

Scholarship Endowment

Named endowed scholarships are established with a single major gift, a pledge with multiple payments, or several donations totaling $50,000 or more. This principal amount awards partial annual scholarships. If a donor wishes to provide a full scholarship award annually, the principal amount must total $500,000.

A diverse learning environment enriches the educational experience. The philosophy of Ursuline's financial assistance program is to strive for a socioeconomic balance that reflects the wider community.

The Ursuline Scholarship Endowment makes it possible to offer excellence in Catholic education to qualified young women who may otherwise not be able to attend the Academy. This endowment is also a source for merit awards to reward student achievement and leadership. Growth in scholarship funding will enable Ursuline to offer more assistance to deserving students.

Types of Scholarships

Types of Scholarships

Four types of scholarships are awarded annually. The number of awards in each category varies each year based on the number of students meeting the criteria and funding available. For financial assistance, families must meet financial requirements and submit documentation to substantiate need.

  • Financial Assistance Awards
  • Freshman Merit Awards
  • Special Achievement Awards
  • Alumnae Leadership Awards

Endowed Scholarship Programs

Endowed scholarships are established with a single major gift with multi-year payment options, or several donations totaling $50,000. The endowed principal amount needed to fund a full annual scholarship award is $500,000. A $50,000 minimum principal provides approximately $2,500 annually for a partial scholarship. Special endowed scholarship programs currently include the following:

  • Named Endowed Scholarships
  • Other Endowed Scholarships
  • Hispanic Endowed Scholarships (Abriendo Puertas - "Opening Doors")
  • Other Designated Groups

Faculty Endowment

Named faculty endowments are established with a single major gift, a pledge with multiple payments, or several donations totaling $50,000 or more. General Endowments Gifts of any amount may be made to Ursuline's general scholarship and faculty endowments.

The best teachers always want to become better teachers. They thrive on challenging opportunities to be students themselves, to master their craft in ways which offer the greatest benefits to student learning.

We are blessed with outstanding teachers at Ursuline Academy, teachers who know how to lead and how to listen, teachers who instruct and inspire and embody the spirit of Serviam. We have created the Faculty Endowment to provide for the ongoing professional learning of the Ursuline Academy faculty. Please support this vital effort to give our girls the best possible teachers.

What Makes a Great Ursuline Teacher?

Great teachers are great students and lifelong learners, ever eager to find new ways to improve instruction and keep abreast of new research and teaching methods. They are great listeners, generous with their time and committed to the progress of every student. They are great communicators, with a passion for their subject that is contagious.

They deserve the generous support of a community that appreciates great teaching.

Professional Learning Model

Our teachers have created an innovative model for planned professional learning which equips educators to fulfill the school's mission, vision and core values.

Opportunities will be guided by the Pillars of Excellence in Teaching, also developed by Ursuline faculty, which define the high standards our teachers set for themselves.

Ursuline educators will be empowered to make decisions about the focus and direction of their growth, based on professional goals, individual strengths, and learning needs. The culture of learning will be collaborative, fostering a community o learners focused on student success. With ongoing evaluation, teachers will continually plan, assess, and refine their learning goals.

Professional learning will be pursued in three tiers: School-wide, Departmental, and Individual. Opportunities will be informed by the latest research on teaching and always with the benefit of the student in mind.

We chose to give to the endowed scholarship fund in our parents’ name because we believe in Catholic education. Because of our parents, we were fortunate to have the opportunity and experience of a Catholic education. Through our gift and on behalf of our parents, we wanted to provide the opportunity of an Ursuline education and experience for generations to come.

Jennifer '84 and John Gates, Michelle '86 and John Grimes, Stephanie '87 and Todd Phillips, Amy '95 and Jamie Mentgen, and Jenny and Jeffery R. Staubach

The Marianne and Roger Staubach Endowed Scholarship

We Need Your Support

To ensure a legacies of need-based and merit scholarships and great teaching at Ursuline Academy, we need your support now. Please make a gift to the Scholarship Endowment or Faculty Endowment.

Catherine Maurer

Chief Development Officer

Giving Societies

John P. Flavin Endowed Scholarship Society

The John P. Flavin Endowed Scholarship Society has been established to honor all donors who have given named endowed scholarships to Ursuline. Mr. Flavin, a strong believer in Catholic education and a generous supporter of Ursuline, notified the Academy of his bequest to ensure his annual scholarship awards can continue in perpetuity

St. Angela Endowed Faculty Society

The St. Angela Endowed Faculty Society recognizes named endowed gift donors to the Ursuline Faculty Endowment. Gifts to the Ursuline Faculty Endowment provide long-term support for recruitment and retention of excellent faculty, competitive faculty compensation, research activities, visiting scholars, and professional development.