Donor Voices

Mary De Loache Terry '73 and Mike Terry
Mary De Loache Terry '73 and Mike Terry

"Ursuline Academy has long been part of our family, with three generations of women attending. My grandmother was the first to attend; then my sister, Louise De Loache Actkinson '69 and I had the privilege; and then my daughter, Melissa Terry Pridmore '97."

It was important to both Mike and me that our children receive a Catholic education because we believe that Catholic schools really focus on the whole person. They teach a sense of values and morals in addition to academics because students are learning the importance of God in our lives. My own experiences at Ursuline left us with no doubt that it would be the right school for our daughter.

My daughter, Melissa, and I forged some of our best friendships and lasting relationships at Ursuline. The culture, community, comradery and education gained from this school stays with every graduate for her entire life. Students leave those doors with the very spirit of serving others woven into their being, which helped shape the women we are today.

Ursuline does such an exemplary job educating women and providing scholarships for those in need. We feel that all children are entitled to the quality education that my children received, regardless of their family's financial circumstances. To continue to support the education of women is important to our family, and the support of Ursuline is something we want to continue long after we were gone.

So when Mike and I were preparing our planned gifts, Ursuline was a natural fit for us. The very first major gift we gave from The Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation was to Ursuline Academy. Melissa was leading our Foundation, and this gift had special meaning, the school being the alma mater of us both.

My wish is that Ursuline becomes a source of pride with my granddaughters in the years to come, and that the legacy of education at Ursuline continues through our family, as well as the legacy of giving.