The Ursuline Society

Charitable planned gifts help ensure the long-term financial stability and future growth of Ursuline Academy. The following donors who have named Ursuline Academy as the beneficiary of a planned gift are recognized as members of the Ursuline Society.
“Words cannot explain how thankful I am for your donation, truly. After graduation, which seems to be coming a little too fast, I aspire to attend Spelman College and study Law and Psychology. Furthermore, I do want to attend Columbia University for law school and become a human rights lawyer. I have big dreams, and with your donation, I can confidently follow them with an amazing support system by my side!”

Class of 2023 Student

Ms. Jeanne Marie Aber '33†
Mrs. Cheron Curran Adams '64
    and Mr. Clint Adams
Mrs. Joan Anderson†
Ms. Stephanie Brooks Angel '72
Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Bass
Mrs. Lynn Feather Bell '82
    and Mr. Win Bell
Mrs. Gabriella Veleba Bondy '53
Mrs. Betty Bourgeois-Gordon
Mrs. Martha Blalack Brooks '40†
Ms. Barbara Buchheit '53†
Estate of Louise E. Buhrer '35
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Coleman
Mrs. Esther Connelly†
Ms. Denise Costello
Mrs. Elizabeth Rodriguez Cryer '93
    and Mr. Benjamin B. Cryer
Mrs. Mary Frances Kennedy De Loache
Mrs. Mary Jo McGehee Dorn '69
    and Mr. Michael Dorn
Ms. Angela Downes '86
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz L. Duda
Mrs. Margaret Sullivan Finley '85
    and Mr. Bryan Finley
Mr. John Flavin†
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Frazer
Mrs. Jennifer Staubach Gates '84
    and Mr. John A. Gates
Mrs. Aimee Baillargeon Griffiths '90
    and Mr. Paul Griffiths
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Grimes

Mrs. Beatrice Haggerty†
Ms. Leigh Anne Cloud Haugh '89
Mrs. Wendy Shea Hayes '83
    and Mr. John M. Hayes
Ms. Delma Hendrix
Mr. William Hendrix†
Ms. Debbie Hinyard
Mrs. Lauren Johnson Housh '96
    and Mr. Kevin Housh
Mrs. Dolores Lee Iliya '44
Mr. Mike Jensen
Rev. Msgr. Milam J. Joseph
Mrs. Barbara Balisteri Koeijmans '79
    and Mr. Dominic Koeijmans
Mrs. Frances Nevitt Kreymer '34†
Dr. Michael Kurilecz†
Ms. Lorraine Lastelick '51†
Mrs. Vicky Pitts Lattner '69
    and Mr. Douglas J. Lattner
Ms. Jane Law '73†
Mrs. Anna Stewart LeBlanc '86
    and Mr. Rick LeBlanc
Dr. and Mrs. John D. McConnell
Ms. Christine McDonough
Mrs. Margaret McClusky McElroy '41†
Mrs. Flora Quinn Monroe '40†
Mrs. Bunny Priest Nance '63
Dr. and Mrs. David Neal
Ms. Winifred Flood Nyce '21†
Mrs. Pat Brown O'Brien '52
    and Mr. Neil O'Brien

Mrs. Susan Wing Oglesby '65
    and Mr. Marion B. Oglesby
Mrs. Lisa Mullan Perkins '91
    and Mr. Shep Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Peterson
Mrs. Judi Fontenot Pierre '74
    and Mr. Michael Pierre
Mrs. Patti Ling Pryor '73
    and Mr. Tom Pryor
Mr. Bob Raffo
Mrs. Susan Hayes Raffo '74†
Mrs. Martha Troy Ribelin '49†
Mr. Michael Ribelin†
Ms. Cathi Scalise '82
Mr. Hans Schnitzler
Mrs. Catherine O'Connell Schulze '32†
Estate of Rita Gallagher Smith '35†
Mrs. Diane Folzenlogen Stanley '59†
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Staubach
Ms. Patty Sullivan '81
Mrs. Mary De Loache Terry '73
    and Mr. Michael Terry
The Jerome J. Crane and Rhea McCoy Cran
     Charitable Remainde
Mrs. Laura Genaro Tomaso '42†
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Toogood†
Mrs. Sybil Emmett Tucker '51
    and Mr. Joe R. Tucker
Mrs. Jessica Gates Whitsitt '02
    and Mr. Will Whitsitt
Mrs. Ruth Brown Wiseman '44†


† Deceased

Donor lists are carefully compiled, but there is the possibility of error.
If your name was omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact Jill Stephenson at 469-232-3584 or