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The Campaign for ursuline Donors

July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2023

On July 1, 2017, Ursuline Academy of Dallas embarked on The Campaign for Ursuline: Act, Move, Believe, an $85,000,000 comprehensive campaign to enhance all aspects of teaching and learning. Generous gifts to The Campaign provided funding for Capital Improvements, including needed renovations and the building of the new East Campus, Programs and Operations, through the Ursuline Fund and Scholarships, and for Endowment Growth to ensure long-term financial stability, ensuring an all-girls Catholic education for generations to come.
The Campaign met and exceeded its goal on June 30, 2023 thanks to the support of the Ursuline Community.

Deepest appreciation to everyone below for acting, moving, and believing.

This report celebrates the generosity of the Ursuline community, its commitment to Serviam, and the core values of an Ursuline education. It recognizes all charitable gifts and payments made to Ursuline between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2023, including those in support of the endowment, capital projects, and operations.



Mr. and Mrs. John L. Baldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Bangs
Mrs. Lynn Feather Bell '82 and Mr. Win Bell
Mrs. MaryCook Nabors Blanshard '67 and Mr. Robert A. Blanshard
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry P. Braun
Mrs. Marian Haggar Bryan '72 and Mr. George E. Bryan
Estate of Louise E. Buhrer '35†
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burke
Mrs. Jill Peterson Burns '89 and Mr. Roderick O. Burns
Mrs. Kelly Hanratty Butler '95 and Dr. Gordon M. Butler
The Catholic Foundation
CGMG Capital LLC
Mr. Tom Codd and Mrs. Machelle Codd†
Mrs. Lindsey Duda Coe '01 and Mr. Brian Coe
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Collins
The David M. Crowley Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Davis
Duda Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz L. Duda
Mr. and Mrs. Jim F. Duda
Mrs. Allie Morgan Dunklin '04 and Dr. William H. Dunklin
Estate of Jean Diane Stanley†
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Fernandes
The David G. and Mary Fox Family
Ms. Amy Fox '79
Ms. Laura Fox '73
Mrs. Mary Fox
Ms. Sylvia Fox '10
Mr. and Mrs. Garner C. Galbraith
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Mr. Bill Gates
Ms. Melinda French Gates '82
Mrs. Jennifer Staubach Gates '84 and Mr. John A. Gates
Mrs. Kara Sherman Gehan '85 and Mr. Peter Gehan
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Golding
Mrs. Aimee Baillargeon Griffiths '90 and Mr. Paul Griffiths
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Haddad
Ed Haggar Family Foundation
J.M. Haggar Jr. Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Harlan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hebig
Ms. Jane Hensley '06 and Mr. Eric E. Pederson
The Hillcrest Foundation
The Hoblitzelle Foundation
Mr. David Holl
Dr. Wells Gibbons Housson '93 and Dr. Matthew Housson
Hughes Texas Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Hughes Jr.
Ms. Katie Hughes '10
Joyce & Lawrence Lacerte Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Joyner
Mrs. Julie-Anne Post Kress '51 and Mr. James Kress†
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lacerte
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Landon
Mrs. Vicky Pitts Lattner '69 and Mr. Douglas J. Lattner
Longwell Family Foundation
The Norma and Harry Longwell Family
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Longwell
Lupe Murchison Foundation
Mrs. Vicki Vaughan Miller '75 and Mr. Brian K. Miller
The Mehrdad Moayedi Family
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Morgan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Morsbach III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nealon
Mr. and Mrs. F. James Neil Jr.
Mrs. Lydia Haggar Novakov '68 and Mr. Daniel P. Novakov
Mrs. Susan Wing Oglesby '65 and Mr. Marion B. Oglesby
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Peterson
Mrs. Stephanie Staubach Phillips '87 and Mr. Todd Phillips
Mrs. Susan Irwin Piot '87 and Mr. Jon Piot
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Popolo
The Aileen and Jack Pratt Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pratt Sr.
Mrs. Jenny Gates Priddy '82 and Mr. Steven Priddy
Mrs. Melissa Terry Pridmore '97 and Mr. Dustin Pridmore
Ms. Mary Clare Pugh '10
Estate of Martha Troy Ribelin '49†
Mr. Chuck Ribelin and Mrs. Martha Troy Ribelin '49†
Ms. Marty Vaughan Rumble '74
Mrs. Leigh Ann Duda Scott '81 and Mr. Bart Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Staubach
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stephens
The Richard and Mary Templeton Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Templeton
The Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation
Mrs. Mary De Loache Terry '73 and Mr. Michael Terry
Texas Instruments Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jere W. Thompson Jr.
Mrs. Kathleen Barger Thorson '88 and Mr. Todd J. Thorson
Dr. Audrey Tinker and Mr. Daniel R. Tinker
Mr. and Ms. Joe Tomaselli Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Rudy Tovar
The TWF Foundation
Mrs. Lendy Duda Vail '82 and Mr. Tom Vail
Rosemary Haggar Vaughan Family Foundation
Ms. Mary Lynn Vaughan '73
Mrs. Rosemary Haggar Vaughan†
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Walsh IV
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weilert
Ms. Kate Williamson '15
Ms. Sarah Williamson '09
Mrs. Ana Esteve Yoder '82 and Mr. James E. Yoder


$25,000 - $99,999

Mr. and Mrs. O. Brad Anderson Jr.
Bank of America
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bartholomew
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Blizzard
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Brister
Dr. Heidi Bruty and Mr. James Bruty
Ms. Barbara Buchheit '53†
Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Bundy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Burrow
Mrs. Cindy Carpenter-Smith
Robert L. and Mary Frances Cattoi Family Foundation
Classic BMW
Dr. August Claybrook and Mr. Derek Claybrook
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin J. Colbert
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Coleman
Mrs. Colleen Cook Collins '72
Mr. Joe Collins
Mrs. Ellen Hartnett Crim '77 and Dr. Randy Crim
Mrs. Hannah Cutshall and Stuart Cutshall†
Ms. June Dales
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Dieste
Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Drees
Robert Elder Jr. Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elder
Estate of Martha Ellen Brooks†
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Falconer
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Fisk
The Focht Family Foundation Trust
Mr. Michael Focht
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Focht
Ms. Sabrina Focht '15
Ms. Samantha Focht '12
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Guerra
Ms. Sam Hall '87 and Ms. Alicia Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Hanrahan
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hartnett Jr.
Mr. Jim Hayden and Nina Hayden†
Dr. Emily Hebert and Dr. Chris Hebert
Mrs. Lorraine LoRocco Hellinghausen '82
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Herman
Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors
Ms. Kathy Hogan '76
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Horner
Mrs. Lauren Johnson Housh '96 and Mr. Kevin Housh
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hovivian
M.R. & Evelyn Hudson Foundation
Hunt Consolidated
Jackson Walker LLP
Ms. Kitty Vetter Jenkins '73
Ms. MJ Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Jordan
Rev. Msgr. Milam J. Joseph
Ms. Gretchen Kane
Mrs. Jackie Ammons Kelso '06 and Mr. Michael Kelso
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kennedy
Mrs. Cecilia Gutierrez Kernodle '83 and Mr. Harold B. Kernodle
Keyes Charitable Trust
Prof. Laura Keyes and Mr. Kevin W. Keyes
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kobyluch Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond LaDriere II
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Land
Ms. Lorraine Lastelick '51†
Mr. and Mrs. John Locke
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Louviere Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Luedtke
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lynch
Ms. Karen Maas '77
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Madison
Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Marques
Mary Kay Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Matthews
Mrs. Catherine Baetz Maurer '98 and Mr. Scott Maurer
Dr. Helen McGuire and Mr. Brendan T. McGuire
Mrs. Judi McQueary
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Meadows
Mrs. Janet Liese Medlin '75 and Mr. Robert Medlin
Mrs. Amy Staubach Mentgen '95 and Mr. James Mentgen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Merkel
Mrs. Carol Nicoud Mohn '82 and Mr. Dale Mohn
Dr. and Mrs. Al Mollabashy
Dr. Nicole Montgomery and Dr. Jason L. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Moore Jr.
Mrs. Sharon Stack Morrison '87 and Mr. Kevin Morrison
Joseph J. and Claire Morrow Charitable Foundation
Mr. Paul Moser
Mr. and Mrs. Randy F. Muck
Dr. and Mrs. David Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Neuhoff
Mr. and Mrs. David J. O'Brien
Mrs. Cindy Morgan Ohlenforst '67 and Dr. Pat Ohlenforst
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Ovenshire
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pagel
Mr. Preston Paine
Pamela Wright Collections, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parigi
Pepsi Co, Inc.
Mrs. Cathy Cook Phillips '70
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pierce
Mr. Jerry Portocalis and Mrs. Lea Worth
Dr. Heather Pyle and Mr. Richard Pyle
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Quinn
Ms. Beth Quint
Mr. Mike Quint
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rayball
Dr. Tia Tortoriello Raymond '88 and Mr. Colin Raymond
Raytheon Company
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reasonover
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rickman
Dr. and Mrs. Rafael A. Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt E. Schottleutner
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Scott
Mrs. Gretchen Seay
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Shumake
Mrs. DeeAnn Baillargeon Smith '82 and Mr. David Smith
Mrs. Diane Smith
Estate of Rita Gallagher Smith '35†
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Staubach
Mrs. Judy McElreath Steed '54 and Mr. Richard Steed
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stover Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Syler Jr.
Ms. Breanne Tehan '22
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tehan
Ms. Mickey Tehan '68 and Mr. Charles Moreland
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Tehan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Thornton
Mrs. Patty Jo Haggar Turner '63 and Mr. John Turner
Mrs. Deborah Tullis Valek '83 and Mr. Kevin Valek
The Vetter Foundation
Ms. Judy Vetter '64
Ms. Sally Vetter '69
Mrs. Jordan Gates Vierling '11 and Mr. Blake Vierling
Mrs. Shirley Vilfordi
Mr. and Mrs. David Walls
Mr. Joe Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weber
Mrs. Jessica Gates Whitsitt '02 and Mr. William Whitsitt
Mrs. Louise De Loache Wilbanks '69
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Wilbert Jr.
Willard and Pat Walker Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Pamela Wright and Mr. Jack Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Yung
Mr. and Mrs. Yongzhi Zhao
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zulick


$15,000 - $24,999

Anadarko Petroleum
Mr. Saul Arceo
Mrs. Anne Vilfordi Arneson '81 and Mr. Richard Arneson
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Bachman
Mr. Bob Baillargeon
Mr. and Mrs. Cory R. Barsch
Mr. and Mrs. Marquez Bela
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Bennett
Ms. Angela Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brantman
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Torrence A. Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Cardenas
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carpenter
Mr. Robert Cattoi
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Crew
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Crume
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Darlak
Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin C. de Monet
Dell Computer
Dr. Mike Desaloms
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. DiFrancesco III
Mrs. Gina Sibrizzi Dunn '97 and Mr. Craig Dunn
Mrs. Linda Guerra Dyer '85
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dziminski
Mr. and Mrs. Bret Eckert
Mr. and Ms. Larry A. Eppard
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Estes
Mrs. Mary Fleming Fimian '85 and Mr. Stephen Fimian
Dr. Veronica Meneses and Dr. Jason Fish
Ms. Kathy Fitzsimmons '78
Mrs. Julie Focht
Charles and Anne S. Genuardi Family Foundation
Glenn Partners
Mrs. Michelle Staubach Grimes '86 and Mr. John Grimes
Mrs. Maureen Mitchell Hafertepe '81 and Mr. Joe Hafertepe
Mr. and Mrs. Fuad P. Harfuch
Ms. Stephanie Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Ishmael
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Jarocki
Mr. and Mrs. Yu Jing
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Ms. Raquel Johnson and Mr. Dwayne Johnson
JP Morgan Chase
Mrs. Mary Emma Ackels Karam '72 and Dr. Albert G. Karam
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Kidd
Mrs. Jean Troy Knauber '56 and Mr. Roy Knauber
Mr. and Mrs. Stijn Pieter Konings
Ms. Teresa Vilfordi Korman '74
Ms. Karol Kreymer '67 and Dr. Robert J. Card
Laura Lee Clark Interior Design, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Lizardi
Mrs. Carrie Armstrong Marquis '91 and Mr. Jaysen Marquis
Mrs. Monica Guerra Masters '79 and Mr. Eduardo Masters
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McGowan
Mrs. Miki Bone Melsheimer '79 and Mr. Thomas M. Melsheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mennel
Montage Residences Los Cabos
Dr. Beth Montigue and Dr. Tre' Montigue
Mr. and Mrs. John Moore
Ms. Michelle Morgan '88
Mrs. Karen Jacquart Naff '85 and Mr. David Naff
The Neiman Marcus Group Matching Gift Program
Nicholas Sulentic Charitable Foundation Trust
Mrs. Gretchen Ganc Nieto-Giovanini '90 and Mr. Giovanni Nieto-Giovanini
Mr. Frank Nuchereno
The Pat & Neil O'Brien Family Foundation
Mrs. Pat Brown O'Brien '52 and Mr. Neil O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Packer
Mr. and Mrs. Vikas Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Peebles
The Powell Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Preissler
Mrs. Ellen Smith Pryor '74 and Mr. Will Pryor
Public Service Plumbers, Inc.
Mrs. Kathy Guerra Purser '77 and Mr. Forrest Purser
Mr. Bob Raffo and Mrs. Susan Hayes Raffo '74†
Mrs. Karen Elias Ray '81 and Mr. David Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. John Roueche
Rudy's Tortilla Foundation
Ms. Leigh Ann Runyan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ryland
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Savage
Scott Exteriors
Mrs. Kathy Seery Scucchi '96 and Mr. Mark Scucchi
Dr. Susan Sickler and Mr. Jason A. Sickler
Mrs. Christina Fehrenbach Soderberg '93 and Mr. Matt Soderberg
Dr. Montse Aguilar Stadler '89 and Dr. Ronney F. Stadler
Mrs. Lauren Saller Stewart '94 and Mr. Alec A. Stewart
Dr. Tracy Stringfield and Mr. David Stringfield
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Sweeney
Ms. Terry Lynn Tenholder '87
Mr. and Mrs. Wade R. Vache
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Van Dinter Jr.
Vilfordi Family Foundation
Mr. Marc Vilfordi
Mrs. Michelle Seeligson Vopni '87 and Mr. Scott Vopni
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. William Wallander
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Winn
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Zarmakoupis
Zi Han Properties LLC


$10,000 - $14,999

Affordable Floor Covers
Dr. Jennifer Allen and Mr. Xavier Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alvarado
American Airlines Center
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Armstrong
Mrs. Suzanne Lamberty Austin '90 and Mr. Chris Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Bass
Bellomy Seafood II LLC
Mr. David Benitez and Mrs. Ana M. Trevino
Mr. and Mrs. William Bledsoe
Mrs. Caroline Bird Bourret '94 and Mr. Johnny Bourret
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Browning Jr.
Carpenter-Smith Southwest, Inc.
Mrs. Caroline Shapard Carriker '85 and Mr. Wayne Carriker
Castle Montessori Schools
Mr. Bob Cattoi and Mrs. Robbie Cattoi
Dr. Michelle Chesnut and Mr. John J. Chesnut
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Corrales
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Curbo
Mr. and Mrs. Dilip Damodharan Pillai
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Deary
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. DeVita
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Diaz
Mr. and Mrs. David Dini
Ms. Karen Drawz
Mr. Michael Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Dupre
Mr. and Mrs. Miles P. Eggart
Electronic Arts
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elliott
Ms. Melinda Hartnett and Mr. Christopher Ellis
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Fino
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Fox
Mrs. Meg Cadigan Frainey '82
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Goldammer
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gough Jr.
Mrs. Betsy Walsh Guidone '83 and Mr. Frank Guidone
Ms. Anny Cheng and Mr. Hao Guo
Dr. Alice Ann Spurgin Holland '04 and Mr. Brian Holland
The Housson Center
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Janson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jaspersen
John R. McCune Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Ajoy Karna
Dr. Hillary Kasbarian and Dr. Charles Kasbarian
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Keating
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Kidd
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Kimble
Mr. and Mrs. David Kirgis
Mr. Kinhok Kok
Mrs. Nancy Rix Kraft '73 and Mr. John Kraft
Mr. and Ms. David Durham
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Lavery
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lengyel
Mr. Philip Levy
Qing Liu
Mrs. Laura Rowley Losinger '03 and Mr. John Losinger
Mrs. Teresa Malone
Mr. Don Martin
Ms. Jo Carol Mason
Mass Mutual
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Matula
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McClure
Dr. and Mrs. A. David McCollum
Mrs. Dina Habib McCormick '91 and Mr. David McCormick
Mrs. Courtney Masino Melkus '92 and Mr. Jeffrey D. Melkus
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Mocek
Dr. Tina Vielma and Dr. Philip A. Morales
Morgan Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murray
Mrs. Bunny Priest Nance '63
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal
Northern Trust
Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nudo
Mr. and Mrs. Sean O'Brien
Mrs. Maribeth Messineo Pappas '85 and Mr. Jeff Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Parsons
Ms. Lisa Peng
Mrs. Patti Ling Pryor '73 and Mr. Tom Pryor
Dr. Anu Ravipati and Dr. Devesh Ramnath
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Riskey
The Rosewood Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Clayton Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Scullion
Mrs. Lola Cuellar Sims '70 and Mr. John E. Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Spicer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spies
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Stone
Techscape, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James Timmer
Tolleson Private Wealth Management LP
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Torpey
The Truett and Rita Smith Foundation Fund of The Catholic Foundation
Mrs. Kathleen McDonald Tullis '61 and Mr. Clyde Tullis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Tusa
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Untermeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Varel
Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Walls
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wedell
Mr. and Ms. Rory Wisner
Mrs. Kathie Kahn Wood '87 and Mr. Alan Wood
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Yaeger
Ms. Charnette Young

Angela Circle

$5,000 - $9,999

Alliance Data Systems
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Almond
American Express Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Antoon
Mr. Andres Arce
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Ashmore Jr
Mrs. Kim Blades Askew '93 and Mr. Jeff Askew
Ms. Noelle Barcenas '02
Mrs. Kathleen Maher Beach '75 and Mr. Steve Beach
Mrs. Michele Balady Beach '87 and Mr. John W. Beach
Mrs. Liz Vache Bentley '11 and Mr. Jeffrey M. Bentley
Dr. Angela Bettacchi and Dr. Christopher Bettacchi
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Betz
BNSF Railway
Mr. and Mrs. David Boss
Mr. and Mrs. G. Wayne Boyter
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Bruce
Ms. Liz Bruni
Mrs. Joey Downey Buck '68 and Mr. Stephen Buck
Mrs. Susan French Burkhardsmeier '81 and Mr. Kent Burkhardsmeier
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Burns
Carolyn's Cuisine-Personal Chef & Private Catering
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Cass
Castle Hills Schools Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Castro
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chevallier
Dr. Girish Chiruvolu and Dr. Arpitha Chiruvolu
Mrs. Apryl Dominguez Churchill '91 and Mr. William R. Churchill
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cipione
Mrs. Miriam Ackels Claerhout '83 and Mr. Mark Claerhout
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Colaluca
Mrs. Katie Gallagher Coligado '89 and Mr. David Coligado
Mrs. Kelly Moore Cook '85 and Mr. Peter Cook
Mrs. Lorie Ault Cooke '87 and Mr. Brad D. Cooke
Mrs. Fran Corrales-Drone '86 and Mr. Craig Drone
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Crum
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Culak
Dalcor Companies
Dallas Luxury Beds
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso De Leon Jr.
Dr. Jen Pitz Deck '01 and Mr. Michael Deck
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Depompei
Mr. and Mrs. Jason B. Devening
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dodson
Mr. and Ms. Tim Dornfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Duarte
Mr. and Mrs. John Eder
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Edwards
Ms. Amy Elder '14
Mr. and Mrs. Menno Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Estrada
EYM Group
Mr. and Ms. Chris Farley
Mrs. Meghan Boeding Feighny '96 and Dr. Gene Feighny
Mrs. Meghan Fitzsimmons Felter '01 and Mr. Dan Felter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ferretti
First Old Capital, Inc.
Mrs. Pam Rayfield Fitzsimmons '76 and Mr. John Fitzsimmons
Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Flanagan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Flood
Mr. David Fogel
Fragola Construction Inc.
Dr. Jennifer Crofford Freeman '75
Mrs. Joan Sazama French '60
Mrs. Katie Cook Gallagher '97 and Mr. Chris Gallagher
The Gates Family Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Maurizio Ghisoli
Mr. and Mrs. David Ginther
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Glenn
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gramling
Greater Dallas Orthopaedics
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hatton Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hatzmann
Haynes and Boone
Health Care Service Corporation
Hewlett Packard
Mr. and Ms. Lance Higgins
Dr. and Mrs. Thai Hoang
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Hofmeister
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Holbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Armour R. Holman
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Howells
Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Hubach
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Huddleston
Mr. and Mrs. Jessee P. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. John Hurlburt
Mrs. Laura Schafer Hyman '80 and Mr. Eric Hyman
Dr. Lolita Buckner Inniss and Dr. Daryl Inniss
Intel Foundation
J.P. Morgan Private Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Brook Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Nicky Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Juarez
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kahl
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kanzler
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Kelly
Mr. Greg Kerl
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kilduff Sr.
Mr. Nolan Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kobyluch Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Koeijmans
Mrs. Amanda Fitch Korth '82 and Mr. Craig G. Korth
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Koven
Krewe of Orpheus
Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Kumpers
Mr. and Mrs. Chad LaFrance
Mrs. Stefanie Ramirez Lattanzio '90 and Mr. Douglas Lattanzio
Mr. and Mrs. George Laughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lawrence
Legacy Texas Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Lemler
Mr. and Mrs. Rong Liu
Mrs. Brittany Browning Lober '98 and Mr. Neal Lober
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Lochridge
Mrs. Amanda Newton Lott '05 and Mr. Erinn J. Lott
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Louviere
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Love
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Madden
Mr. and Mrs. John Madison III
Mr. Steve Mall

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mallad
Mr. James Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Marroquin
Marsh & McLennan Companies
Mrs. Ann Browne Martin '56 and Mr. Charles H. Martin
Mrs. Cecilia Ackels Martin '84 and Mr. Matthew C. Martin
Mrs. Marguerite Farmer Marz '75 and Mr. Michael Marz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McConnell
Mrs. Robin White McCormick '67 and Mr. Tim McCormick†
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. McDowell
Mrs. Caitlyn Sanders McGowan '06 and Mr. Chris McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Burns Mckinney
Mrs. Karen Bishara McMahon '93 and Mr. Peter McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. David Merritt
Microsoft Corporation
Mrs. Mary Hammond Mosley '96 and Mr. Christopher Mosley
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Moussa
Mrs. Leigh Goodall Mundinger '00 and Mr. Will Mundinger
MYCON general Contractors, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Neitzel
Dr. Diana Nguyen and Dr. Hoang Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Nickols
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. James Oates
Ms. Valerie S. Oates
Mrs. Anne Wunderlick O'Brien '78 and Mr. Scot O'Brien
Mrs. Rebecca Sims O'Brien '97 and Mr. Thomas E. Obrien
Mrs. Analeta Olden
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Oliver
Oracle Corp.
Dr. and Mrs. Padraig O'Suilleabhain
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Page
Mr. Vance Paulett
Mr. and Ms. David Pellecchia
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Penn Jr.
Mrs. Lisa Mullan Perkins '91 and Mr. Shep Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Peterson
Mrs. Jeanie Payne Phillips '60 and Mr. Michael Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pitchford
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Porray
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Prince
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Progar
Prosora Technologies
Ms. Kathryn Pryor '03
Mr. and Mrs. Gabor J. Racz
Mrs. Honey Hough Rae '68
RAS Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ravi Ratan
Mrs. Elizabeth Bondy Reynolds '88 and Mr. Robert Reynolds
Dr. Tracy Rinehart and Dr. Brian Rinehart
Mr. Donald Robinson
Rocky Mountaineer
Mrs. Joy Gloria Rooney '04 and Mr. Tim Rooney
Rosewood Corporation
Salesforce Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Sargis
Ms. Cathi Scalise '82
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Scheel
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. James Scott
Mrs. Pat Hoch Shannon '57 and Mr. Andrew Shannon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sharp
Mrs. Mimi Hoch Sherwin '59 and Mr. John Sherwin
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sheumaker
Dr. Andi Shurley and Mr. Cash Shurley
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sikes
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Singhania
Mrs. Noreen Evans Skelly '83 and Mr. Aaron Skelly
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Skipworth
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Smith
Mrs. Susan Nudo Spears '08
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Starcher
Ms. Laura Starr '03 and Mr. Mike Presbitero
Ms. Katherine Staton
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Stedillie
Mr. and Mrs. William Strand
Mr. and Ms. Ramon Suarez Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sullivan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Taraszki
TD Ameritrade Clearing
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Teachout
Mr. Hal Tehan† and Mrs. Jen Tehan
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Terhune
The Bellomy Group LLC
The Joan Tehan Memorial Fund
The Luxury Bed Collection
The Steven & Caroline Lawrence Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thomas
Mrs. Cheryl Threlkeld
Toyota Motor North America
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tran
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Treadway
Trinity Industries, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny A. Troutt
Mr. and Mrs. John Trupiano
Dr. Ernie Tschoepe and Amanda Tschoepe†
Ursuline Sisters of Dallas
Dr. and Mrs. Miguel Vazquez
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Villella
Dr. Eden Zielinski and Dr. Mark Visokay
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scott Watson
Ms. Ann Weaver '66
Dr. Sarah Weitzul and Mr. Chadwick Weitzul
Wells Fargo Bank
Dr. Kimberly Welter and Mr. Jeremy J. C. Welter
Mr. and Mrs. Lane Wendorf
Wendy Shea Jewelry Designs
Mr. and Mrs. Max Wernick
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Westerburg
Mr. and Mrs. John Whisler
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Whisler
Mr. and Mrs. John White
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Wilburn
Mrs. Ann Williams and Nathaniel Williams†
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Steve W. Williamson
Mrs. Bridget Winston '98 and Mr. Anthony D'Angelo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolf
Mr. and Ms. Jinnlin Yang
Mrs. Karin Marshall Zaner '87 and Mr. Adam Zaner
Mrs. Sarah Katherine Davis Zavala '97 and Dr. John Zavala

Serviam Circle

$3,500 - $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Raul Acosta
Mr. and Mrs. James Adams
Mr. Simon Aisthorpe
AMCAP Mortgage LTD
Ms. Susan Lain Anderson '67
Beauty Guru 86
Mrs. Nellie Lynch Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Beckman
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Boeding
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Bomersbach
Mrs. Christina Foster Boyer '00 and Mr. Anthony Boyer
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brandt
Mrs. Patricia Liu Brilliant '94
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. William Bruty
Mr. and Mrs. John Caffrey
Mrs. Mary Smith Campise '82 and Mr. William Flink
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Carlson
Mrs. Doris Casas and Mr. Roberto Casas
Ms. Jane Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Childers
Christ The King Catholic School
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Claro
Mrs. Julie Mossinghoff Compton '81 and Mr. Jonathan D. Compton
Cooper Clinic & Dr. Emily Hebert
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cooper
Sister Margaret Mary Cosgrove '65
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cospolich
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Croft
Mrs. Jennifer Jascott Crumley '88 and Mr. Joey Crumley
Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Dalziel
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Daugherty
Dr. Melissa Sartin Davis '03 and Mr. Dylan Davis
Mrs. Tiffany Tortoriello Davros '89 and Mr. Harry Davros
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Diebold
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dieckhaus
DPA Acoustics, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Duarte Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Eakes
Mrs. Laura Virant Einspanier '77 and Mr. Jim Einspanier
Mr. and Mrs. John Emerson
Mrs. Ashley Snider Erickson '90 and Mr. Wade Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Everbach
Mrs. Sarah Hendler Feagin '78 and Mr. James Feagin
Fidelity Investments
Mrs. Tonia Chebino Fishman '88 and Mr. Edward J. Fishman
Mr. and Mrs. Darin Flabiano
Mrs. Camille Cheney Fournier '75
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh (. Frederick
Mrs. Dede Jaspersen Furlong '68 and Mr. Dennis J. Furlong
Dr. Leslie Garner and Dr. Garrett Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Gomar
Mrs. Joni McKown Grossman '92 and Mr. Scott M. Grossman
Mrs. Patty Avila Guajardo '77 and Mr. Martin Guajardo
Ms. Debbie Davis Hancock
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hartin II
Healthcare Service Corporation Charity Custodial
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hess
Mr. and Mrs. John Higginbotham
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hubach
Dr. and Mrs. Ashton Hudson
Dr. Mei Hui and Dr. Yee Hui
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Humphrey
Jones Lang LaSalle
Mrs. Mari Hinojosa Jones '91 and Mr. Jeffrey D. Jones
Mr. Billy Kent
Mrs. Barbara King
Mrs. Suzan Fitch Krygowski '92 and Mr. Ian D. Krygowski
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Kuehler

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kunes
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lenhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Leuschel
Dr. and Dr. Robert Liao
Mrs. Diana Coulter Liese '83 and Mr. Steve Liese
Mr. and Mrs. James Lin
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Long
Mrs. Jen Maher-Bontrager '92 and Mr. Scot Bontrager
Mrs. Lena Miller McBride '60 and Mr. John McBride
McKesson Foundation
Mrs. Julia Moore Miller '90 and Mr. Ben Miller
Dr. Michelle Reyna and Mr. Enrique Montenegro
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Moon
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Morris
Dr. Cindy Mace-Motta and Dr. Michael Motta
Alexandra Muck '16
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Noah
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nordseth
Occidental Petroleum Charitable Foundation
Mrs. Adele Paulett
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Payne
Mr. Philip Pelland
Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo Perez
Mr. and Mrs. John Perry
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Peterman Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Chuong Phung
Mr. Thomas Pigeon
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Place
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Porter
Mr. and Mrs. William Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Preston
Mrs. Kassandra Baumann Racu '07 and Mr. Petre Racu
Mrs. Shea Furlong Rhodes '96
Mr. Jose Rivera
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Robinson
Dr. Dena Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Santacruz
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Schneider
Ms. Maria Cuellar Sikkel '69 and Mr. Mark Sikkel†
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Sinasac
Ms. Courtney Smith '09
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Smith
Mr. and Ms. Kenneth Soo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgin
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Stalcup
State Farm Companies Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stowe Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Straus
T. Rowe Price Charitable
Mr. Peter Tart and Mrs. Shirley Tart
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Theriot
Mrs. Janice Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Trey Troegel
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Trungale
Ms. Tina Tuccelli '96
Mrs. Sybil Emmett Tucker '51 and Mr. Joe R. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Uber
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Van Meir
Mr. and Mrs. William Vaughan
Dr. Annie Kahn Vaughan '89 and Mr. Chris Vaughan
Verizon Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walsh
Mrs. Judy Donachie Watson '75
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Watters
Mrs. Claire Blanshard Webb '97 and Mr. David B. Webb
Mr. James Whalen
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Whitworth
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Don Wurzburg
Mrs. Midge Murnane Yoxall '51
Dr. Corinne Fribley and Mr. Mark Zeigfinger
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Zevallos

Founder's Circle

$1,874 - $3,499

Mr. and Mrs. Sami Abbasi
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Aguilar
Aguillon Art LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Alba
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Albuquerque
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Alger
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Allison
American Funds
Mrs. Bianca Andujo
Aquinas Media
Ms. Melissa Arnoldi
Mr. Scott Arnoldi
Mr. and Mrs. John Arnott
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Arra
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Arsenault
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Asher
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Dr. Ashley So
    and Mr. Yong Baek
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bailey
Balady-Beach Real Estate Team-
    Dave Perry Miller Park Cities
Mr. and Mrs. Lun Bao
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Barry
Mrs. Susan Flume Bauer '64
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Beal
Mr. Alan Bell†
    and Mrs. Rosalyn Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Benavides
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Blakeley
Mr. and Mrs. David Blakelock
Mr. Stephen Bohannon
    and Mrs. Sharon Bohannon†
Ms. Julie Bone '01
Mrs. Betty Bourgeois-Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. John Bowdich
Mrs. Lisa Janick Brannon '90
    and Dr. Timothy Brannon
Bread Financial
Mr. and Mrs. James Bright
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Briones
Mr. and David Brown
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Buckley
Ms. Peggy Busby†
Camp Balcones Springs
Mr. and Mrs. Bob R. Camp
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Caracio
Mr. Francisco Carbajal
Central Market/H.E.B
Ms. Jessica M. Chaix
Mrs. Tiffany Marshall Chambers '01
    and Mr. Eric Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Chance
Charles Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Chavez
Ms. Angel Chinuntdet
Mr. and Mrs. William Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Clapper
Mrs. Kathleen Donovan Coffin '03
Condon Tobin Sladek Thornton PLLC
Dr. Leslie Schornack Conroy '04
Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Cortez
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cortez
Mr. and Mrs. John Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Currier
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio De La Rosa
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey DeBord
Dr. Suzanne Delcambre
    and Mr. Robin F. Delcambre
Ms. Sonya DeLeon '89
    and Mr. Jerry A. Jarvis
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Doepfner
Ms. Adrienne Dominguez '86
The Donachie Foundation
Dr. Amanda Donohoe
    and Mr. Daniel Donohoe
Mrs. Sophie McNabb Dowling '86
    and Mr. Charles Dowling
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Drake
Mrs. Anne Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Kramer R. Duhon
Mr. and Mrs. David Dunaway
Ms. Jarilyn Dupont '71
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Earsing
Entrust One Facility Services, Inc.
Ericsson Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Evans
Ms. Nirvana Fahmy
Mrs. Barbara Brooks Fairfield '59
    and Mr. Donald Fairfield
Mr. and Mrs. Mustafa Fazel
Mrs. Mary Manion Fent '87
    and Mr. David Fent
Mrs. Amy Gavin Fenton '88
    and Mr. Todd Fenton
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ferri
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fogel
Mrs. Jennifer Wellington Fogel-Moore '95
    and Mr. Patrick K. Fogel-Moore
Mrs. Nicole Lattner Fox '00
    and Mr. John M. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frankenfeld
Mr. Robert M. Galecke
    and Mrs. Jackie Galecke†
Mr. and Ms. Salvador Gandara
Ms. Shannon Smith Gardner '76
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Garza
Ms. Jacqueline Gibson '15
Mrs. Paige Morrow Gilbreath '97
    and Mr. Fletcher H. Carron
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Goebel
Goldman Sachs
Mrs. Allyson Bohannon Goldman '07†
    and Mr. Jody Goldman
Mrs. Marianne Haggerty Gregory '94
    and Mr. Scott Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Bindu Gujjarlapudi
Mrs. Lucy Hajdar
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hall
Mr. and Mrs. George Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Hardy
Mr. John Harris
Mr. and Mrs. David Harrison
Ms. Leigh Anne Cloud Haugh '89
Mrs. Leslie Hart Haywood '93
    and Mr. Kotto Haywood
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Harold N. Hofmann
Mrs. Kathy Rix Hogan '77
Mrs. Nancy Bienfang Hogan '77
Hood & Strong LLP
Hood Designer Art

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hornung
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Horowitz
Mr. Gary Horton
Mrs. Jeanne Gates Howell '87
    and Mr. Derek Howell
Mrs. Rosalyn Messina Huff '56
    and Mr. Patrick Huff
Dr. Samuel Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hunt Jr.
Dr. Leigh Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Hurtado
Huynh & Associates Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Huynh
Mr. and Mrs. Reid Hyde
Mrs. Kathleen E. Irvin
J. Ridout Portraits
Dr. Mary Susan Jackson '64
Ms. Kathy Jacquart '84
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Jiede
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Jones
Judy Nordseth Photography
Ms. Charlene Jungerman
Juniper Networks
Kaiut Yoga Dallas School
Mr. and Mrs. Collin Kanelakos
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Keehn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keeley
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Keggen
The John G. & Marie Stella Kenedy
    Memorial Foundation
Mrs. Katie Burns Kennealey '97
    and Mr. Douglas Kennealey
Kimberly Clark Foundation
Mrs. Carrie Hill King '94
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Koehler
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Komlosi
Mrs. Heather Byrne Koopman '93
    and Mr. Michael Koopman
Mrs. Suzanne Toomey Kostell '87
    and Mr. Patrick Kostell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kottwitz
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lambertson
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lamont
Mr. and Mrs. Brad LaMorgese
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Laske
Mr. Mark LaValle
Dr. Patty LaValle
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Lavandera
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Lawrence
Mrs. Anna Stewart LeBlanc '86
    and Mr. Rick LeBlanc
Ms. Sonya Lehmann '91
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Lewin
Mr. and Mrs. Manish Limaye
Mr. and Mrs. Heath Lipson
Ms. Tarra Loera '03
Mrs. Barbara Musgrove Loesel '50†
    and Mr. John Loesel
Dr. Kristi Long
    and Mr. Nathan A. Long
Love Glow Studios
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Lovejoy
Mr. and Mrs. David Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro Luque
Macklin’s Catering
Ms. Camille Manion
Marissa Easterling Photography
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Martinez
Ms. April Martin-Kovacs
Mary Martha and Emmett J. Doerr
    Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Jorg Mast
Mr. and Mrs. James Mathis
Ms. Helen Matus
Mr. and Mrs. Sean McCaffrey
Mr. and Mrs. Chris McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McConnell
Ms. Patty McCormack
Mr. and Mrs. William McDaniel
Mr. Tim McGough
    and Mrs. Shannon McGough
Ms. Meghan McGowan '11
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Mcleod
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce McQuaid
Mr. and Ms. David Meinhardt
Dr. and Mrs. Alejandro Mejia
Ms. Patricia Mendina
Merit Energy Company
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Methe
Mrs. Catherine Joseph Meyer '79
    and Mr. Jay E. Meyer†
Microsoft Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. James Migis
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Miller
Mrs. Sarah Frazee Mills '09
    and Mr. Daniel Mills
Ms. Kelly Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. John Mizerany
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Mobley
Mrs. Rishma Visram Mohamed '91
    and Mr. Akbar Mohamed
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Moise
Mr. Matt Montgomery
    and Mrs. Lisa S. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. James Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Moraif
Mrs. Kathleen Nolan Morrison '93
Mr. and Mrs. John Mulcahey
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Murrah
Mr. William Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Nagorzanski
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo G. Najera
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Neisler
Mrs. Christine Petersen Nevitt '98
    and Dr. Matthew Nevitt
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Nguyen
Mr. and Ms. Paul Niemyski
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Noonan
Ms. Brett O'Brien '05
Mr. and Mrs. Juan O'Campo
Dr. and Mrs. Todd Odom
Mrs. Hilary Clement Olson '79
    and Mr. Jon Olson
Omni Hotels & Resorts
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ondracek
Dr. Nancy Hodge
    and Dr. Douglas Orr
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Toole

Park Hill Fine Art Portraits
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Parro
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Patton
Mr. and Mrs. John Payne
Mr. and Ms. Richard Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Perpall
Dr. Ashwin Pimpalwar
    and Dr. Sheena A. Pimpalwar
Dr. Karen Pinto
    and Dr. Anil Pinto
Plains Marketing LP
Mr. Danny Poellot
Mrs. Kerry Butler Poer '80
    and Mr. David Poer
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Polak
Dr. and Mrs. Ramalingam Pratap
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pressler
Ms. Angela Price
Mrs. Sarah Montgomery Putman '95
    and Mr. John Putman
Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Quevedo
Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rauker
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Rayfield Jr.
Mrs. Angelique Thomas Reagor '81
    and Dr. Lee C. Reagor
Mrs. Ann Fritsche Reddy '06
    and Mr. Sreeram Reddy
Mr. and Mrs. David Rehman
Mr. and Mrs. Greg L. Rich
Mrs. Laura Hovas Richman '05
    and Mr. Scott Richman
Mr. and Mrs. William Riley
Mr. David Ritter
Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Robertson
Dr. Kiran Robertson
    and Dr. Ellis Robertson
Robin Jackson Photography
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Rubenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rucker
Mr. and Mrs. John Sabine
Dr. Aarthi Sankaran Samuel '93
    and Mr. Sunil Samuel
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Freese
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Schopmeyer
Rev. Bill Schuster
Mr. and Mrs. James Sherrill
Mrs. Karen Livesay Shuford '66
    and Mr. David W. Shuford
Mr. and Mrs. Vishal Sibal
Mr. and Mrs. James Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Simons IV
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Sims
Sky Ranch
Mrs. Mary Walker Sladek '79
    and Mr. William Sladek
Dr. Emily Sloan
    and Mr. Sam R. Sloan
Ms. Elizabeth Smith
    and Mr. Eric Nelson
Mrs. Evangelina Ramirez Smith '86
    and Mr. Mark Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith
Smothers Bruni Foundation
Southwest Airlines
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Speer
Starr Law Firm, PC
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stevens
Stewart Organization
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stone
Ms. Lori Stowe
Ms. Earlyne Tarrant '57†
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Tenney
Texas Fire And Sound
The Ed and Josie Toogood Foundation
The Office of Dr. Godat, MD PA
The Statler Hotel Dallas
Mrs. Lindsay Wesp Thomas '96
    and Mr. Matthew Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Thornburg
Mrs. Mary Tillotson
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Tobolka
Mrs. Laurie O'Brien Todd '79
    and Mr. Carter Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Trungale
Dr. Mercedes Dominguez
    and Dr. Dimitris Tsioutsias
Mrs. Sheila Haggerty Turner '56
UBS Foundation
United Healthcare
University of Texas Arlington
Ms. Allison Vanderwoude
Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Vess
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Victorine
Mr. and Mrs. Nghia Vuong
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Wachsman
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Wagner Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scott Walker
Ms. Tiffany Farha Ward '91
Mrs. Ann Martin Weaver '80
    and Mr. David Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weinberger
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Whisler
Mr. and Mrs. Martin White Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter White
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wiehl
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilbert III
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wildman
Mr. and Ms. Corby Wilemon
Ms. Joanie Williams '08
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wilson
Mrs. Jennifer Kim Wilson '91
    and Mr. Glenn Wilson
Winston & Strawn LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Winwood
Mrs. Ruth Brown Wiseman '44†
Dr. Andrea Owen Wolf '06
    and Dr. Parker Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Wooten
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wootton
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Worley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wright
Mr. and Ms. Yu-Chi Wu
Mr. and Mrs. Grant C. Yaney
Ms. Theresa Youngblood '82
    and Dr. Keith Volanto
Mr. Chip Zahn
Dr. Jennifer Zahn
Mr. and Mrs. Bing Zhu

Community Spirit

Any Gift Up to $1,873

10 to 2 Stylehouse
12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse
Abbie's Doghouse on Belmont
Mrs. Katie Davis Abell '12 
    and Mr. Miles Abell
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Abernethy
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Abohosh
About Face Pros
Mr. and Mrs. Reji Abraham
Mr. and Mrs. Justin A. Abrash
Absolute Zero Cryo
Academic Outfitters
Ms. Courtney Acarregui
Accessory Concierge
Mrs. Shari Rogers Ackels '79 
    and Mr. Gregory Ackels
Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Acosta
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adam
Mrs. Cheron Curran Adams '64 
    and Mr. Clint Adams
Mr. and Mrs. David Adams
Ms. Jenny Adams
Mrs. Julie Potter Adams '99
Mrs. Lela Wunderlick Adams '79 
    and Mr. Scott D. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan D. Adams
Mrs. Ginger Mais Adams '69
Adleta Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Adleta
ADP, Inc.
Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Abigail Africa '12
Mr. and Mrs. Gregorio R. Africa Jr.
Mrs. Michelle Rodriguez Aguilar '99 
    and Mr. Hiram Aguilar
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Aguilera
Ms. Erin Ahmed '10
Al Biernat's
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Alarcon
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Alberts
Ms. Mary Ann Albright '78
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Albritton
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Alderink
Ms. Liz Aldrine
Mr. Devin Alexander
Ms. Mertie Jackson Alexander '70
Paige Alexander '16
Mrs. Christina Alford
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ali
All Care Veterinary Hospital
Ms. Maddie Allardyce '10
Mr. and Mrs. David Allen
Mr. and Mrs. David Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Junius D. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall J. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Allen
Mrs. Lupita Cuellar Allen '69 
    and Mr. Rod C. Allen
Mrs. Rebecca Isaac Allen '08 
    and Mr. Davon Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Allinger
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Allred
Ms. Michelle Verdiguel Alonzo '97
Mrs. Nicole Feehery Alpuerto '03 
    and Mr. Josh Alpuerto
Mrs. Kristin Altadonna
Mrs. Erina O'Brien Alvarado '89 
    and Mr. Andrew S. Alvarado
Ms. Miki Alvarado '07
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alvares
Mrs. Tracy Long Alvarez '85 
    and Mr. Angelo M. Alvarez
Ms. Nathalie Amador '12
Ms. Shelley Amason
Mrs. Aydee Ambriz
American Airlines
Myra Amerland
Mrs. Sandy Ammons-Kirkpatrick
Mrs. Cheri Pitts Amy '65 
    and Mr. Wayne Amy
Ms. Janine Wachsman Amy '83
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Anasco
Anastasia Beverly Hills Studio
Mrs. Janet Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Ken A. Anderson
Ms. Sophie Anderson '21
Mr. and Mrs. Per-Magnus Andersson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Andras
Mrs. Justine Pokladnik Andreason '68 
    and Mr. Brandon Andreason
Mrs. Nelly Rocha Andresen '79 
    and Mr. Lars Andresen
Andrews Distributing
Ms. Clare Andros '83
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Andrulis
Ms. Kelly Andrulis '14
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Angel
Ms. Stephanie Brooks Angel '72
Ms. Dimitra Angeli
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Angus
Mr. Gerard Angyal
Mrs. Veronica Angyal
Another Time & Place
Bernardo Aparicio
Mrs. Dori Neil Araiza '05 
    and Mr. Jesus Araiza
Ms. Ann Marie Arcadi
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Arcemont
Mrs. Marguerite Lobello Archer '66 
    and Mr. Bill Archer†
Mr. Will Archer
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arias
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Arlen
Ms. Colleen Costello Armstrong '60
Mrs. Gloria Armstrong
Mrs. Heather Graham Armstrong '95
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Arnett
Mrs. Hilary Misdom Arnier '10 
    and Mr. Jeffery Arnier
Mrs. Carol Williams Arnold '74 
    and Mr. Bill Arnold
Arthur Murray School of Dance
Artistik Edge Hair Studio
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ashby
Ms. Erin Ashford '02
Mrs. Edna Ashmore
Mrs. Elizabeth Price Asrabadi '99 
    and Dr. Adib Asrabadi
Associations, Inc.
Mrs. Jessica Murdter Atkinson '96 
    and Mr. Benjamin Atkinson
Mrs. Kristin Schoonover Atlas '10
Mr. Christopher Attal
Mrs. Wendy Ramirez Attal '91
Mrs. Kate Sullivan Attridge '04
Mr. Rick Atwell
Ms. Sarah T. Aty
Ms. Aubree Auletta '12
Mr. and Mrs. John Auletta
Mrs. Tricia Hafertepe Ault '74 
    and Mr. Larry Ault
Mr. and Mrs. David Austin
Mrs. Peggy Pettigrew Austin '65 
    and Mr. Barry Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Austin IV
Ms. Andrea Austria '02
Mrs. Katie Siebs Ave '87 
    and Mr. Gregory Ave
Mr. and Ms. Jose Avila
Ms. Katie Avila
AXA AL Insurance Co.
Ms. Maria Ayala
Mrs. Cidney Jo Cook Ayotte
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bachemin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bachonski
Ms. Taylor Bacic '09
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bacile
Mr. and Mrs. John Baetz
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bagayna
Mr. and Mrs. Brod Bagert
Mr. and Mrs. Xuesong Bai
Mrs. Ashley Hardeman Bailey '07
Mrs. Carol Wright Bailey '60 
    and Mr. James Bailey
Ms. Deanna Bailey '08
Mrs. Jessica Nugent Bailey '99 
    and Mr. Matthew Bailey
Mr. Michael Bailey
Ms. Patricia Bailey
Mr. Bobby Baillargeon
Mr. Christian Baird
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bajec
Mr. and Ms. Gordon Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Bakos
Ms. Celia Balderas
Dr. Brian J. Baldwin† 
    and Mrs. Peggy Baldwin
Mrs. Jeni Logan Baldwin '87
Mrs. Mary Roberts Baldwin '74 
    and Mr. George Baldwin
Mrs. Cristina Meneses Ball '73 
    and Mr. William Ball
Mr. Basil Bandek
Mrs. Chelle Bovis Banks '62
Ms. Ginger Baptiste
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Barajas
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Baranowski
Mrs. Kristin Franz Barber '90 
    and Dr. Matt Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Barbero
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Barbero
Mrs. Carole Huffhines Barbosa '52 
    and Mr. Frank Barbosa†
Mrs. Nadia King Barbot '02
Mrs. Heather Coghlan Barger '05
Mrs. Dorothy McNally Barker '62 
    and Mr. Don Barker
Ms. Krissy Barker '90
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Barnet
Mrs. Katharine Kirby Barnhill '92 
    and Mr. Ted Barnhill
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barraco
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Barraco
Sister Ann Barrett, O.S.U.
Mrs. Dianne Lamb Barrett '74 
    and Mr. Joseph Barrett
Ms. Cynthia Barron-Taylor
Ms. Michelle Barry '77
Mrs. Eileen Barry-Cocetti '69 
    and Mr. Edward Cocetti
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Bartholomew
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Barton
Ms. Mimi Bishop
Mrs. Alex Bret Bastoni '08 
    and Mr. Nicholas Bastoni
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Baugh
Mrs. Julie Waffle Baumann '74 
    and Dr. Paul Baumann
Ms. Patty Baumann
Mr. Frank Bauroth
Mrs. Suzanne Schaffler Bautch '89 
    and Mr. Daniel Bautch
Mrs. Joann McBride Bautista '80 
    and Mr. Richard Bautista
Ms. Taylor Bautista '09
Ms. Lishel Bautista-Lucia '93
Dr. and Mrs. Corby J. Baxter
Be Bright 365
Ms. Bailey Beach '10
Mrs. Dana Flynn Beachner '78 
    and Mr. Rock Beachner
BeadBabe Gifts
Bear Necessities
Ms. Veronica Beard
Mrs. Diana Garcia de Quevedo Beardsley '06 
    and Mr. Keith Beardsley
Ms. Perri Anne Martter Beathard '86
Ms. Charisse Beaupre '07
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Beauregard
Beauty by Brandy
Beautykind Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Becker
Mrs. Debbie Dubuque Becker '71 
    and Mr. Bruce Becker
Ms. Debbie Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Beck Beckham
Ms. Hope Bedenkop '14
Bee Organized Dallas
Mrs. Tiffany Johnson Beecham '03
Ms. Nancy Kiran Been '93
Mrs. Debbie Lowman Begert '66 
    and Mr. Robert Begert
Sister Mary Beisiegel
Mrs. Cindy Pustejovsky Belknap '90 
    and Mr. John D. Belknap
Ms. Catherine Bell '99
Ms. Cynthia Bell
Dr. Ursula Bell 
    and Mr. Emmanuel Bell
Bella MD Aesthetic & Laser Vein Clinic
Mrs. Hope Denton Bellar '92
Ben E. Keith Company
Mrs. Carolina Thomas Bender '05 
    and Mr. Stephen Bender
Benefit Cosmetics-Preston Boutique
Ms. Camelia Benhayda
Bennett Resources
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bennett
Mrs. Lynette Kowynia Bennett '85 
    and Mr. Andrew Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Berg
Mrs. Rahle Shaw Berg '02
Bergen County's United Way
Mr. and Mrs. David Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Don Bergeron
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bergin
Mrs. Adrian Gonzales Bergkvist '00 
    and Mr. PJ Bergkvist
Mrs Caroline Kernodle Bergonia '12 
    and Mr Drew Bergonia
Ms. Madi Berney '08
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Berry
Ms. Dana Berry '03
Mr. Jim Berry
Mrs. Susan Ormand Berry '97 
    and Mr. Philip Berry
Mrs. Marisa Allen Bertha '04
Lois Berthaume
Mrs. Judy Drabek Bettice '58 
    and Mr. Gerald Bettice
Dr. Denise Duncan Beutel '89 
    and Mr. Brad Beutel
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Beveridge
Mrs. Darcie Moore Beyer '97 
    and Mr. Andrew Beyer
Mrs. Meri Jane Beyer
Beyond Studios Dallas
Beyond The Door
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bibanco
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bieler
Ms. Anne Bienfang '73
Mrs. Anne Marie Lucier Bierman '00 
    and Mr. Brian Bierman
Mrs. Kim Summers Bieron '84 
    and Mr. Brian Bieron
Big O's Auto Wash
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Biggs
Mr. Peter Biggs
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 
    Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Billings
Billy Bob's Texas
Mr. and Mrs. John Birdwell
Bishop Cider Company
Bishop Dunne Catholic School Inc.
Bishop Street Market
Mr. Billy Bishop
Mrs. Lauren Wood Biskie '97 
    and Mr. Brian Biskie
Mrs. Elise Tidwell Bissell '83 
    and Mr. Charles Bissell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bittner
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bittner
Mrs. Mary Jean McDonald Bixler '69
Mr. and Mrs. David Black
Ms. Francesca Robertson Blackard '03
Mrs. Sara Kutscher Blacketer '04 
    and Mr. Jordan Blacketer
BlackRock, Inc.
Ms. Alberta Blair '79
Ms. Lynn Hebert Blake '78
Ms. Carlee Blamphin
Mrs. Ursula Gonzales Blanchard '87 
    and Mr. Patrick Blanchard
Ms. Adrienne Bland '19
Mrs. Karen Burgess Bland '74
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bland
Mrs. Vandana Blankenship
Ms. Katie Blase '15
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Blase
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan B. Bleeck
Catherine Blizzard '16
Mrs. Melissa Johnston Block '07
BLOW Salon
Blue Mesa Grill, Addison
Blue Print
Dr. Valerie Blum 
    and Mr. Gary Blum
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Blume II
Dr. Steven Bo
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bob
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bode
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Boeding
Mrs. Ann Doyle Boehm '75 
    and Mr. Rodney Boehm
Mrs. Molly Fynes Boesch '86
Mrs. Kathryn Watts Boland '57
Mrs. Jennifer Jordan Bolesta '99
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Bolivar
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Bolka
Mrs. Gabriella Veleba Bondy '53
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Bonneau
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Bookout
Mrs. Cindy Chamberlain Boone '84
Ms. Katie Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Boren
Mr. and Mrs. Chris V. Borkowski
Mrs. Toni Scalise Borowczak '90 
    and Mr. Brian Borowczak
Mrs. Deb Borrell '83 
    and Mr. Michael Hawkins
Bosco Pet Photography
Dr. Shoshana Bosco 
    and Mr. John Bosco
Mrs. Cynthia Munoz Bouchard '81
Mrs. Shannon Regeci Bourgeois '97 
    and Mr. Matthew Bourgeois
Bow & Arrow
Mrs. Mary Simon Bowen '03 
    and Mr. Daniel Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Bowman Jr.
Ms. Lindsay DiGiuseppe Bowman '96
Mr. Robert Boyd
Ms. Megan Boyle '09
Ms. Amanda Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff P. Bradley
Mrs. Heather Jasinski Brady '91 
    and Mr. Mark C. Brady
Mrs. Betty Gutierrez Brady '75 
    and Mr. Michael W. Brady
Ms. Miriam Dupuis Brainard
Mr. Valentine Brandner
Ms. Kathryn Gibbs Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brannan
Ms. Abby Brantman '20
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Braun
Mr. Kevin Braun
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bray
Bread Winners Café & Bakery
Mr. and Mrs. James Bredehoft
Mrs. Caroline Smiley Bredthauer '03 
    and Mr. Drew Bredthauer
Dr. Rachel Wallace Breedlove '97 
    and Mr. Mark Breedlove
Sister Rita Ann Bregenhorn
Sister Adele Brennan
Dr. Manon Brenner '62
Dr. Mary Ellen Bret '69 
    and Mr. Phil Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brewer
Ms. Tracy Brewer
Mrs. Melissa Blades Brewster '96 
    and Mr. Jason Brewster
Mrs. Mary Jane Neuhoff Brezette '81 
    and Mr. David R. Brezette
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Bridges
Mrs. Maureen McLochlin Bridwell '95 
    and Mr. Thomas Bridwell
Briggs Freeman & Sotheby's 
    International Realty
Bright Funds
Mr. Raymond Brinks
Brit Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brockett
Mr. and Mrs. David Brodrick
Ms. Emma Brodsky '22
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brodsky
Mrs. Lori Lohner Brohard '88 
    and Mr. Mark Brohard
Ms. Soraya Ayoub Brombacher '74
Brookhaven Country Club
Mrs. Emily Daniell Brooks '05 
    and Mr. Austin Brooks
Mr. Irvin Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Brooks
Mr. Joseph F. Brophy† 
    and Mrs. Anne Brophy
Dr. Nath Brophy '74
Ms. Sofia Brown '14
Mrs. Beverly Emmett Brown
Mrs. Carra Pitts Brown '88 
    and Mr. Timothy Brown
Ms. Cynthia Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brown Jr.
Mrs. Gretchen Feinhals Brown '88 
    and Mr. Matt Brown
Ms. Jane Hetherington Brown
Ms. Brown
Mrs. Megan Adams Brown '02
Ms. Rebecca Brown '05
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Brown
Mr. Tyler Brown
Mrs. Michelle Stuart Browne '90 
    and Mr. Craig Browne
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Bruess
Mrs. Barb Brum
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Brunel
Mrs. Cindy Jackson Bruner '74 
    and Mr. David Bruner
Mrs. Lisa Valek Bruni '85 
    and Mr. Mark Bruni
Dr. Jill Weber Brunkenhoefer '05 
    and Mr. Travis Brunkenhoefer
Dr. Becky Ennis Bruno '88 
    and Mr. Erik Bruno
Mrs. Pat Mallia Bruno '53 
    and Mr. Ted Bruno
Ms. Janis Brunworth '74
Mrs. Elizabeth Doczi Brush '04 
    and Mr. Jeffrey Brush
Mr. and Mrs. Artur Brzezinski
Mrs. Jennifer Kallus Bubany '85 
    and Mr. Chuck Bubany
Mrs. Gaby Bucio-Andersson '97 
    and Mr. Martin Andersson
Mr. and Mrs. David Buckland
Mr. Louie Buckman
Ms. Margaret Budde
Mrs. Lisa Villareal Buechel '85 
    and Mr. Tom Buechel
Mrs. Bridget Dunne Buell '77 
    and Mr. Terry Buell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buell Sr.
Mrs. Caroline Buenger
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Buhmann
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Bunch II
Mrs. Karin Schnobrich Burbach '93 
    and Mr. Matt Burbach
Mrs. Mary Fieler Burbage '00 
    and Mr. Eric Burbage
Ms. Alexa Burciaga '15
Ms. Bria Burciaga '13
Burger House
Mr. and Mrs. David Burger
Mrs. Beth Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Burghartz
Ms. Rachel Burke '14
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Burlingame
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Burns Jr.
Mrs. Rosemary Pitts Burns '60† 
    and Mr. Bob Burns
Ms. Brooke Burnside '88
Mrs. Margaret Burton
Mrs. Sandra Ferguson Burton '04 
    and Mr. Jon Burton
Mr. and Ms. Kyle B. Lee
Ms. Mere Bussell '14
Ms. Jane Butler
Mrs. Marilyn Prude Butler '85 
    and Mr. Jack Butler
Ms. Stephanie Butler
Mrs. Julie Underhill Butscher '89 
    and Mr. Mark Butscher
Ms. Bailey Butzberger '02
Mrs. Donna Hafertepe Butzberger '72 
    and Mr. Paul T. Butzberger
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Buxkemper
Mr. Earl Buys† 
    and Mrs. Ida Buys
Mrs. Jean Thomas Buys '82 
    and Mr. Joel Buys
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Byers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bynoe
Byrne Family Foundation Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Byrum
Mr. and Mrs. Marc D. Cabrera
Ms. Sally Goulding Cade '60
Cafe Pacific
Mrs. Karen Henry Cahill '60
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cairnes
Cake Carousel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Calabrese
Mrs. Katie Boes Calacci '90 
    and Mr. Richard Calacci
Mrs. Mary Leslie Stewart Calcote '85 
    and Mr. Alan Calcote
Dr. and Ms. Javier Caldera
Mrs. Coila Neitzel Calderon '96 
    and Mr. Arturo Calderon
Mr. and Mrs. Flavio Calderon
Mrs. Jenny Cherryhomes Caldwell '97 
    and Mr. Ken Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Caliri
Mrs. Mary Ann Loughney Calloway '61
Mrs. Teresa Messineo Cameron '88 
    and Mr. Darren Cameron
Ms. Kimberly Camp '94
Ms. Franceanna Campagna '97
Mrs. Lisa Sierra Campagna '73 
    and Mr. Anthony Campagna
Mrs. Anita Sethi Campbell '98 
    and Mr. Josh Campbell
Genevieve A. Campbell '24
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Campbell
Campisi's Restaurants, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Campo
Mrs. Daniela Luna Campoz '97 
    and Mr. Gabriel Campoz
Cam-Tex Realty, Inc.
Ms. Theresa Canales-Jud '52
Mrs. Mary Catherine Rudick Candelario '91 
    and Mr. Zachary Candelario
Mrs. Deborah Thie Cannon '69 
    and Mr. Gardner W. Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. Javier R. Cano
Cantina Laredo
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert R. Cantu
Mrs. Rachel Varley Capps '98 
    and Mr. Aaron Capps
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Caracio
Ms. Kim Caravella '74
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Carcamo
Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Cardoza
Mr. and Mrs. Rigoberto Cardoza
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Carey
Mrs. Diane Courie Carleton '74 
    and Mr. Bruce Carleton
Mrs. Chantel Langlinais Carlson '90 
    and Mr. Kevin Carlson
Ms. Tania Carlson
Mr. Kevin Carmen
Mrs. Jenni Bensend Carmichael '02 
    and Mr. Robert C. Carmichael
Dr. Lauren Ohlenforst Carney '01 
    and Mr. Kevin Carney
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Carpenter
Mrs. Loren Olivo Carpenter '97 
    and Mr. Matt Carpenter
Mrs. Missy Miramontes Carpenter '84 
    and Mr. James D. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Carr
Mr. John Carr
Mr. Len Carr† 
    and Mrs. Joan Carr
Mr. Leonard Carr† 
    and Mrs. Joan Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Carrell
Ms. Norma Carreno-Parra
Ms. Mia Carrera '14
Ms. Melina Carrillo '10
Mrs. Lisa Carrizales-Revord '81 
    and Mr. Matthew Revord
Mrs. Christina Mullen Carroll '07 
    and Mr. Osman Carroll
Mrs. Christina Duffield Carroll '95 
    and Mr. William Q. Carroll
Dr. Elizabeth Carroll '97 
    and Mr. Aaron Breckenridge
Mrs. Jenny Putchinski Carroll '91 
    and Mr. David Carroll
Ms. Lauren Carter
Sister Louis Marie Carter '56
Mr. Joseph Cartwright
Mrs. Julianne Rouquette Cary '96
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Cary
Ms. Mindy Casas
Ms. Roxana Casco
Mrs. Elizabeth Karam Case '04 
    and Mr. David Case
Mrs. Jeannine Billings Case '63 
    and Mr. James V. Case
Mrs. Jennifer Noble Casey '88 
    and Mr. Brian Casey
Mrs. Karen Shell Casey '62
Mr. Stephen Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cash
Ms. Brenda Cashion
Mrs. Carol Crowley Casmus '75 
    and Mr. Tony Casmus
Mr. Eric Casper
Mrs. Nancy Cosgrove Cassady '66 
    and Mr. Peter Cassady
Mr. and Dennis Cassell
Ms. Dorothy Cassetta
Ms. Kathy Castillo
Sister Lois Castillon, O.S.U.
Mrs. Katie Freeman Cathcart '00 
    and Mr. David Cathcart
Catholic Theological Society of America
Mrs. Elaine Bennett Catloth '83 
    and Mr. George Catloth
Mrs. Airemy Hardesty Caudle '92 
    and Mr. Craig Caudle
Celebration Restaurant, Market & Catering
Centurion American
Mrs. Courtney O'Leary Cerny '97 
    and Mr. Brian Cerny
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Cerone
Mrs. Margaret Sharp Chaffee '85 
    and Mr. Dave Chaffee
Mrs. Keri Chambers
Mrs. Suzanne Lohr Chance '76 
    and Mr. Terry Chance
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Chapa
Mrs. Malorie Perry Chapman '04 
    and Mr. Ian Chapman
Mrs. Rachel Westmoreland Chapman '10
Mr. and Mrs. John Chappell
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Charalambopoulos
Charis Studios
Mrs. Ginger McKnight Chavers '81 
    and Mr. Kevin Chavers
Mr. and Mrs. Alonso Chavez
Mrs. Juliann Walker Chavez '83 
    and Dr. Jack Chavez
Mr. Ngetich Chelule
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Po Chen
Ms. Alyson Chenault
Mr. Colin Chenault
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cheng
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cherry
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Chester
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Chester
Chevron Corp.
Chick-fil-A Inwood
Children's Medical Center Foundation
Mrs. Tanya Fink Childs '86 
    and Mr. Jason Childs
Ms. Marianne Chionglo '00
Ms. Michelle Cho '03
Mr. Fabian Chong
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Christensen
Mrs. Tracy Kee Christopher '74 
    and Mr. Vance Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chu
Mr. and Mrs. William Chu
Chubb & Son, Inc.
Mrs. Linda Selzer Chupik '03
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Emanuelson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cicherski
Cinco Taco
Sister Ginger Cirone, O.S.U. '58
City Vet Addison
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Civins
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Clark
Mr. Edward Clark
Ms. Jacquelyn Clark '00 
    and Mr. Stephen Stapleton
Ms. Poppy Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Carlton K. Clarke
Mrs. Nancy O'Brien Clarke '51
Dr. Tammy Clarke '88
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Clary
Class of 1957
Class of 1972
Class of 1978
Class of 1983
Class of 1998
Class of 2008
Mrs. Janet Kohler Claussen '69 
    and Mr. David M. Claussen
Mr. Michael Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Clement
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Clements Sr.
Mrs. Mandy Marsh Click '90 
    and Mr. Christopher Click
Mrs. Wendy Wheless Cluley '00 
    and Mr. John Cluley
Coal Vines @ Prestonwood
Cobb, Fendley and Associates, Inc.
Coca-Cola Inc.
Ms. Cindy Jones Cochran '82
Mrs. Elizabeth James Cochran '97 
    and Mr. Carter Cochran
Ms. Hyoung Cochran
Mrs. Monica Prachyl Cochran '71 
    and Mr. Michael Cochran
D. Codd
Mrs. Linda Miller Coffin '80 
    and Mr. Donald C. Coffin
Ms. Stephanie Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Coke
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Coker
Ms. Sarah Colavito
Ms. Myriam Colchado
Ms. Dre Coldwell '12
Ms. Michelle Cole
Mrs. Kathie Dunn Coleman '70 
    and Mr. Mark Coleman
Ms. Marcia Coleman '94
Ms. Peggy Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Colleluori
Ms. Terri Colley '83
Mrs. Erin Boschert Collins '07 
    and Mr. Mark Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Collins
Mrs. Mara Stewart Collins '02 
    and Mr. Dustin Collins
Mrs. Mary Ann Neuhoff Collins '48
Ms. Laura Colven '04
Mr. and Ms. Matthew W. Combs
Dr. Alessandra Comini '52
Ms. Ashley Dunne Comstock '96
Conduit Gallery
Mrs. Jenny Coneff '97 
    and Mr. David Prentiss
Mrs. Mary Terry Connery '42
Ms. Loretta Connolly
Mrs. Ann Lamberty Conrad '57 
    and Mr. Harold Conrad
Ms. Shannon Considine '08
Mr. and Mrs. George Constantin
Ms. Jennifer Conte
Ms. Adriana Contreras '83
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Convery M.D.
Mrs. Karen Lynch Conway '85 
    and Mr. John Conway
Cook Consultants, Inc.
Ms. Carolyn Cook '77
Ms. Catherine Cook '15
Mrs. Heidi Frankenfield Cook '92 
    and Mr. Toby Cook
Mrs. Jenn Paull Cook '07
Mrs. Kaye Kunecki Cook '83 
    and Mr. Jeff Cook
Mrs. Margaret Gallagher Cook '61 
    and Mr. Donald Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Cooksey
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cooney
Mrs. Jennifer Jordan Cooper '84 
    and Mr. Scott Cooper
Mr. Lloyd Cooper
Mrs. Catherine Peterman Cope '08
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Copenhaver
Ms. Tara Copp '92
Mr. and Mrs. Vicente Cordero
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Cordova
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cords
Corepower Yoga
Mrs. Sarah Brown Cornelia '10 
    and Mr. Matthew Cornelia
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Cornwall
Ms. Adrienne Cortez
Mr. Juan Cortez
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Corvera
Cos Bar
Mrs. Allenna Bangs Costanza '00 
    and Mr. Brian Costanza
Mr. and Mrs. William Costolo
Mrs. Sybil Fain Cotnoir '55† 
    and Mr. Ray Cotnoir
Mrs. Judy Borman Cotter '82 
    and Mr. Paul Cotter
Mrs. Melodie Matthews Cottingham '83 
    and Mr. John Cottingham
Cotton Island
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Couch
Mrs. Marli Maloney Couch '88 
    and Mr. J. Christopher Couch
Mrs. Meagan Hall Coughlin '02 
    and Mr. Carl Coughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Coulter
Ms. Whitney Coulter
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Courtois
Cousin Earl
Mrs. Mary Lee Cox
Mr. Bill Cox
Mr. and Mrs. John Crain
Ms. Maggie Crain '07
Mrs. Hayley Zimmerman Creecy '06 
    and Mr. Chris Creecy
Crescent Real Estate
Ms. Cribbins
Mrs. Heather Cribbins
Mrs. Michelle Meyer Crisco '85 
    and Mr. Jeremy Crisco
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Crofford
Ms. Carolyn Croley
Mrs. Lorilei Cardenas Cronin '95 
    and Mr. Tory Cronin
Mrs. Taylor Custer Crosby '02 
    and Mr. Houston Crosby
Mrs. Holly Crowder
Mrs. Sally Hogan Crowley '59 
    and Mr. Jack Crowley†
Ms. Madeleine Crume '12
Ms. Patricia Harrington Crumlish '56†
Ms. Danielle Cruz '17
Dr. Pamela Cruz 
    and Mr. Geoffrey Cruz
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cruz
Ms. Isabelle Cruz '13
Mrs. Elizabeth Rodriguez Cryer '93 
    and Mr. Benjamin B. Cryer
Dr. and Dr. Eva Csaky
Dr. Sandra Cuellar '75
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cullen
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Cumming
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Cummins
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Curry
Mrs. Marcia Taylor Curtner '77 
    and Mr. Zack Curtner
Mr. and Ms. John Custer
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton D. Cutchall
CycleBar Preston Forest
D1 Dallas
Mr. Stephen da Silva
Mrs. Chrysa Smith DaCosta '83 
    and Mr. John DaCosta
Mr. and Mrs. William Dahlstrom
Mrs. Anna Lombardi Daigle '94 
    and Mr. Marc Daigle
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence M. Dailey
Mr. Terry Dailey
Mrs. Ahtoosa Amini Dale '09 
    and Mr. Richard Dale
Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society
Dallas Center for Dermatology 
    and Aesthetics
The Dallas Foundation
Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Dallas Sound & Lighting
Dallas Summer Musicals
Dallas Zoo
Mrs. Julie Wernick Dallavis '96 
    and Mr. Christian Dallavis
Ms. Pamela Dalton '70
Ms. Sarette Albin Danae
Ms. Elise Daniel
Ms. Janice Daniel '51
Ms. Stacey Daniel '81
Daniells Phillips Vaughan and Bock
Mr. and Mrs. Raj Daniels
Mrs. Tara Teter Dankberg '00
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Danza
Mrs. Christine Mello Dargan '02
Dr. Sunati Sahoo 
    and Dr. Bibhuti Das
Data Projections
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Daus
Dave & Busters
Ms. Shannon Davey '09
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davey
Ms. Jennifer Davidson
Mr. Bobby Davidson
Ms. Rachel Davies '07
Mrs. Carolyne Koval Davis '84 
    and Mr. Matthew O. Davis
Mr. and Charles Davis
Mrs. DeAnna Davis
Mrs. Elizabeth Driscoll Davis '74
Mrs. Gabriella Tamburrino Davis '89
Mrs. Katie Davis
Mrs. Kelly Lacy Davis '09 
    and Mr. Dylan Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Davis
Mrs. Megan Madonna Davis '11 
    and Mr. Charilie Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davis
Ms. Sheridan Davis '08
Mr. and Mrs. Stubbs Davis
Mrs. Suzanne Grothues Dawson '87
Mrs. Leona Wooten Day '46†
Dr. Sara Klassen Day '98 
    and Mr. Jeremy Day
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Day
Dayton Foundation
Ms. Monica de la Cerda '91
Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro De La Cruz
Mr. and Mrs. Leland de la Garza
Mr. and Mrs. Juan de Urtubey
Ms. Christi Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dean
Dr. Althea Jarrett 
    and Mr. Jeffrey A. Dean†
Mrs. Robin Wallace Dean '91 
    and Mr. James R. Dean
Ms. Sharon Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Deasy
Ms. Cassie Deaver
Mrs. Julie Dee
Mr. Michael Dee
Bishop Robert Deeley
Mrs. Susan Deeley
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Deeley
Ms. Anne DeFilippo '07
Ms. Lauren Piot '15
Mr. and Mrs. Walter DeLaRosa
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Deleon
Mr. and Mrs. Trinidad DeLeon
Deloitte & Touche
Mr. and Mrs. Guennael Delorme
Mr. and Mrs. John Demchalk
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeMetrovich
Dr. Margaret Theresa Dempsey '80
Mrs. Leann Fitch Denney '83 
    and Mr. Mark Denney
Ms. Ashley Dennis '02
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Derdeyn
Mr. and Mrs. John DeRudder
Mrs. Missy Desaloms
and Mr. Michael Desrosiers
Mrs. Michelle Mahaffey Desrosiers '88
Mr. Robert Dessommes
Dr. and Mrs. James d'Etienne
Mrs. Missy Hale Devereux '96 
    and Mr. Shawn Devereux
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Devero
Ms. Karen DeVita
Mr. and Mrs. Dario Devito
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeVore
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett DeVries
Ms. Tara Galvin Dew '09 
    and Mr. Robin Dew
Mr. and Mrs. John DeWitt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeWitt
Mrs. Rosemarie Balkey DeZelle '74 
    and Mr. James DeZelle
DHL Creative, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Diaz
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Diaz
Ms. Anne Diaz-Arrastia '09
Dr. Jennifer Buchanan Diaz-Arrastia 
    and Dr. Ramon R. Diaz-Arrastia
Mrs. Alyson DiGiuseppe DiBlasi '93 
    and Mr. Victor DiBlasi
Mrs. Trudy Traner Dick '67 
    and Mr. Sam Dick
Mrs. Kelly Matula Dickerson '96 
    and Mr. Joey Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dickey
Mrs. Lauren Fournier Diebel '02 
    and Mr. Spencer Diebel
Mrs. Bee Webster Dietemann '75 
    and Mr. Chris Dietemann
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dietsch
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dikun
Mrs. Laurie Stovall Dillard '87 
    and Mr. Duke Dillard
Mrs. Peggy Cooney Ding '92 
    and Dr. Tommy Ding
Mrs. Mary Ann Wasaff Dipp '64 
    and Mr. Michael Dipp
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Disimile
Ms. Charleen Doan
Mrs. Nancy Reichenstein Dobbs '85 
    and Mr. Chris Dobbs
Mrs. Raz Tavakoli Dobbs '03 
    and Mr. Zach Dobbs
Mrs. Bunny Dodson
Ms. Whitney Dodson '21
Ms. Caitlin Doepfner '11
Lindsey Doepfner '16
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Domine
Mrs. Elizabeth Wise Dominguez '87
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Dominguez
Ms. Genevieve Dominguez '88
Alane Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Dondis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Donovan
Ms. Ariel Doran '09
Mrs. Mary Jo McGehee Dorn '69 
    and Mr. Michael Dorn
Mrs. Sarah Plumb Dornak
Annie Dorsey '18
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Dorsey
Mrs. Maria Elena Gutierrez Doskey '71
Mrs. Peg Brady Dove†
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Dow
Ms. Angela Downes '86
Mrs. Terri Mullin Downs '74 
    and Mr. Bruce Downs
Mrs. Mia Morris Doyle '09
Mrs. Dianne Wright Doyle '78 
    and Mr. Patrick Doyle
Dr. Pepper-Seven Up, Inc.
Drake’s Hollywood
Ms. Lisa Dreyfus '95
Ms. Emily Driscoll '98
Maddie Drone '16
Meredith Drone '16
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Drummond
Ms. Mary Drummond '19
Ms. Gina Drummond '11
DST Solutions Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando D. Duarte
Mr. Raul Duarte
Mrs. Trish Ryan Dubberley '67 
    and Mr. Allen Dubberley
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Dubroc
Mrs. Gretchen Moser Dudney '70 
    and Mr. Robert Dudney
Mrs. Carole Duff
Mrs. Ellen Mitchell Duffy '79 
    and Mr. Mike Duffy
Ms. Nicole Duffy
Mrs. Rachael Sunbarger Duffy '97 
    and Mr. Kevin Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Dugas
Mr. and Mrs. Darin Duncan
Ms. Tracey Dunham
Mrs. Betty Neilon Dunn '63 
    and Mr. James Dunn
Mrs. Ellen McKay Dunn '83 
    and Mr. Lehmer Dunn
Ms. Martha Dunn
Mrs. Deb Cummings Dunne '74 
    and Mr. William P. Dunne
Mrs. Jennifer DeDitius Dunson '86 
    and Mr. Stephen Dunson
Durham College Advising
Ms. Lizzy Durham '08
Mrs. Linda Durham
Mr. and Mrs. James Dyer
Ms. Kenzie Earsing '12
Mrs. Sara Harris Eaton '97 
    and Mr. Tyler Eaton
eatZi’s Market & Bakery
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Eckles
Ms. Esha Edupuganty '10
Ms. Adrienne Edwards
Mrs. Christy Miller Edwards '00 
    and Mr. Scott Edwards
Ms. Heidi Edwards '97
Dr. and Mrs. Eges Egedigwe
Mr. Ojani Eguia
Mrs. Ellen Danna Ehrlich '65 
    and Mr. Alan Ehrlich
Mrs. Julie Zander Eiben '92 
    and Mr. Stacy Eiben
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Eichhorn
Ms. Katherine Eigher
Ms. Almastella Ekong '01
El Vecino, True Tex Mex
Mr. and Mrs. Nasser Y. Elawar
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Elenez
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Elia
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Elias
Ms. Meredith Elkins '06 
    and Ms. Lauren Partovi
Ella Bleu Boutique
Ms. Aubrey Elliott '11
and Mr. Eric Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. James Elliott
Mrs. Joelene Walenta Elliott '83 
    and Mr. John T. Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. James Ellis
Mrs. Barbara Marshall Ellison '85 
    and Mr. Maurice Ellison
Mr. Ike Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Trace G. Elrod
Ms. Patricia Embree '67
Ms. Marsha Emmett
Dr. David Engleman
Ms. Jennifer English
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Engro
Enlighten MD
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Envani
Enviroscape Services
Mr. and Mrs. James Epps
Mrs. Christine Moore Erdeljac '97 
    and Mr. Jonathon A. Erdeljac
Mrs. Kathryn Shields Eriksen '76 
    and Mr. David Eriksen
Ernst and Young
Ms. Shelly Erwin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Erxleben
Ms. Regina Escamilla '08
Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Escamilla
Dr. Rachel Esfahani 
    and Mr. Saied Esfahani
Mrs. Christy Tuohy Eshelbrenner '05 
    and Mr. Alex Eshelbrenner
Mrs. Kristi Esposito-Brown '02 
    and Mr. Garrett Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Esquivel
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Esquivel
Ms. Alicia Estes
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan O. Estes
Ms. Carmencita Esteve '74
Estilo Concept Store
Mr. and Dr. Guillermo E. Estrada
Mr. Charles Eubanks
Mrs. Karen Meier Eubanks '83 
    and Mr. Stephen Eubanks
Ms. Suzanne Eubanks
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Evans
Mr. Jordan Evans
Ms. Katy Evans '10
Mr. and Mrs. Allan D. Evans
Mrs. Beth Gibbons Everett '69 
    and Mr. Robert Everett
Mrs. Diane Browning Ewing '68 
    and Mr. Don Ewing
Exhale Dallas
ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Janice Yllana Ezell '97 
    and Mr. Gregory Ezell
Face Haus
Mr. Clint Fain
Fairway Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bardi Faizy
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fallen
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fallen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Falvo
Mrs. Audrey Mu Fan '91
Fannie Mae
Mrs. Susan Shotland Fannin '04 
    and Mr. Randall Fannin
Ms. Melissa Farina '80†
Mrs. Amy Frizzell Farley '92
Ms. Allison Farrell
Farris Art
Dr. Yemi Fashemo 
    and Dr. Deji Fashemo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Faust
Mr. Nicholas Fazzino
Fearing’s Restaurant/Dean Fearing
Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fee Jr.
Mrs. Rinetta McLaughlin Fefie '90 
    and Mr. Paul Fefie
Mrs. Amanda Foster Fehlman '97 
    and Mr. Pete W. Fehlman
Ms. Ingrid Feigenbaum '06
Ms. Melanie Feliciano '83
Mrs. Courtney Walls Fellows '97 
    and Mr. Jeffrey Fellows
Ms. Terri Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro Fernandez
Ms. Juanita Fernandez
Ms. Maria Fernandez
Mrs. Priscilla Martinez Fernandez '67 
    and Mr. Luis Fernandez
Fernando's Mexican Cuisine
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ferrara
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fiacable
Ms. Laura Carleton Fields '94 
    and Mr. Micah D. Fields
Ms. Diane Filibeck '88
Molly Fimian '18
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Finch
Mr. Patrick Finch
Mrs. Judith Hochleutner Finegan '67 
    and Mr. Sean Finegan
Mr. and Mrs. William Finegan
Mrs. Margaret Sullivan Finley '85 
    and Mr. Bryan Finley
Mr. and Mrs. David Finn
Mr. Donald Finn
Firebird Restaurant Group, LLC
Mrs. Alyson Gregg Fisher
Mrs. Dana Hage Fisher '03 
    and Mr. Greg Fisher
Ms. Meredith Fisher '12
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fisketjon
Mr. and Mrs. James Fitzgerald
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Fitzgerald
Mrs. Jane Snyder Fitzpatrick '84 
    and Mr. Terence M. Fitzpatrick
Ms. Kellie Fitzpatrick
Mr. John Fitzsimmons
Flagship Restaurant Group
Mrs. Lainee Marz Flanigan '02
Mrs. Kathleen Flatley '76
Mrs. and Mr. Tiffany Fleckenstein
Mrs. Raquel Martinez Fleischer '98 
    and Mr. Brian Fleischer
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. David Fletcher
Mrs. Linda Bennett Fletcher '80 
    and Mr. Paul Fletcher
Mr. Robert Flickinger
Caroline Florence '16
Mrs. Kristi Heath Florence '85 
    and Mr. Craig Florence
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flores Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Flores
Mrs. Virginia Flores
Flower Child
Floyd's 99 Barbershop
Mrs. Grace Melgoza Flusche '74 
    and Mr. Michael Flusche
Ms. Stefanie Flusche '02
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Flynn
Mrs. Michelle Marlow Fojtasek '84 
    and Mr. Russell Fojtasek†
Ms. Anne Foltz '99
Dr. and Mrs. David Fong
Mrs. Beth Barger Fontana '85 
    and Mr. Fabiano Fontana
Mr. Jean Fonteneau
Ms. Kathryn Forbes '14
Mrs. Karen Cassell Ford '95 
    and Mr. Carl Ford
Mrs. Jessica Warnock Fordinal '03 
    and Mr. Michael Fordinal
Mrs. Susan Caracio Fordyce '89
Forestwood Fine Flowers
Mrs. Fiona Wong Forkner '90 
    and Mr. Timothy Forkner
Ms. Sarah Forman '95
Fort Worth Zoo
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Forward
Ms. Mary Foster
Mr. Reynolds Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Foster
Dr. Adora Ann Fou '92
Mrs. Danielle Warwick Fountain '04 
    and Mrs. Taylor Fountain
Four Seasons Resort & Club at Las Colinas
Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Tran North
Mr. David Fox
Dr. Preeti Sodhi 
    and Dr. David Francis
Ms. Sarah Francis
Mrs. Patti Bailey Frank '71
Mr. Bob Franke
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Frankenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frasco
Ms. Laura Frazee '10
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Frazee
Mrs. Christian Grammer Freberg '92 
    and Mr. Christian Freberg
Mrs. Alicia Alcala Frederick '91 
    and Mr. Kevin Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. Don Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. John Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Roland D. Freeman
Ms. Teresa Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard Freimuth
Ms. Jan Freund
Mrs. Jennie Bireley Frick '03 
    and Mr. Dan Frick
Ms. Judy Friedel '59
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Frieze
Ms. Catherine Frigo '77
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Frisbie Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Frisbie III
Frontier Enterprises/Magic Time Machine
Mrs. Cathy Netherland Frye '88 
    and Mr. Jerome Frye
Ms. Elizabeth Fulbright '74
Sister Diane Fulgenzi
Fuller Co. Foundation, H. B.
Ms. Elizabeth Kirby Fuller '85
Mrs. Josie Morgan Fuller '66 
    and Judge Tom Fuller
Mrs. Shaunna Green Fuller '73
Mr. Thad Fuller
Mrs. Audra Schoenfeldt Furer '03 
    and Mr. Alex Furer
Mrs. Jennifer Henry Furlong '91 
    and Mr. Eoin Furlong
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fynes
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gaddis
Sister Mary Nelle Gage '62
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gage
Mrs. Caroline Tate Gagliardi '96
Mrs. Daniela Delgado Gaither '00 
    and Mr. Justin Gaither
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gaither
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Gajardo
Mrs. Mary Anne Haren Gallagher '80 
    and Mr. Tim Gallagher
Mrs. Maureen Smith Gallagher '51† 
    and Mr. Bill J. Gallagher†
Galleria Ice Skating Center
Ms. Kathy Galvin '67
Mrs. Jenny Trenary Gamble '94 
    and Mr. Judson P. Gamble
and Mr. Jud Gamble
Mr. Mario Gamez
Mr. and Jeffrey Ganz
Ms. Ali Garahan '98
Ms. Theresa Garcia de Quevedo '04
Mrs. Bobann Brooks Garcia '83
Ms. Christina Garcia '07
Mrs. Elena Muller Garcia '66 
    and Mr. Sixto Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Garcia
Mrs. Kristine Gloria Garcia '02
Ms. Alina Garciamendez-Rowold '09
Mrs. Cecilia Moreno Garcia-Moreno '84 
    and Mr. Ramiro Garcia
Mrs. Sally Ivey Gardner '65 
    and Mr. Jim Gardner
Mrs. Rachael Ward Garfield '05 
    and Mr. Brenden Garfield
Dr. Elizabeth Gargiulo 
    and Mr. Timothy Gargiulo
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Garner
Mrs. Kimberly Hightower Garnett '95 
    and Mr. John Garnett
Dr. Keila Garoutte 
    and Dr. Scott A. Garoutte
Ms. Glynnis Garry '07
GartnerGroup, Inc.
Mrs. Eileen O'Connor Garvey '78 
    and Mr. C.J. Garvey
Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Garza
Mrs. Laura Rubio Garza '93 
    and Mr. Gilberto Garza
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Garza
Mrs. Viola Garza
Mr. Christopher Gaspard
Ms. Sarah Gatens '08
Mr. Jack E. Gates† 
    and Mrs. Melva Gates
Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Gatlin
Ms. Hailey Gatlin '09
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gayden
GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Ms. Ann Gehan '17
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry T. Geiser
Mr. and Mrs. Adiseshu Gelli
Gem Organic Juice Bar
Mrs. Carole Coleman George '76 
    and Mr. Michael George
Mr. and Mrs. Leland George
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Georgia
Mrs. Tricia Watson Gerber '05 
    and Mr. Greg Gerber
Mrs. Laura Beninger Gerhardt '01 
    and Mr. Erich Gerhardt
Mrs. Kerry Damschroder Gerlach '61 
    and Mr. Leroy P. Gerlach†
Mrs. Annette Glorioso Gerner '79 
    and Mr. Jeff Gerner
Getting It Done Organizing- 
    Jenny Dietsch & Assoc.
Dr. and Ms. Charles Gholi
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. James Gibson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tad Gidcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Giebler
Mrs. Toby Tobin Giesting '62 
    and Mr. Skip Giesting
Mrs. Rebecca Stowe Gilberg '05 
    and Mr. Josh Gilberg
Mrs. Courtney Brown Gilbert '95 
    and Dr. Nathan Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Gilbert
Mr. Travis Gilbreath
Mr. and Ms. John Gilchrist
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Gill
Dr. Sobia Yaqub 
    and Dr. M Taimoor Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gilliam
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gilmore
Mrs. Meggie Sudderth Gilstrap '04 
    and Mr. Stephen Gilstrap
Mr. Jeff Girard
Dr. and Mrs. Carlos E. Girod
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Gisclair Jr.
Mrs. Anne Dahlstrom Glaser '05 
    and Mr. Joe Glaser
Mrs. Leah Shafer Glaser '94
Ms. Gail Glasgow '82
Mrs. Katie Dunne Gleason '73 
    and Mr. Thomas J. Gleason
Ms. Gere Gleim
Dr. and Ms. Gregory Gleim
Gleneagles Country Club
Mrs. Mimi Dunne Glenn '61 
    and Mr. Paxson Glenn
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Glogowski
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Goble Jr.
Mrs. Allison Manzke Goetz '88 
    and Mr. Charlie Goetz
Mr. Russ Goetz
Ms. Alison Goh '05 
    and Mr. Derek Pearce
Mrs. Marilyn Starr Gold '57
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Golden
Dr. and Mrs. Hilton Goldreich
Ms. Anna Goldsmith
Mrs. Stacey Alexander Golightly '98 
    and Mr. Andrew Golightly
Mrs. Jennifer Bily Gomez Ruiz de Castro '92 
    and Mr. Raul Gomez Ruiz de Castro
Ms. Gabriella Gomez '02
Dr. Myra Wyckoff 
    and Mr. Joel Gomez
Ms. Dom Goncalves '14
Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo P. Goncalves
Mrs. Lisa Elkins Goncalves '82 
    and Mr. Gabriel Goncalves
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gonsoulin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gonzales
Mrs. Veronica Gonzales
Ms. Anna Martinez Gonzalez '81
Mr. and Mrs. Heriberto Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Javier Gonzalez
Ms. Natalia Gonzalez '13
Mrs. Oyamel Gonzalez-Gronstal '00 
    and Patrick Gronstal
Good Shepherd Episcopal School
Mrs. Amy Lawler Good '85 
    and Mr. Charles Good
Mr. and Mrs. Ruedi Good
Mr. Greg Goodnight
Mrs. Isis Howell Gordon '17
Mrs. Judith Fowler Gordy '62 
    and Mr. Terence Gordy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goree
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gorman

Ms. Jeanne Gorman
Mrs. Peggy Stanley Gormley '42
Mrs. Margot Allen Goss '01 
    and Mr. Kyle Goss
Mrs. Jessica Corrales Gossage '87 
    and Mr. Robert Gossage
Mrs. Emily Caffey Gossett '91
Mr. and Stephen Gossett
Ms. Mary Gourley
Mr. John Goza† 
    and Mrs. Susan Goza
Mrs. Susan Goza 
    and Mr. John Goza†
Ms. Kathy Grace '98
Mrs. Rita Gracia
Mrs. Terri Blum Grady '70 
    and Mr. Charles Grady
Ms. Carole Bell Graham '67
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Graham
Mrs. Margaret Larrabee Gramann-Witten '72
Grand Lux Cafe LLC
Grand Spa
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Grant
Mrs. Cathy Hermann Gravel '85 
    and Mr. Michael Gravel
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gray
Mrs. Megan Kraft Gray '07 
    and Mr. Matthew Gray
Great Outdoors Sub Shop, Inc.
Ms. Blair Green '06
Mrs. Brooke Houston Green '97 
    and Mr. Andrew D. Green
Ms. Lisa Le Blanc Green
Mrs. Mary O'Brien Green '94 
    and Mr. Ryan Green
Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Green
Mrs. Emily Rembert Greene '04
Mrs. Loretta Solon Greene '81 
    and Mr. Bill Greene
Mrs. LuBeth Sizemore Greene '74 
    and Mr. Randy M. Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Greene
Mrs. Annice Tyler Gregerson '63 
    and Mr. Steve Gregerson
Mr. Jeremy Gregg
Ms. Shelley Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Gregory
Mrs. Jane Sentilles Greig '67 
    and Mr. Brian Greig
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Greil
Mrs. Lauren Rasch Greil '08 
    and Mr. John Greil
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Grein
Gresham Jewelry
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Grieco
Mrs. Jessica Brumley Griffin '95
Mrs. Kelly Walsh Griffin '78 
    and Mr. David Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Griffin
Mrs. Melissa Juliano Griffith '97 
    and Mr. Brandon B. Griffith
Ms. Melissa Grimaldo '07
Gracie Grimes '19
Mrs. Mary Agnes Valandingham Grimes '52 
    and Mr. Thomas P. Grimes
Mrs. Chrissy James Grindinger '80 
    and Mr. James Grindinger
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Grissaffi
Mrs. Aimee Riederer Gromowsky '88 
    and Mr. Steve Gromowsky
Ms. Jessica Groshek '05
Mrs. Lisa Doepfner Groshek '78
Mrs. Esther Tovar Gross '71
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Gross
Ms. Charlotte Gruber '06
Mr. John Guandolo
Mr. and Mrs. Ulises A. Guardado
Mrs. Joanne Graffeo Guarino '73 
    and Mr. Gregory Guarino
Mr. and Ms. Kelly Pray
Ms. Lisa Guerra '80 
    and Mr. Randy Barnette
Mrs. Meg Johnson Guerra '93 
    and Mr. Joey Guerra
Ms. Melani Guerra
Mr. Mike Guerra
Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Guerrero
Mrs. Beth Roberts Guest '73 
    and Mr. Mark Guest
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gulick
Dr. and Mrs. Tawanda Gumbo
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gumm
Ms. Allyson Gump '04
Mr. Robert Gump
Ms. Kristen Gustafson '90 
    and Mr. James Maysonett
Ms. Yessica Gutierrez '09
H. B. Fuller Company Foundation
Mrs. Meredith McGroarty Haaker '06 
    and Mr. Robert F. Haaker
Mrs. Dana Snyder Hachtel '04
Mr. Tom Haden†
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Haden
Mrs. Peggy Haden-Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Haeusler
Mrs. Beth Baldwin Hagewood '87
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Haggar III
Mrs. Anne Maher Haggerty '67 
    and Mr. Patrick Haggerty
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hairston
Ms. Esther Hajdar '80 
    and Mr. Kent Hardin
Mrs. Sarah Berry Halaszyn '03 
    and Mr. Kelly Halaszyn
Mrs. June Chi Haldeman '90
Mrs. Jennifer Kowynia Hale '90 
    and Mr. John J. Hale
Mr. and Ms. Charles Haley
Ms. Erin Hall '00 
    and Mr. Eric Blitzstein
Mrs. Natasha Scott Hall '99
Ms. Sheri Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Hall
Ms. Amy Haller '92
Halliburton Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Erin McCarthy Halprin '97 
    and Mr. David Halprin
Mrs. Sarah Crain Hambric '03 
    and Mr. Preston Hambric
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hamer
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hamilton
Ms. Liz Hamilton
Mr. Jeff Hamilton†
Ms. Kathy Hamilton
Ms. Tanya Hamilton
Ms. Bonnie Hamje
Mrs. Madeline Collins Hamm '79 
    and Mr. William F. Hamm
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dave Hammer II
Mrs. Carla Chambers Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hammons
Mrs. Cynthia Tarantino Hanna '77
Dr. Natasha Wyndham Hanners '94 
    and Mr. Michael Hanners
Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hanratty
Mrs. Leslie Garvey Hansen '72† 
    and Mr. Bob Hansen
Mrs. Nicole Chadwick Hansen '10 
    and Mr. Christian Hansen
Mrs. Patty Hansen
Mr. Thomas Hansen† 
    and Mrs. Patty Hansen
Ms. Maria Happe '05
Mr. and Mrs. Royal Hardeman
Mrs. Diane Piering Hardin '62 
    and Mr. Jim Hardin
Mrs. Rachel Fedor Hardin '88 
    and Mr. Michael Hardin
Mrs. Ruth Segovia Harper '83 
    and Mr. Timothy Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Milvern Harrell
Ms. Laura Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Harris
Ms. Francine Harris
Ms. Mary Harris
Mr. Paul Harris
Ms. Wendy Harris
Mrs. Carolyn Durick Harrison '82 
    and Mr. Mark Harrison
Ms. Cynthia Harrison '72
Mrs. Maddie Huffman Harrison '98 
    and Mr. Gray Harrison
Mr. Mark Harrison
Mrs. Suzanne Harrison
Mrs. Michelle DePrez Harrod '89 
    and Mr. Todd Harrod
Ms. Meghan Harshaw '15
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harshaw
Mrs. Kathy Wildes Hart '70 
    and Mr. Bill Hart
Mr. and Ms. Greg Jacobs
Mrs. Kira Hultsman Hartgrove '92
Dr. Cindy Hartley 
    and Mr. John Hartley
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Hartman
Mrs. Tanner Hartnett '06 
    and Mr. Braden Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harwell
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hassan
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hasson
Mrs. Sue Vehr Hasty '71
Mrs. Barbara Jaspersen Hataway '67
Ms. Amber Hausenfluck
Ms. Jean Haven
Mrs. Andree Guillot Hawkins '67 
    and Mr. James C. Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Greg M. Hawkins
Mr. and Ms. Matthew Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hayden Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hayes
Mrs. Beth Connelly Hayes '84 
    and Mr. Michael Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes
Mrs. Mary Goldsmith Hayes '04
Mrs. Missy Bone Hayes '83 
    and Mr. William Hayes
Ms. Tess Hayes '21
HCA Healthcare
Mrs. Miranda Grimland Head '08 
    and Mr. Bradley A. Head
Ms. Andrea Hebert '74
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hebert
Ms. Lauren Hebig '15
Mr. Darrin Hedges
Ms. Lauren Margaret Hedgren '10
Ms. Kat Hedrick '85
Mrs. Roberta Andros Heemann '77 
    and Mr. Paul Heemann
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heidemann
Heidi Pollard
Mrs. Susan Myers Heine '81 
    and Mr. Mike Heine
Mrs. Ashley Potthoff Heis '97 
    and Mr. Tim Heis
Mrs. Heather Sutton Helfer '91 
    and Mr. David Helfer
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Helm
Dr. Kesha Harris-Henderson 
    and Dr. Marlon A. Henderson
Mrs. Shannon Davis Henderson '87 
    and Mr. William T. Henderson
Mr. Shea Henley
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Henrion
Ms. Alexandra Henry '13
Ms. Carolina Henry '14
Mrs. Courtney Cate Henry '88 
    and Mr. Shawn P. Henry
Mrs. Klaire Frick Hensley '97 
    and Mr. Dean Hensley
Herbert Goldberg Company
Mrs. Karen Herleman
Ms. Nicole Herleman '16
Mr. and Mrs. Al Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Cesar Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Fidel Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Hernandez
Mrs. Sandra Sandoval Hernandez '91 
    and Mr. Carlos B. Hernandez
Dr. and Mrs. John Herndon
Prof. and Mrs. David Herzig
Mr. Cade Herzog
Mrs. Claire Greenfield Hess '97 
    and Mr. Timothy Hess
Mrs. Laura Melton Hess '02 
    and Mr. Michael Hess
Ms. Charlotte Hetherington
Hiatus Spa + Retreat
Ms. Casey Hibbard '91 
    and Mr. Scott Walnum
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Hibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Milan Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Hicks
Mrs. Mary Alice Sallman Hickson '09
Ms. Mary Higbe '95
Higginbotham & Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Jay T. Hilbert
Ms. Tamra Lizama Hilden '94
Ms. Ann Hill
Mrs. Emily Candee Hill '03 
    and Mr. Jason Hill
Mr. and Mrs. George Hill
Ms. Gretchen Hill '02
Mrs. Jean Merrill Hill '62
Ms. Stefanie Hill
Mrs. Vanessa Hill-Cruz
Hillstone Restaurant, Park Cities
Ms. Mary Jane Hinnant
Mrs. Gloria Hinojosa
Mrs. Allison Clancy Hinshaw '87 
    and Mr. Michael Hinshaw
Mrs. Mauri Whitacre Hinterlong '99 
    and Mr. Matt Hinterlong
Ms. Debbie Hinyard
Mr. Ray Hiza
Ms. Diana Hobbs
Mrs. Kari Rimes Hobbs '87 
    and Mr. Alan Hobbs
Mr. and Ms. Daniel C. Hobson
Mrs. Nancy Rehme Hockridge '73 
    and Mr. Bill Hockridge
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hoelting
Mr. Daniel Hoffend
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hoffman
Ms. Veronica S. Hoffman
Dr. and Mrs. William Hoffman
Ms. Martha Hofmeister
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hogan
Ms. Katie Hogan '04
Ms. Terry Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hoggan
Ms. Wendy Holder
Ms. Kathryn Leonnig Holleb '08
Ms. Indria Hollingsworth
Mrs. Kasey Paschal Hollon '67 
    and Mr. William W. Hollon
Ms. Gloria Holloway
Hollywood Feed at Abrams
Ms. Sonja Holman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan L. Holmes
Mrs. Olivia Langdale Holotik '07
Mrs. Rebecca Wunderlick Holterhoff '05 
    and Mr. Christopher Holterhoff
Ms. Laura Holthouser
Ms. Joan Holton
Dr. Christina Holtz 
    and Dr. Robert Holtz
Holy Ravioli
Ms. Lori Honeycutt
Mrs. Jenny Beesley Hood '03 
    and Mr. Brad Hood
Mr. Paul Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Hook
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hopkins
Ms. Jennifer Horlick '17
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horlick
Mrs. Tracey Sullins Horton '76 
    and Mr. Bill Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horvath
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hosea
Mr. Tim Host
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Houdek
Ms. Jamie Marie Houlihan '74
Mrs. Shanna Housley
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Hover
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Howard
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Howard
Ms. Katie Howell '16
Mrs. Sam Fechtel Howell '05 
    and Mr. Paul Howell
Mr. Tim Howells 
    and Mrs. Mary Ann Howells
Mr. Guy Hoyle
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Hrnicek
Ms. Carolyn Hubach '03
Mrs. Heather Moore Hubbard '05 
    and Mr. Derek Hubbard
Mrs. Marilyn Moussa Hubble '73 
    and Mr. John L. Hubble
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Huber
Hudson House Restaurant & Raw Bar
Mrs. Doranne Meny Hudson '71 
    and Mr. Randall Hudson
Mrs. Katrina Hinojosa Hudson '94
Mrs. Jennifer Jackson Huff '95 
    and Mr. John Huff
Mrs. Carly Landon Huffman '08 
    and Mr. Robert Huffman
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Huffman
Mrs. Mary Maher Hughes '72 
    and Mr. Ron Hughes
Mrs. Terri Burke Hughes '74 
    and Mr. Clint Hughes
Ms. Tierney Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hughston
Mrs. Mia Wood Humphreys '98 
    and Mr. David L. Humphreys
Mrs. Pat Garfias Humphreys '67 
    and Mr. Patrick Humphreys
Hunt Cares Operating Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hunt
Mrs. Bridget Fisher Hunt '77
Mrs. Judy Marie Bedell Hunt '69 
    and Mr. Terry Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Hunter
Dr. Randy Hunter
Mr. Travis Hunter
Huntington Learning Center
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hurley
Ms. Christine Hurson '73
Ms. Shellena Hussein '01
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Hutchinson
Mrs. Melanie Drees Hutchinson '92 
    and Mr. Blake Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Ignacio
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ignoffo
Mrs. Dolores Lee Iliya '44 
    and Dr. Al Iliya†
Mr. and Mrs. Niles Illich
Mrs. Dot Imbragulio
Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Impastato
Mr. and Mrs. Brant Ince
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Inkman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Inkman
Ms. Ellie Inman '12
Ms. Vicki Interrante
Into the Garden
Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Irwin
Ms. Elizabeth Irwin '11
Dr. Robert Isaacson
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Isbell
Mrs. Hadil Issa
Mr. Dan Izzi
Mr. and Mrs. Jose J. Jaar
Mrs. Christine Jack '82 
    and Mr. Philip Jack
Mrs. Audrey Jack† 
    and Mr. James E. Jack†
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Jackson
Mrs. Diana Nolan Jackson '73 
    and Mr. John G. Jackson
Dr. Tania Jackson 
    and Mr. Gary Jackson
Ms. Janna Jackson '02
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Jackson
Jacksons Home and Garden
Mrs. Jacque Kennedy Jacobs '04 
    and Mr. Matthew Jacobs
Mrs. Nora Cuellar Jacobs '73 
    and Dr. Dale Jacobs
Mrs. Nancy Kernan Jagielski '79 
    and Mr. Mark Jagielski
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jahn
Dr. and Mrs. Alok Jain
Ms. Amishi Jain '23
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jakubik
James Avery Jewelry
Mr. John Jamieson
Dr. Maureen Martin Jamieson-Quilling '86
Mr. and Ms. Joseph S. Jancuska
Ms. Ali Janicek
Mrs. Mary Belle Owens Janick '64 
    and Mr. Michael Janick
Mrs. Meg Kroener Janson '97 
    and Mr. Chris Janson
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Jardine
Mr. Konrad Jarrett
Mrs. Shanda Drew Jaye '94 
    and Mr. Brent Jaye
JBM Designs LLC
JD's Chippery
Mr. and Mrs. Fredric M. Jeanes
Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins
Mrs. Justine Gallerano Jennings '52
Mrs. Coleen Mullen Jennison '88 
    and Mr. Robin Jennison
Dr. Lane Jensen 
    and Mr. Brian Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jentz
Jesuit Cheer
Jesuit Rangerettes
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jilek
Jimmy Choo
Jimmy's Food Store
Mrs. Toni Curtiss Jobes '84 
    and Mr. Michael Jobes
John Paul II High School
Mrs. Amanda Rivera Johnson '11 
    and Mr. Michael A. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Brennan Johnson
Ms. Delia Johnson
Ms. Emily Johnson '98
Ms. Heather Johnson
Mrs. Helen Malone Johnson '71 
    and Mr. Steve Fiezel
Mrs. Jannina Iglehart Johnson '02 
    and Mr. Geoffrey Johnson
Ms. JoBeth Johnson '68
Mrs. Kathleen McKamy Johnson '70 
    and Mr. William E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Johnson
Mrs. Lauren Villareal Johnson '04
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Johnson
Mrs. Patti Pardo Johnson '68 
    and Mr. George Johnson
Mrs. Tricia Danna Johnson '77 
    and Mr. Douglas Johnson
Mrs. Kitty Kelly Johnston '73 
    and Mr. Paul Johnston
Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jones
Dr. Teresa Collins-Jones 
    and Mr. David Jones
Mrs. Estela Meneses Jones '71 
    and Mr. Herbert A. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
Mrs. Margie Thibodaux Jones '85 
    and Mr. Kevin Jones
Mrs. Lourdes Perea Jones '79
Ms. Mary Beth Lyman Jones '68
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Jones
Mrs. Pam James Jones '75
Ms. Jackie Jordan '03
Ms. Valerie Petrilak Jordan '74
Mr. and Mrs. William Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jorge
Dr. Amie Joseph 
    and Dr. George Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Shaji Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Joslin
Joule/Headington Companies
Mr. Hector Juarez
Mrs. Rita Juarez
Mr. Phillip Juett
Dr. Paula Julian
Julianna LeBlanc Designs
Mr. Edward Jungerman
Mrs. Jackie Elliott Justice '00
K&L Gates
Ms. Dean Kadesky
Mr. Andrew Kahn
Mrs. Molly Kahn
Ms. Olga Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Mike J. Kaighan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kalu
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kang
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kang
Mrs. Jean Moran Kaplan '79 
    and Mr. Stephen Kaplan
Kapor Enterprises, Inc.
Ms. Ann Marie Karam '12
Ms. Louisa Karam '15
Ms. Caitlin Karna '14
Mrs. Eileen Hogan Karpeles '74 
    and Mr. Hugh Karpeles
Ms. Julie Kassen '81
Mrs. Toni Kastensmidt
Kate Swail Designs
Mrs. Debbie Byles Katt '82 
    and Mr. Michael Katt
Ms. Elizabeth Kearney '00
Mrs. Mary MacHutta Kearney '95 
    and Mr. William R. Kearney
Ms. Kathleen Keating '76
Ms. Maureen Vance Keating '77
Ms. Biz Kechejian
Ms. Danielle Keehn '07
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Keelan
Ms. Erika Keever
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Keith
Keller Williams
Mrs. Liz Nelson Keller '98 
    and Mr. Gary Keller
Ms. Erin Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Jon K. Keller
Mr. Ed Kelly
Ms. Marie Kelly '79
Ms. Susan Kelly '72 
    and Mr. William Marley
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kelton
Mrs. Sharon Einspanier Kemp '80 
    and Dr. Scott Kemp
Mrs. Theresa Ackels Kemp '77 
    and Mr. Gary Kemp
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Kenchel
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Kendall
Kendra Scott
Mr. Brendan Kennealey
Mr. Gregory Kennealey
Mr. Peter Kennealey
Ms. Anne O'Connor Kennedy '76
Ms. Sarah Kennedy
Ms. Suzanne Kennedy '74
Mrs. Tara Hafertepe Kennedy '08 
    and Mr. Nick Kennedy
Mr. and Ms. Keith Kenny
Kenny's East Coast Pizza
Ms. Jean Stanford Kent '55
Mrs. Loretta Kerber
Mr. and Thomas Kerber
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kerich
Mrs. Brittany Vierling Kernodle '08 
    and Mr. Joe Kernodle
Ms. Elizabeth Kernodle '06
Mr. and Ms. William A. Keslar
Ms. Rachel Khirallah '92
Mrs. Bridget Garahan Khoury '00
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Khoury
Kid Biz/The Biz
Capt. Mary Kidd '96
Dr. John Kidwell
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Kidwell
Mrs. Kate Kilanowski '98 
    and Mr. Brooks Anderson
Ms. Allie Kilduff '20
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Killian
Mrs. Stephanie Kaye Ramirez Kilroy '02 
    and Mr. Timothy Kilroy
Mr. Dongjoo Kim 
    and Mrs. Mi K. Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Hong Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Joo Kim
Ms. Sue Jeong Kim '18
Kimbell Art Museum
Ms. Staci Kimbrough
Kinder Kritter
Mr. and Ms. Patrick Kinder
Ms. Jo King
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. King
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kinzer
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. William Kircher
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Kirk
Ms. Jen Kirk '04
Ms. Lindsay Kiselis '04
Mrs. Shay Ochs Kissner '65 
    and Mr. Mike S. Kissner
Mrs. Sharon Karasick Kitchen '82 
    and Mr. Steven Kitchen
Ms. Pat Kittiko
Mrs. Tracy Naftalis Kittle '78 
    and Mr. Eddie Kittle
Mrs. Terese Frigo Kitts '81 
    and Mr. Robert Kitts
Mr. and Ms. Kuriachnen Kizhakkethottam
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Klaudt
Ms. Stefanie Klaudt '08
Mrs. Karen Pustejovsky Klein '81
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Kleinenbroich
Mr. Bryan Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Klingele
Dr. and Mrs. John Klocek
Mrs. Kathleen O'Connor Knappitsch '66 
    and Mr. Franz O. Knappitsch
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Knight
Knox Dermatology
Mrs. Sharon Williams Knox '78 
    and Mr. Chris Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Adam B. Kobos
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Koch
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Koch
Mrs. Natalie Koeijmans Koch '04 
    and Mr. Barrett Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Koeijmans
Ms. Mary Beth Koeth '01
Mrs. Sharon Leach Kohout
Mrs. Colleen Henry Kolar '99 
    and Mr. Chad Kolar
Ms. Michelle Koller '82 
    and Mr. Edward Pittman
Ms. Julia Kolski '15
Ms. Jennifer Kondelis
Mr. and Mrs. John Konstanzer
Mrs. Zoe Scales Koonce '92 
    and Mr. Ryan Koonce
Mrs. Jeanette Lohr Kopko '67 
    and Mr. James J. Kopko
Mr. Rajeev Koppolu
Mrs. Lisa Curtiss Korkmas '80
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Korman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kormos
Mr. Koshakji
Mrs. Kathleen Finch Kososki '08 
    and Mr. Austin Kososki
Kramer Operating, LLC
Ms. Sammie Krepp
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Kresl
Dr. and Mrs. Cole Kricken
Mrs. Eugenia La Fontaine Krieg '92 
    and Mr. Richard Krieg
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Krueger III
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kruse
Ms. Luanne Kruse
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Krusinski
Mrs. Edith Sainz Krutilek '68
Mrs. Julie Dobransky Kuehn '90 
    and Mr. Scott Kuehn
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kueker
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. BG Kumar
Mr. and Mrs. Stanly Kurian
Ms. Barb Kurilecz
Mr. John Kurilecz
Mr. Peter Kurilecz
Ms. Lauren Kusnierz '06 
    and Dr. Daniel Dietemann
Mrs. Patty Meneses Kutscher '74 
    and Mr. James Kutscher
Mrs. Victoria Huynh La '88 
    and Dr. James La
Mrs. Bettina LaBarba LaBarba '89 
    and Mr. Scott Brush
Mr. and Ms. Gianni LaBarba
Mr. and Mrs. Jason LaBarba
Mrs. Josephine E. LaBarba '51† 
    and Mr. Frank LaBarba†
Mr. S.C. LaBarba
Ms. Adrianna Lacarra '02
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lacy
Dr. Anne Ladd '62
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ladewig Jr
Ms. Suzy LaDue '74
Ms. Jeanne LaGarde '13
Ms. Alexis Laing '01
Dr. Deborah Starr Lake '71 
    and Dr. John Lake
Lakewood Succulent Design
Mr. and Mrs. Gaurav Lall
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Lam
Mr. and Mrs. David Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lambert
Ms. Cheyenne Lambertson
Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Lamont
Mr. and Ms. Dale Lampertz
Mrs. Carmen Dres Lamping '57 
    and Mr. Neal E. Lamping
Mrs. Kristine Sizemore Lancaster '10
Ms. Chasity Thrower Lance
Mrs. Gina Scalise Landry '85 
    and Mr. Tom Landry
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lane
Mrs. Bettina Condos Lang '63 
    and Mr. Herman Lang
Mrs. Jane Hollow Lange '59
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lange
Ms. Cynthia Langlands
Mrs. Julie Jungen Lanicek '80 
    and Mr. Rick Lanicek
Hailey Lanier
Ms. Marigny Lanier '68† 
    and Mr. Robert Maris
Mr. and Mrs. David Lankford
Mrs. Estelle Tovar Lara '63 
    and Mr. James Lara
Mrs. Emily Johnston Larkin '01 
    and Mr. Ben Larkin
Mrs. Liz Lark-Riley '00 
    and Mr. Joseph Lark-Riley
Ms. Gloria LaRovere
Jo Lasater
Ms. Marysia Laskowski '07
Latino Factor
Mr. John Lauder
Ms. Kaye Lauritsen
Ms. Lisa Lauterbur
Mrs. Magda Lavault-Cruz
Dr. and Mrs. John Lavelle
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Le
Mr. and Mrs. Quoc Le
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Leal
Ms. Margaret McKechnie LeBlanc
Dr. and Mrs. Peter V. Lecca
Mrs. Erika Tan Lee '95 
    and Mr. Bryan Lee
Ms. Katelyn Hayes Lee
Mrs. Marion Kelley Lee '58 
    and Mr. William Lee
Dr. Lydia Aguilar 
    and Dr. Seong Lee
Mrs. Stefanie Baych Lee '91 
    and Mr. Danny Lee
Mrs. Michelle Pfluger Leedy '97 
    and Mr. Todd Leedy
Ms. Jennifer Lee-Sethi
Mrs. Ashley Kitchell Leete '99 
    and Mr. Tyler Leete
Mr. and Mrs. Barry LeFlore
Ms. Mary Lehman '82
Mrs. Mary Beth Schmitz Lehman '67 
    and Mr. Harry Lehman
Mrs. Merriellin Lindeman Lehner '70 
    and Dr. Tony Lehner
Ms. Jenny Leland '01
Mr. Robert L. Lemons 
    and Mrs. Susan Lemons†
Lending Edge Mortgage
Ms. Sarah Lengyel '14
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lenzen
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lenzen lll
Mrs. Beth Krage Lenzer '63
Ms. Julie Lenzer '84
Mr. and Mrs. Leobardo Leon
Ms. Frannie Leonard '17
Ms. Lucy Leonard '21
Mrs. Alice Lehne Leonatti '67 
    and Mr. Louis Leonatti
Leopard Consulting Group LLC
Dr. Ella LePage '11
Lepley Orthodontics
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lepley
Ms. Rosemary Lerma '19
Mrs. Lisa Jerge Lesniak '85 
    and Mr. Jim Lesniak
Mr. Gert Lessing
Ms. Stephanie Lessing
Mrs. Sheila Madigan Levatino '59 
    and Mr. Anthony Levatino
Ms. Claudia Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas LeVoyer
Ms. Mikki Lewis
Mrs. Pauline Mabul Lewis '95 
    and Mr. Mike Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Lewis
LH Executive Services
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Licygiewicz
Lizzie Liese '16
Mrs. Mary Pat Hill Liggio '57 
    and Mr. Charles Liggio
Mr. Jack Lilley III
Lily Rain
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lim
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Limber
Mrs. Anne Grinnan Lind '67 
    and Mr. Angus M. Lind
Ms. Elizabeth Lindberg
Dr. Guy Lindberg
Ms. Ann Finegan Lindley '58
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lindner
Ms. Kristen Lindsay-Hudak
Ms. Morgan Uber Lindsey '11 
    and Mr. Eric Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Don Lindsley
Linen Boutique
Mrs. Helma Ling
Mrs. Caroline Dupree Link '97 
    and Mr. Marcelo Link
Mrs. Courtney Harnden Link '92
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Linn
Mr. Rodolfo Lira
Ms. Li Liu
Mr. and Mrs. Trung Liu
Mr. and Mrs. Jeron Liverman
Mrs. Yvette Gonzalez Livesay-Wright '90 
    and Mr. Michael Livesay-Wright
Liz and Honey
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Llana
Local Favorite Restaurant
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Ms. Becca Loegering '06
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Loera
Mrs. Lee Unsworth Logan '74 
    and Mr. Bruce Logan
Ms. Carolyn Lohman
Mr. and Mrs. Murray M. Lohner
Mr. Charles B. Lohr III
Mr. Donald Lohr
Mr. George Lohr
Mr. John Lohr
Lombardi Family Concepts
Mrs. Jane Lombardi
Lone Star Park
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Long
Mr. Long
Ms. Shannon Long '04
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Long
Longleaf Design
Ms. Bevin Holman Lonngren '86
LOOK Cinemas
Ms. Mary Looney
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Looper
Mrs. Rosemary Lootens 
    and Thomas A. Lootens†
Mr. Kevin Loper
Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Lopez Jr.
Ms. Cecilia Lopez '12
Mrs. Michele Colonel Lopez '66 
    and Dr. Antonio Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Lopez-Ruiz Sr.
Mrs. Lore Fitzgerald Lorenzo '93 
    and Mr. Justin Lorenzo
Mrs. Angelique McKinnon Lorig '95 
    and Mr. Brian Lorig
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Loring
Mrs. Mary Teresa Reichenstein Lothery '68 
    and Mr. Hugh Lothery
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lott
Mr. Bill Loughborough
Mr. and Mrs. James Loughborough
Ms. Kate Loughborough '74
Mrs. Kathleen Irvin Loughlin '88 
    and Mr. Christopher J. Loughlin
Mr. Dan Loughman 
    and Mrs. Carolyn Loughman†
Ms. Erika Louis '87
Mrs. Antoinette Louviere 
    and Mr. Henry Louviere Sr.†
Ms. Dianne Love '60†
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Lovejoy
Mrs. Patsy Sellmeyer Loveland '62 
    and Mr. George Loveland†
Lovers Seafood and Market
Mrs. Amy Jain Lowe '94 
    and Mr. James Lowe
Mr. Nicholas Lucia
Ms. Elizabeth Ludrick '02
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lumpp
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Luna
Mrs. Erin McCormick Lundie '95 
    and Mr. Frank Lundie
and Mr. Rob Luschek
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luschek
Mr. and Mrs. Vuthy Ly
Mrs. Peggy Nance Lyle '63
Mrs. Ann Buell Lynch '85 
    and Mr. Joseph Lynch
Mr. David Lynch
Ms. Marcia Lynch '62
Dr. and Mrs. Brock B. Lynn Jr.
Ms. Madeline Lynn '14
Mr. Ray Maas
Ms. Kathrina Macalanda '10
Ms. Michelle Macera
Ms. Elaine Dilbeck MacIntire '66
Mrs. Catherine O'Loughlin Mack '84 
    and Mr. Brian Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Mackiewicz
Mrs. Stacy Kennedy Mackintosh '91 
    and Mr. Drew P. Mackintosh
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Madden
Ms. Caroline Madel
Ms. Kathy Magee
Ms. Leslie Maggio
Dr. Celia Plattner Maguire '91 
    and Mr. Ryan Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Maguire
Mrs. Priscilla Morantes Mahaffey '67 
    and Mr. Robert Mahaffey
Ms. Pam Mahaney
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Mahaney
Mrs. Anne Dancy Maher '08 
    and Mr. William Maher
Mrs. Janet McCormick Maher '70 
    and Mr. John Maher
Mrs. Rita Hunt Maher '46
Mrs. Debbie Waffle Mahoney '72 
    and Mr. Paul Mahoney
Ms. Maureen Mahoney '04
Mr. and Ms. Phillip Mai
Mal Malouf
Mrs. Marsha Hafertepe Maldonado '83 
    and Mr. Reymundo Maldonado
Mrs. Barbara Malin
Ms. Margaret Mall
Mr. Paul Mampilli
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Manalansan
Ms. Christina Mancuso '77
Ms. Cassie Manders '88
Sister Ann Mangelsdorf '56
Mrs. Kay Walker Mangelsdorf '60
Mr. and Mrs. Anbu Mani
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Manley
Ms. Sophie Manley '12
Ms. Rose Mannas '14
Ms. Christina Manning
Ms. Katie Manning '04
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Manning
Mr. Mark Manning
Mr. Manriquez
Mr. and Mrs. Hassan Mansoori
Mrs. Cheryl Unis Mansour '66
Dr. and Mrs. John Mansour
Mrs. Betsy Mantheiy 
    and Charles E. Mantheiy†
Mr. and Mrs. Chris D. Mantzuranis
Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph Mappus
Mrs. Madeleine Montgomery Marchesseault '80 
    and Mr. George W. Marchesseault
Mrs. Mary Rush Marconi '60 
    and Mr. Larry Marconi
Mrs. Amy Luther Marcussen '69 
    and Mr. Bob Marcussen
Mrs. Gina Marichal
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Marina
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Marino
Ms. Marigny Lanier '68† 
    and Mr. Robert Maris
Market Street
Mrs. Carla Schweykowsky Marler '83 
    and Dr. Kevin Marler
Mrs. Betty Lee Marquis '46 
    and Mr. Don Marquis
Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Marrocco
Mrs. Beverly Buchel Marroy '63 
    and Dr. Larry Marroy
Mr. and Mrs. Darrel K. Marrs
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Marsaw Jr.
Mrs. Emily Saunders Marsh '06 
    and Mr. James Marsh
Mr. Michael Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Marshall
Ms. Traci Marshall
Mrs. Elizabeth Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Martinez
Mr. and Ms. George A. Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Hector E. Martinez
Mr. Julio Martinez
Ms. Matilda Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio Martinez
Ms. Natasha Martinez '13
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Martinez
Mary Cates and Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mason
Mrs. Patty Walker Mason '74 
    and Mr. Hart Mason
Mrs. Wendy Mason '93
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Massa
Mrs. Betsy Burns Massey '81 
    and Mr. Michael Massey
Mrs. Kara Boehl Masters '82 
    and Mr. Ken Masters
Mrs. Suzy Rossol Matheson '92 
    and Mr. Thomas W. Matheson
Mr. and Mrs. Shiji Mathew
Ms. Suma Mathew
Dr. Allison Mathews '03
Ms. Micaela Mathews '97
Mr. Robyn Mathews
Mrs. Ashley Rae Mathis
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Mathison
Mr. Sanjay Mathur
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Matocha
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Matteson
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Matthiesen
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mattia
Ms. Lily Matula '21
Ms. Priscilla Mayega
Ms. Liesl Mayerson
Mrs. Jennifer Minigutti Mayfield '84 
    and Mr. Mark C. Mayfield
Mrs. Katie Mayfield 
    and Mr. Cornelius A. Mayfield
Mr. Donald Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mazzini
Ms. Meredith McBee '06
Mr. and Mrs. William McBee III
Mrs. Anne Cornelison McCabe '63
Mrs. Sara Schulten McCabe '83 
    and Mr. Charles McCabe
Ms. Gayle McCain '88 
    and Mr. David Tooby
Mrs. Natalie Brady McCall '03 
    and Mr. Thomas M. McCall
Ms. Kaci McCartan '11
Mr. Kyle McCartan
Erin McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Ron McCollum
Mrs. Margaret Mut McConn '72 
    and Mr. John McConn
Mrs. Heather Sullins McCord '81 
    and Mr. Greg McCord
Mr. and Mrs. David McCormick
Mrs. Joanne Lohr McCoy '77 
    and Mr. Bernard McCoy
Ms. Wanda McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Calven McCrary Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. McCrea III
Mr. and Mrs. Matt McCuen
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCutchan
Mr. and Mrs. Brent McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McDaniel
Mr. and Ms. Keary McDermott
Mr. and Ms. Michael McDermott
Mrs. Lindsay Dove McDonald '05 
    and Mr. Tom D. McDonald
Ms. Rhesa McDonald
Mrs. Colleen McDonnell
Mrs. Mary Preston McDougall '93 
    and Mr. Jeff McDougall
Ms. Adele McDowell '69
Mrs. Kristin Lethe McDuffie '83 
    and Mr. Westley McDuffie
Mrs. Nancy Simonieg McFarland '85 
    and Mr. Patrick McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. John Mcgarry
Mr. and Mrs. David McGee
Mr. Eric McGehearty
Ms. Mary Jane McGraw '63
Ms. Mary McGraw '85
Ms. Mallory McGroarty '08
Ms. Brenda McGurgan
Mr. and Mrs. Roger McInnis
Mrs. Susan McInnis
Mr. and Mrs. Chris McKee
Ms. Hannah Mckee
Ms. Katherine McKenna '11
Mrs. Mary Sue McKenna
Dr. Maureen Bowman McKenna '98 
    and Mr. Kenneth McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McKerrow
Mrs. Barbara Long McKissick '69 
    and Mr. Michael K. McKissick
Mrs. Linda McKown
Mr. and Mrs. Bob McLachlan
Mrs. Chrissy Bode McLaughlin '89 
    and Mr. Rob McLaughlin
Mrs. Jennifer Spaeth McLaughlin '99 
    and Capt. Ryan McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn McLaughlin
Ms. Angela McLean '60
Ms. Melissa McLean '84
Mr. and Mrs. Norman McLeod
Ms. Jennifer McLochlin
Mr. Michael McLochlin
Mrs. Alice O'Connell McMahon '71 
    and Mr. Michael McMahon
Ms. Betsy McMahon '78
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McMahon
Mrs. Regina Campisi McMahon '77
Mrs. Patty Morgan McNally '67 
    and Mr. Frank McNally
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. McNearney III
Mr. Jeff McPhaul
Ms. Jennifer McPhaul
Mrs. Sharon Keating McQuown '74 
    and Mr. Paul McQuown
Mrs. Georgeann Brady McRaven '75 
    and Admiral William McRaven
Ms. Amanda McVicker
Mrs. Mary Ellen Stark McWilliams '03 
    and Mr. Daniel McWilliams
Mrs. Sheila Melle McWilliams '98 
    and Mr. Steven McWilliams
Mrs. Darlyn Meador
The Meadows Foundation
Ms. Cathy Mease
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
Mr. and Mrs. William Meenan
Ms. Teresa Meeuwenberg
Mrs. Patti Sue Murphy Mehaffey '54
Mr. and Mrs. Rafiq Meherali
Ms. Theresa Meis
Mrs. Emily Henrich Meister '95 
    and Mr. Keith Meister
Melarie Gayle
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Melle
Ms. Margaret Melun '60 
    and Mr. Ky Thompson
Ms. Monica Menco '77 
    and Mr. Terry Svetz†
Mrs. Ellen McGowan Mendoza '60 
    and Mr. Roger Mendoza
Ms. Annie Menefee '13
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Menefee
Ms. Hailey Mentgen '20
Ms. Gabi Merani '04
Ms. Lucile Meredith
Ms. Maddie Merkel '12
Mrs. Marcie Barry Merrell '66 
    and Mr. John E. Merrell
Mrs. Diane Martich Merrill '73 
    and Mr. John Merrill
Merriwood Ranch
Ms. Elizabeth F. Mersino
Mesero/Legacy West
Mrs. Kaylen McCurry Meserve '00 
    and Mr. Nicholas T. Meserve
Ms. Anne Marie Messineo '89
Mrs. Rosemary Messineo
Dr. and Mrs. Fouad Metni
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Metrano
Ms. Jeannie Meyer Wood
Mr. Charles Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Meyer
Ms. Elaine Meyer
Mr. Jeffrey Meyer
Mrs. Jennifer Sessler Meyer '02
Ms. Joyce Meyer '70†
Ms. Martha Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo Meza
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mezger
Mrs. Anne Parigi Michels '81 
    and Mr. Robert L. Michels
Mr. Jeremy Michiels
Ms. Ann Middendorf '84
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Middendorf
Mrs. Elizabeth Wilbert Midgett '00 
    and Mr. Matt Midgett
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mier
Mrs. Mary Jane Migis
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Migliazzo
Mrs. Sophie Walton Migliazzo '97 
    and Mr. Joshua Migliazzo
Dr. and Mrs. Luis A. Mignucci
Mrs. Melissa Soliz Mihalopoulos '87 
    and Mr. George Mihalopoulos
Mr. Don Millender
Ms. Christina Miller '95
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Miller
Ms. Joanna Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller
Ms. Lisa Miller
Mr. Mark Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Miller
Mrs. Morgan Field Miller '02 
    and Mr. Brady Miller
Mrs. Stacy Clifton Miller '89
Mrs. Virginia Rolland Miller '94 
    and Mr. Mike Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Walton Miller Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Miller
Ms. Mackenzie Mills '11
Mrs. Tricia McInerney Mills '75 
    and Mr. Joseph T. Mills
Mine. A Boutique
Mrs. Carolyn Clark Minett '58 
    and Mr. Wallace Minett
Mrs. Deborah Van Berkel Minium '74 
    and Mr. Dennis Minium
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Miramontes
Ms. Maura Miramontes '21
Ms. Natalie Miranda
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Misdom
Mister Tuxedo
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mitchell
Ms. Jessica Mitchell '14
Mrs. Margaret Pawlowicz Mitchell '88 
    and Mr. Scott C. Mitchell
Ms. Marsha Neal Mitchell '66
Dr. Melanie Wortley Mitchell '06 
    and Mr. Michael Mitchell
Mrs. Michelle Ziegler Mize '85 
    and Mr. Roby Mize
Mrs. Martha Bankston Mizroch '71 
    and Mr. John Mizroch
MOD Nail Lounge
Modern Soul
Mrs. Courtney Hassell Moffett '98
Ms. Joyce Molen
Daniel Molendyke
Mr. Jeff Molepske
Mrs. Jacquie Kutscher Moline '03 
    and Mr. Chris Moline
Mr. James Moll
Ms. Ava Mollabashy '20
Ms. Mary Molloy
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie B. Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Monty Montemayor
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Montenegro
Mrs. Jenny Nady Montgomery '85 
    and Mr. William Montgomery
Mrs. Lisa Moses Montgomery '90 
    and Mr. Matt Montgomery
Mr. Mike Montgomery
Dr. and Dr. Jonathan E. Moody
Mrs. Ana Moon
Ms. Greta Mooney
Mr. Dan Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Moore
Ms. Jen Moore '90
Ms. Nancy Russell Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore
Mrs. Susan Peterman Moore '82 
    and Dr. William Moore
Mrs. Michelle Ingram Morales '89 
    and Mr. Juan C. Morales
Mr. Marty Moran
More Than a Teacher
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Moreno
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Moreno
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moreno
Mr. and Mrs. Michel Moreno
Ms. Veronica Moreno
Mrs. Maria Dimoulakis '97
Mrs. Shelly Stefoniak Morgan '77 
    and Mr. Kirk Morgan
Mrs. Amanda Nies Moriarty '93
Ms. Charry Morris
Ms. Kelly Morris
Mr. Michael Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Morris
Mrs. Michele Morrissey 
    and Mr. Michael Morrissey†
Ms. Karen Mortillaro
Mrs. Dierdre Garahan Morton '08 
    and Mr. Marshall Morton
Ms. Lakeidra Morton
Mrs. Roxana Morton
Mrs. Vicki Fisher Morton '56 
    and Mr. Gene Morton †
Ms. Mary Ann Morvant
Ms. Charlotte Moser
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Moser
Mr. Jake Moser
Mrs. Kathy Cronin Moser '61 
    and Mr. Paul Moser
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Moser
Sister Mary Theresa Moser '53
Mrs. Penny Carroll Moser '64 
    and Mr. Ernest Moser
Ms. Elena Sipes Mosier '89
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mosley
Mrs. Bernadette Holland Mount '87 
    and Mr. Frank Mount
Movida Boutique
Ms. Jannifer Mowery
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mowery
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Moyse
Mozzarella Company
Amy Mpala '14
Mr. Mark Mueller
Ms. Julie Muenzler
Ms. Loren Muirhead '04
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Muirheid
Mrs. Florella Mulberry
Ms. Maria Muldoon '08
Mr. Joe Mulenex
Ms. Roxane Rohowsky Mulenex
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mullany
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Muller
Mrs. Lauren Oznick Muncy '83 
    and Mr. Jay Muncy
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Munin
Ms. Anna Munoz
Mrs. Casey Wood Munoz '92 
    and Mr. Manolo Munoz
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Pedro Munoz
Mrs. Madeline Brophy Murack '05 
    and Mr. Brett Murack
Ms. Cynthia Murillo
Ms. Karla Murillo '84
Mr. Sergio Murillo
Mrs. Gloria Kupper Murphy '47
Ms. Julia Murphy '90
Ms. Maggie Murphy '12
Mrs. Margot Brito Murphy '79 
    and Mr. Thomas J. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murphy Jr.
Ms. Teresa Murphy '74
Mrs. Carolyn Thomas Murray '87 
    and Mr. Lee Murray
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. John Murray
Mrs. Marnie Nies Murray '86 
    and Mr. James F. Wilcutt
and Mr. Michael Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Murray
Mrs. Suzanne Murray
Ms. Rose Mary Murrin
Mrs. Jules McGee Musal '08 
    and Mr. Mike Musal
Mrs. Kathy Musso
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Musso
Dr. Mike Musso
Mrs. Bridget Beatty Myers '09 
    and Mr. Connor Myers
Ms. Madeline Klein Myers '61
Mrs. Pamela Pierre Myers '72 
    and Mr. Robert Myers
Ms. Therese Naddaf
Mrs. Katherine Koch Nadell '96 
    and Mr. David E. Nadell
Ms. Katherine Naftis
Mrs. Megan Hull Naftis '93 
    and Mr. Matthew Naftis
Ms. Sylvia Najera
Dr. Vijaya Nama 
    and Dr. Vijay Nama
Mrs. Lissy Lohr Nancarrow '72 
    and Mr. Mark H. Nancarrow
Mr. and Mrs. Candelario Narvaez
Ms. Zoe Nash '14
National Charity League Dallas Chapter
Natural Environments Landscaping
Mrs. Sarah Hammond Naughton '92 
    and Mr. Sean M. Naughton
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Nauslar
Ms. Mary Kate Nawalaniec '13
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nawalaniec
Mrs. Stephanie Pohl Nawaz '98 
    and Mr. Omar Nawaz†
Mr. and Ms. Edward Neblett
Mr. Humberto Negrete† 
    and Mrs. Alma Negrete
Mrs. Lou Neises
Neitzel Real Estate Company
Mrs. Megan Nauslar Neitzel '99 
    and Mr. Michael Neitzel
Mr. Mike Neitzel
Mrs. Barbi Nelp
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nelson
Mr. Carl Nelson
Ms. Ginger Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Nelson
Mrs. Michele Yannarella Nelson '90 
    and Mr. Greg Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Neri
Ms. Nikki Nester
Network For Good
Mrs. Christina Beckman Neuhoff '81 
    and Mr. John Neuhoff
Ms. Jenny Neuhoff '90
Mrs. Rebecca Neumann '97 
    and Mr. John Neumann
Mrs. Amanda Oppermann Neuschafer '01 
    and Mr. Mark Neuschafer
Mrs. Wendy Ramirez Nevitt '92 
    and Mr. Andrew Nevitt
Mrs. Kristin Bussell Newby '04 
    and Mr. Jamison Newby
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Newhouse
Mrs. Marilyn Heraty Newkirk '60 
    and Mr. Henry Newkirk
Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Newman
Ms. Janine Newsome
Ms. Anne Nguyen
Mr. Baolong Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Vu Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Hung Nguyen
Ms. Jacqueline Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Nghiem Nguyen
Ms. Theresa Nguyen '15
Ms. Catherine Nicholls '09
Mrs. Shannon Kelly Nicholson '04 
    and Mr. John Nicholson
Mrs. Lesley Hull Nicolucci '86 
    and Mr. Guy Nicolucci
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ninos
Ms. Cecilia Nipp '85
Ms. Elizabeth Nipper '15
Ms. Clare Ni'Shuilleabhain '19
Ms. Hannah Ni'Shuilleabhain '17
Ms. Molly Ni'Shuilleabhain '15
Mrs. Cristina Gandia Niver '06 
    and Mr. Nick Niver
Mrs. Sarah Tierney Niyogi '99 
    and Mr. Somrat Niyogi
Mrs. Catherine Karam Nodurft '03 
    and Mr. Ryan Nodurft
Mrs. Christy Frye Nolan '80 
    and Mr. Tim Nolan
Ms. Melissa Nolasco '99
Ms. Angela Nordyke
Ms. Cristina Noriega
Mrs. Abby Norris '97 
    and Mr. Michael Holtmann
Mrs. Carol Melton Norris '69 
    and Mr. Jim Norris
North Dallas Veterinary Hospital
North Texas Community Foundation
North Texas Neuropsychology
NorthPark Center
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Norvell
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Nothaft
Mrs. Andy McCaffrey Notzon '59 
    and Mr. Aloys J. Notzon
Mr. and Mrs. William Novak
Mr. and Mrs. David Novit
Mrs. Cindy Novy
NRH20 Family Water Park
Nuance Communications
Mrs. Julia Neely Null '98
Ms. Celenne Nunez '06
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nykiel
Ms. Ali Oberman '15
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Oberman
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Obi
Mrs. Melinda Schaefer O'Boyle '89 
    and Mr. David O'Boyle
Mrs. Carolyn Comer O'Brien '07 
    and Mr. James O'Brien
Ms. Ilona O'Brien
Mrs. Katie Schermerhorn O'Brien '04 
    and Mr. Patrick O'Brien
Mrs. Mary Grady O'Brien '53 
    and Mr. Daniel O'Brien
Mrs. Natalie Crain O'Brien '08
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Brien III
Obstacle Warriors/Obstacle Warrior Kids
Dr. Gayle O'Callaghan '71 
    and Dr. Matthew McDonald
Ms. Sharon O'Callaghan '69
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Tom O'Connell Jr.
Mrs. Ann Wensinger O'Connor '86 
    and Mr. David O'Connor
Mrs. Mary Beth Lowman O'Connor '71 
    and Mr. Bobby O'Connor
Mr. Steve Oden
Mr. and Mrs. Logan Odeneal

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Odom
Ms. Shannon Odom '12
Mrs. Colleen Larmon O'Donnell '97 
    and Mr. Dennis O'Donnell
Ms. Connie O'Donnell
Mrs. Kathleen O'Donnell
Mr. David Oglesby
Sister Madonna O'Hara
Dr. Kristen Ohlenforst '96 
    and Mr. Manny T. Gonzalez
Ohzone Clinics
Oishii Restaurant
Mrs. Catia Ojeda '97 
    and Mr. Alex Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Leary Jr.
Ms. Jan Olivarri
Ms. Carolyn Oliver '13
Mrs. Teresa Mioli Olivier '04 
    and Mr. Nick Olivier
Mrs. Mandy Diehl Olsen '03 
    and Mr. Alex Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Olvera
Mrs. Jo Ann Neitzel O'Malley '58 
    and Mr. Daniel O'Malley
Omni Interlocken Resort
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen O'Neal
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Neil
Ms. Kelly O'Neill
Ms. Kelly O'Neill '06
Ms. Marcia Ong '92
Mr. Russ Oonk
Optimum Nutrition LLC
Mrs. Erika Anderson Orbin '98 
    and Mr. Nathan Orbin
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Orendain
Organized by Design, LLC
Ms. Kathleen Orig '98
Mrs. Geraldine Orr
Mrs. Erin Erdman Ortiz '96
Mrs. Laura Ortiz
Mr. Mario Ortiz
Mrs. Stathia Dimoulakis Orwig '96 
    and Mr. Brian Orwig
Ms. Jeannie Osbaldeston '91
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Oscherwitz
Mrs. Christina Brophy O'Shell '87 
    and Dr. Michael V. O'Shell
Dr. Vivian Ossai 
    and Mr. Robert Ossai
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Osuagwu
Mrs. Megan Middendorf O'Sullivan '93 
    and Mr. James O'Sullivan
Ms. Polly Rea O'Toole '84
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ott
Ms. Wendy Oviedo '04
Ms. Amy Owen '07
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Owens
Mrs. Amee Lingg Pable '92 
    and Mr. Stephen Pable
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pacanins
Mrs. Irma Garcia Pacheco '80
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Padian
Ms. Marcie Pagel '12
Mrs. Amy Powell Palmer '91
Ms. Catherine Palmer '77
Palo Alto Networks
Mrs. Mary McKillop Paltzer '07 
    and Mr. Seth Paltzer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Paluga
Pampered Soles
Pane Vino Osteria
Mr. and Mrs. Joy Panikkacherry
Panini Bakery Cakes
Mrs. Joan Mullen Panzenbeck '42
Dr. and Ms. Achilleas Papakostas
Deidra Papakostas '16
Paper Source
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Papes
Pappas Restaurants
Mrs. Jill Kohlhaas Parcell '71 
    and Mr. Al Parcell
Mrs. Amanda Brown Paredes '84 
    and Mr. Thomas Paredes
Mr. and Mrs. Nick F. Parigi
Parish Episcopal School
Park Cities Dental Care
Park Cities School of Music
Mrs. Catherine Cho Park '97 
    and Mr. Hong Park
Parker & Hyde
Mr. and Mrs. William Parkinson
Mr. and Mrs. James Parks
Mrs. Amy Short Parmer '07
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Parra
Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Parrish
Mrs. Scotty Parrish
Mrs. Kristen Hargett Parry '00 
    and Mr. George Parry
Party Bazaar, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Amit I. Patel
Mrs. Sheila Parro Patrick '79 
    and Mr. Charles Patrick
Mrs. Megan O'Donnell Pattie '95 
    and Mr. Marshall Pattie
Ms. Cindy Pattillo
Mr. David Patton
Ms. Emily Patton '15
Ms. Natalie Patton '11
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Paul
Ms. Bernie Paul
Ms. Miranda Tate Paull
Mrs. Andrea Michelsen Payne '06 
    and Mr. Benton Payne
Mr. and Mrs. David Payne
Mr. and Mrs. David Payne
Mrs. Mary Haden Payne '79 
    and Mr. Mark Payne
Mr. and Mrs. David Peace
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Pechauer
Mrs. Kathleen Maher Peddie '69 
    and Mr. Jon Peddie
Mr. and Mrs. Roland R. Pedevilla
Mrs. Yvette Rendon Pelikan '96 
    and Mr. Thomas Pelikan
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pelky
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pemberton
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Pendergraft III
Dr. Michele Pepperell 
    and Dr. Kristoffer D. Pepperell
Mr. and Mrs. Sudhakar Peram
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Perez
Ms. Ethel Hetherington Perina
Mrs. Amy Perkins
Mrs. Eileen Archibald Perkins '80
Mr. Mark Perkins
Mr. Michael Perkins
Mrs. Maryanne Connelly Perri '83 
    and Mr. David Perri
Mr. Claiborne Perrilliat
Mrs. Vanessa Morantes Perry '76
Ms. Kendal Flatley Pessagno '04
Pet Boutique Co.
Mrs. Laurie Dalton Peterman '82 
    and Mr. David Peterman
Mr. and Mrs. Jorn Petersen
Ms. Jacqueline Peterson
Dr. Janet Walker Peterson '88 
    and Mr. Gilbert Peterson
Mrs. Kristin Shumake Pettit '07 
    and Mr. Brett Pettit
Mrs. Diane Goedecke Pew '67 
    and Mr. Curtis Pew
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Pezzimenti
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pham
Ms. Ann Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Phillips
Mrs. Lauren Grabowsky Phillips '04 
    and Mr. Ben Phillips
Mrs. Lucy Phillips
Ms. Janet Sherman Phipps '90
Piada Italian Street Food
Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Pickett
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Pierce
Mrs. Mary Ann Leal Pierce '63 
    and Mr. Al Pierce
Mrs. Helen Pierre
Mrs. Judi Fontenot Pierre '74 
    and Mr. Michael Pierre
Mrs. Maddie Rodriguez Pigeon '10 
    and Mr. Tommy Pigeon
Mrs. Ashleigh Cornett Pike '89 
    and Mr. Crawford Pike
Pilates Unlimited
Ms. Lisa Pimentel '03
Ms. Jacqueline Pinson
Pioneer Natural Resources
Mrs. Kathleen Sullivan Pipes '72 
    and Mr. Bill Pipes
Mrs. Gloria Bunch Pirkle '64 
    and Mr. Michael Pirkle
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pitcock
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pittman
Mr. and Mrs. James Pittman
Mr. Patrick Pittman
Planet Bardot
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Platts
Mrs. Lily Pleitez
Mrs. Kris Plummer
Mr. and Mrs. Kojo Pobee
Pocket Sandwich Theatre
Mr. and Mrs. F. John Podvin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Poinsatte
Mrs. Kathryn Mello Polk '04 
    and Mr. Skeet Polk
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Polma
Mrs. Marion Polma
Mrs. Mary Lou Munin Poloskey '79 
    and Mr. Thomas Poloskey
Mrs. Sarah Johnston Polzer '98 
    and Mr. John Polzer
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Ponce
POP Factory
Ms. Elise Seymore Porras '95 
    and Mr. Paul Porras
Ms. Jennifer Porst '94
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Porter Ludwig
Ms. Ana Luz Portillo '01
Mrs. Angela Gorczyca Portwood '01
Mr. and Mrs. David Post
Mrs. Clair Pritchard Potter '06
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Powell
Mrs. Gerrye Norton Powell '46
Mrs. Karen Quadrini Powell '86 
    and Mr. Evan Powell
Ms. Tiffany Powell '86
Mrs. Sue Sommerfeldt Power '56
Ms. Michelle Powers '95
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Prado
Ms. Ann Hetherington Prassel
Ms. Dawn Pratt '95
Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Preboy
Ms. Alejandra Preciat '09
Premier Transportation Services, LLC
Mr. C. Davis Prescott
Preston Center Dance, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Flint Prewitt
Price Waterhouse Cooper
Mrs. Juliette Rickert Price '05 
    and Mr. Johnny Price
Mr. Matt Price
Ms. Olivia Price '10
Mrs. Tiffany Doyle Price '90 
    and Mr. Kyle Price
Dr. Davina Prida 
    and Dr. Ernesto Prida
Ms. Anne Priddy '13
Mrs. Cynthia Primrose
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Primrose
Prince of Peace Catholic Community
Mrs. Brandy Gostin Prince '93 
    and Mr. Jeff Prince
Mr. and Ms. Alan W. Prine
Ms. Stacy Pritchett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pritchett
Process Plus, LLC
Mrs. Carol Keene Proctor '77 
    and Mr. Ray Proctor
Ms. Miryam Prodanovic '01
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Protacio
Mr. Doug Prude
Ms. Nikka Pruitt '93
Ms. Emily Pryor '10
Mrs. Dana Przybylski
Mrs. Tyler Butzberger Pudenz '08
Mrs. Ann Frossard Pufall '59 
    and Mr. Peter Pufall
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pujats
Ms. Andrea Pujol
Pulp Design Studios
Mrs. Elizabeth Shortall Pulsinelli '05 
    and Mr. Todd R. Pulsinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Pumphrey Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Purcel
Pure Barre Addison
Mrs. Dorothy Hlavaty Pustejovsky†
Mrs. Jerilynn Walker Putnam '93 
    and Mr. P.J. Putnam
Mrs. Suzanne Quarry Queen '74 
    and Mr. David Queen
Dr. Rachel Quinby-Graves 
    and Dr. Jonathan S. Quinby
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Quinlan III
Ms. Eileen Quinlan '74
Ms. Ciara Quinn '19
Ms. Enya Quinn '21
Mrs. Melanie Green Quinn '80 
    and Mr. Kieran Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Trent Quinn
Ms. Carolyn Quint '14
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Manuel Quiroz
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos F. Quishpe
R.V. Raffo Trust
R+D Kitchen
Mrs. Tanya Tovar Rabatte '89
Mr. and Mrs. Coleman D. Rabourn
Mr. and Mrs. David Radack
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan A. Rader
Mrs. Rachel Dickey Radu '06 
    and Mr. Peter Radu
Mrs. Susan Hayes Raffo '74† 
    and Mr. Bob Raffo
Mrs. Allyson Reinhart Rahn '80 
    and Mr. Steven Rahn
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Rain
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rakoski
Ms. Maureen Rakow
Ms. Abby Rakowitz '22
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rakowitz
Dr. Shanthi Yogeswaran 
    and Mr. Yogeswaran Ramachandran
Mr. and Ms. Cole Ramey
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ramirez Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ramirez
Mrs. Alyssa O'Brien Ramsey '90 
    and Mr. Matthew Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rand
Mrs. Christina Gambino Randazzo '02 
    and Mr. Joe Randazzo
Mrs. Rita Garcia Ransdell '69 
    and Mr. Fred Ransdell
Mr. and Mrs. Randy V. Ransleben
Ms. Joan Rao
Mr. Ram Rao
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Rasco
Ms. Kalli Ratan '22
Rathbun's Curbside BBQ
Ms. Caitlin Rathe
Ms. Mary Cathryn Rau '11
RAW by Canines First
Mr. Dick Rawlings
Mrs. Mariel Tam Ray '97
Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Ray
Ms. Linda Rayes
Ms. Janet Rayfield '79
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Mrs. Amy Wills Reading '88 
    and Mr. Mark Reading
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Reardon
Redfield's Tavern-Medical District
Ms. Tamara Redic-Cottrell
Mr. Hal Redmon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Redmond
Mrs. Ana Hernandez Reed '03
Mr. and Mrs. David Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Reed
Mr. Brian Reese
Emily Reese '16
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Refuerzo
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Rehagen
Mrs. Sarah Holland Rehagen '89 
    and Mr. Christopher Rehagen
Mrs. Kate Barr Rehkemper '06 
    and Mr. Gavin Rehkemper
Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Reichenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reilly
Mrs. Linda Alexander Reinauer '64 
    and Mr. Joe Reinauer
Mrs. Ginger Frick Reinhart '92 
    and Mr. Achim Reinhart
Ms. Angie Reisch '14
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reisch
Dr. and Mrs. Alvin S. Relucio
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Rendon Jr.
Republic Texas Tavern
Dr. Erin Rericha '93 
    and Mr. Jeffrey Van Dyke
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Resendiz
Ms. Debbie Reyna
Ms. Linda Reyna
Ms. Diane Irwin Reynolds
Mrs. Julia Milliken Rhie '96 
    and Mr. Gene Rhie
Ms. Cara Ricci '94
Mr. and Mrs. David Ricci
Mr. Kevin Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Richard
Mrs. Elizabeth Tiemeyer Richardson '84 
    and Mr. Jim Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Richey
Mrs. Lesley McCormick Ricketts '01 
    and Mr. David Ricketts
Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Ricketts
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Rickman
Ms. Martha Rico
Ride House
Mrs. Aimee Songy Riegert '83 
    and Lieutenant Paul Riegert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rieke
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Riela
Ms. Natalie Riemer '10
Ms. Claire Riggins '10
Mr. Riley 
    and Mrs. Katie Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. David Riley
Ms. Montana Rindahl
Mrs. Dee Wallander Rindt '08 
    and Mr. Matthew Rindt
Carly Rinehart '18
Ms. Elisa Ringholm '04
Mr. Win Rinkle
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rios
Mrs. Megan McClendon Rios '97 
    and Mr. Daniel Rios
Mr. and Mrs. David Rippel
Mrs. Suzanne Messineo Rippetoe '82 
    and Mr. Scott Rippetoe
Mr. and Mrs. Will Risinger
Ms. Serna Ritch
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Rivas
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Rivera
Mrs. Emily Vick Rivera '07
Mr. and Mrs. Santiago Rivera
Mrs. Nancy Collins Rizzo '83
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ro
ROAM fine goods
Mrs. Kari Whitaker Roan '97
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Robards
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Robb
Mrs. and Joan Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Roberts
Ms. Kristen Roberts '87
Dr. Tami Roberts 
    and Mr. Matthew Roberts
Mrs. Barbara Fielding Robertson '74 
    and Mr. Rich Robertson
Mr. Charles Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Robertson
Mrs. Linda Gallaway Robertson '67 
    and Mr. Leonard Robertson†
Mrs. Linda Gonzales Robinson '67 
    and Mr. Brian Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Robinson
Mr. Gregory Roche
Mrs. Kellye Doublin Rockecharlie '88 
    and Mr. Kevin Rockecharlie
Rockwell Automation
Ms. Diana Rayfield Rode '86
Ms. Ashley Rodgers '92
Rodriguez Salon
Mrs. Jill Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo A. Rodriguez
Mrs. Grace Ruiz Roeber '74 
    and Mr. Donald Roeber
Ms. Tori Utemark Roedel '81
Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Rogers
Ms. Kirstine Rogers '93
Mrs. Alice Murski Rohrman '79 
    and Mr. Curt Rohrman
Mr. and Mrs. Efrain Rojas
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rojas
Mrs. Kathleen Kroener Roland '95 
    and Mr. Thomas Roland
Ms. Cynthia Rollow
Mr. John Romano
Ms. Jennifer Romans '99
Ms. Karen Romans '02
Mrs. Susan Schaeffer Ronan '89 
    and Mr. Ross Ronan
Room 422
Ms. Laura Roosevelt '79
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roppolo
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rosales
Mrs. Fatima Martinez Rosales '08 
    and Mr. Brian Rosales
Rose Couture Nail Bar
Mrs. Summer Blaise Rose '95 
    and Mr. Brian Rose
Mrs. Jean Zimmermann Ross '75 
    and Mr. Harry Ross
Mrs. Kitty Johnson Ross '74 
    and Mr. Charles Ross†
Kathy Ross
Mrs. Mary McGowen Ross '91 
    and Mr. Dan Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rossics
Mrs. Christina Rossini '04 
    and Mr. Mark Register
Ms. Maria Rossini
Mrs. Michelle Ackels Roudebush '05 
    and Mr. Scott Roudebush
Mr. James Rountree
Dr. and Mrs. Wyatt E. Rousseau
Ms. and Ms. Desirae Rowell
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Rowley
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Rowley
Ms. Teri Roy
Royale Ballet ...and all that Jazz
Ms. Valerie Royston
Ms. Allie Rubenstein '12
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rubey
Ms. Grace Rubio '04
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ruggeri
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Ruiz
Mrs. Erin McLaine Rule '91 
    and Mr. Ben Rule
Ms. Ashley Rushing '14
Mrs. Molly O'Connor Rusnak '05 
    and Mr. Jon Rusnak
Ms. Felecite Russell '91
Mrs. Megan Ohlenforst Russell '03 
    and Mr. James Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Russell
Mrs. Erin Rough Russo '93 
    and Mr. Eric Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rutherford
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rutledge
Dr. Susan Ruzicka 
    and Mr. Lawrence Ruzicka
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Ruzo
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Ryan
Mrs. Chrisy Drennan Ryan '88 
    and Mr. Denis Ryan
Mrs. Emily DeLoach Ryan '59
Mrs. Irene Swaim Ryan '69 
    and Mr. Allan Ryan
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Claude Saada
Ms. Claudine Saade
Ms. Jennifer Saba '91
Mrs. Katherine Lawrence Saba '69 
    and Mr. Phillip Saba
Mr. and Mrs. Sandeep Sadhwani
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sadlowski
Ms. Cristina Saez '11
Dr. and Mrs. Ruben Saez
SAGE Dining Services, Inc.
Saint Bernard Sports/Commonwealth
Saint Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sakalas
Mr. and Mrs. Denny Sakawat
Ms. Celeste Salafia
Ms. Beatrice Salas
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Salazar
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Salcedo
Salon Pompeo
Mrs. Lisa Garvey Sambrano '84 
    and Mr. Richard Sambrano
Mr. San Roman
Mrs. Dianne Meier Sanchez '78 
    and Mr. Art Sanchez
Ms. Theresa Sanchez-Shifflett
Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Sanchez-Zambrano II
Ms. Megan Sanders '01
Mrs. Stephanie Sullivan Sanders '90 
    and Mr. Corey Sanders
Dr. Theresa Rickert Sanders '08 
    and Mr. Andy Sanders
Mrs. Erin McDowell Sands '88 
    and Mr. Kurt G. Sands
Ms. Caroline Sandy '13
Mrs. Melissa Wolf Sankey '92 
    and Mr. Brian Sankey
Dr. and Mrs. Antonio Santiago
Ms. Noreen Santini '85 
    and Mr. Matthew Thomson
Ms. Alison Santos '04
Ms. Andrea Santos
Mrs. Melissa Hooks Santos '00 
    and Mr. Fermin Santos
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Santos-Burgoa
Mrs. Julia Frasco Santosuosso '05 
    and Mr. Christopher Santosuosso
Mrs. Hilda Sanz
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sapienza Jr.
Mrs. Beth Sellmeyer Sargent '61 
    and Mr. Robert Sargent†
Mrs. Sarah Martin Sarrat '95 
    and Mr. Edward Sarrat
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Sartin
Mr. and Mrs. Lacarl Satcher
Ms. Amanda Satterthwaite '06
Mrs. Gwendolyn Watts Satterthwaite '74 
    and Mr. Aaron Satterthwaite
Mrs. Shawna Salmon Saussus '95 
    and Mr. Patrick Saussus
Ms. Melissa Sauvage
Mrs. Kendra Brown Sawyer '07 
    and Mr. Cole Sawyer
Ms. Rita Saynhalath '03
SC Johnson Fund, Inc.
Ms. Hayley Scanlin '10
Ms. Hilary Scanlin '14
Mrs. Pamela House Scavella '62
Ms. Yvette Schaded '47
Mr. Robert Schafer† 
    and Mrs. Marge Schafer
Mrs. Kathleen Smith Schaffer '48† 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Schaffler
Mrs. Ana Armenta Schell '93
Ms. Sara Schell '12
Mrs. Kate Kairies Schenck '97 
    and Mr. Steven Schenck
Ms. Jennifer Schimmel '88
Mrs. Barbara Neuhoff Schlachter '63 
    and Mr. Henry Schlachter†
Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie Schlette
Mr. and Mrs. Jae B. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Schmieder
Mr. John Schneider
Mrs. Liz Cottingham Schneider '86 
    and Mr. Edward S. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schneider
Mrs. Mary Ann Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Schnitzius
Mr. Hans Schnitzler
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schnurr
Mr. John Schnurrenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schoenfeldt
Ms. Sara Schoppa '12
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schorlemer
Mrs. Karen Baetz Schott '02 
    and Mr. Jeffrey Schott
Hayley Schrakamp '16
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schrakamp
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schulman
Mr. and Mrs. Carey E. Schulten
Ms. Katherine Schulten '80 
    and Mr. Michael Dulchin
Mrs. Alicemary Gasper Schulz '64 
    and Mr. Harry Schulz
Sister Karen Schwane '60
Ms. Barbara Schwartz
Mrs. Monica Ryan Schwarz '85 
    and Rev. Karl Schwarz
Mrs. Norma Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Scichili
Mrs. Cynthia Henderson Scott '66
Ms. Heather Scott '93
Mrs. Linda Selman Scott '82 
    and Mr. Clyde Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Scott
Scotty P's Hamburgers
Scout & Molly's Boutique Legacy
Mrs. Jennifer Houston Scripps '95 
    and Mr. Andy Scripps
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scrudder
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Seager
Ms. Courtney Seager '10
Mrs. Shannon Buell Seale '08 
    and Mr. Chip Seale
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Sears
Seasons of Sweetness
Ms. Karen Sebastian
Ms. Sarah Seidel '98 
    and Mr. Graham Dempsey-Corbett
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Seigler
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin S. Self
Mrs. Jennifer Brooks Sellers '07 
    and Mr. Matt Sellers
Mrs. Emily Blanshard Sendker '92 
    and Mr. Brian Sendker
Mrs. Lauren Navarro Senie '06 
    and Mr. Brian Senie
Senior Golfers of America
Mrs. Meredith Drees Sepehri '90 
    and Mr. John Sepehri
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Sepulveda
Mr. and Mrs. Luis R. Serna
Mr. and Mrs. Akash Sethi
Sevy's Grill
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sfikas
Mr. and Mrs. John Shackelford
Mrs. Cathy Hill Shade '78 
    and Mr. Kevin Shade
Mrs. Sabrina Youdim Shadi '91 
    and Mr. Maier Shadi
Shak at Stanley Korshak
Shakespeare Dallas
Mrs. Phyllis Ann Joseph Shamoun '52 
    and Mr. Joseph Shamoun
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Shannon
Mrs. Sarah Thompson Shannon '07
Mrs. Jennifer Rousseau Sharpe '90 
    and Mr. Charles Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Shaw
Ms. Hillary Shear
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Sheldon
Mrs. Alison Pantuso Shellenberger '04 
    and Dr. John M. Shellenberger
Mrs. Mary Shellenberger 
    and Mr. Steve Shellenberger
Ms. May Shen
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. James Sheppard
Ms. Jean Sherman
Dr. Kathleen Naumann Sherman '74 
    and Mr. Philip Sherman
Ms. Kathy Sherman
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Sherman
Mrs. Isa Esteve Shetler '81 
    and Mr. J. D. Shetler
Mrs. Andrea Schoeneberger Shields '97 
    and Mr. Timothy Shields
Mr. and Mrs. James Shields
Mrs. Karla Ruzo Shirazi '09 
    and Mr. Cameron Shiraz
Mr. Jim Shives
SHM Architects
Shop Avara
Dr. Selena Short 
    and Mr. Kirk R. Short
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Shuford
Ms. Mary Shumake '05
Mrs. Paige Harnden Sidhom '98 
    and Mr. Matt Sidhom
Mrs. Rory Werner Siefer '98 
    and Mr. Jeremy Siefer
Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Sierra
Siggins Image Consulting, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Joykutty Cham Silvy
Mrs. Anne Simmons-Benton '74 
    and Mr. Jonathan Benton
Mrs. Emily Smith Simon '01 
    and Mr. Matthew Simon
Mr. John Simpson
Ms. Emily Sims '15
Mrs. Maxine Kijek Sims '82 
    and Mr. Craig Sims
Ms. Sinde Sinde
Mrs. Beth Geisler Singel '87 
    and Mr. Tim Singel
Mr. and Mrs. Bartolome Sipriano
Mr. and Mrs. David Sisk
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sivapon
Mr. Chuck Sizemore
SJL Design Group
Dr. Wendy Skulman 
    and Dr. Gregory Skulman
Mr. and Mrs. James Slee
Ms. Ainsley Slusher '17
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Slusher
Smart Soccer Academy
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Smiley
Mr. and Mrs. Darren L. Smith
Mr. and Everett Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Smith
Mrs. Jane Oliver Smith '73 
    and Mr. Steven Smith
Mr. Jeffery Smith
Mrs. Julie Zapletal Smith
Mrs. Karen Young Smith '81
Mrs. Lauren Asher Smith '98 
    and Mr. Neal Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Smith
Dr. Lucy Trenary Smith '97 
    and Mr. Brent Smith
Mrs. Melinda Smith
Mr. Michael Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
Mrs. Carrie Graham Smith '98 
    and Mr. Ryan E. Smith
Mrs. Stephanie Mayhall Smith '91 
    and Mr. Kent Smith
Mr. Thomas Smith
Mr. Travis Smith
Ms. Whitney Smith '10
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Smithson
Mr. Shane Smithson
Ms. Karen Smolczyk
Mrs. Susan Cicherski Smolenski '75 
    and Mr. Andy Smolenski
Mrs. Laura Earls Smyczek '87
Mr. Ron Smyczek
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Snider
Snodgrass-The Defined Dish
Mrs. Lacey Snyder de Gras '97 
    and Mr. Javier Gras
Mrs. Gloria Snyder† 
    and Mr. Edward Snyder†
Mrs. Casey Butzberger Soares '04 
    and Mr. Daniel Soares
Mrs. Elizabeth Lucier Sobczyk '99 
    and Mr. Kevin Sobczyk
Mrs. Erin Goiffon Soich '04 
    and Mr. Alex Soich
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Solis
Ms. Rita Solon '72 
    and Dr. Jerrold Prothero
Mrs. Kim Nguyen Song '04 
    and Mr. Peter Song
Ms. Margaret Song '98
Songbird Society
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Sontag Jr.
Mrs. Amy Lootens Sorensen '91 
    and Mr. Patrick Sorensen
Mrs. Jan Sorrels-Burwell '74 
    and Mr. Harold Burwell
Mrs. Dorothy Woster Sosnowski '91 
    and Mr. Luke Sosnowski
Sovereign Service Center
Spa in the City
Mrs. Megan Kirby Spaeth '03 
    and Mr. Michael A. Spaeth
Mrs. Marian Karam Spangler '07 
    and Mr. Andrew Spangler
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spaniel
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Sparagana
Mrs. Catherine Johnston Spavital '03 
    and Mr. Zac Spavital
Mr. Dan Spears
Mrs. Jennifer Spears
Mrs. Imelda McClendon Speck '07 
    and Mr. Trevor Speck
Spec's Wine Spirits and Finer Foods
Mrs. Sue Padian Spence '77 
    and Mr. Gregory Spence
Mrs. Kathleen Carter Spencer '85 
    and Mr. Kevin Spencer
Mr. and Ms. Leonardo Spencer
Mrs. Annie Verret Spieth '11 
    and Mr. Jordan Spieth
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Spitz
Sport Clips-Preston & Royal
Ms. Kathryn Sposato '83 
    and Mr. Jack Basbash
Ms. Kristie Daus Sprenger '07
Mrs. Meg Baldwin Squiers '79 
    and Mr. Jay Squiers
St. Monica Catholic School
St. Patrick Catholic School
St. Rita Catholic School
Ms. Marcella St. Romain '14
St. Thomas Aquinas Church
Mrs. Amy Brown Staas '88 
    and Mr. David Staas
Ms. Carol Anderson Stabler '67
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stamm
Mr. and Mrs. David Stanford
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stanford
Mrs. Viviana Stanford
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Stanley
Mrs. Susan Heller Stanzel '57 
    and Mr. Thomas Stanzel
Star Tutoring Centers
Ms. Claire Starcher '17
Mrs. Nicole Knopick Stark '99 
    and Mr. Taylor Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Stark
Starpower Home Entertainment
Ms. Kristyn Starr '01
State Fair of Texas
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Steele
Mr. Mike Stefanek
Dr. Elizabeth Irwin Stehel '89 
    and Mr. Edward Stehel
Ms. Kelly Stein '02
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Steinbach
Ms. Ashley Steiner '95
Ms. Whitney Stenger '05
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Stepanek
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stephens
Mr. and Steve Stephens
Ms. Jill Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Stern
Mr. and Mrs. John Stevens
Mrs. Marybeth Glasheen Stevens '84 
    and Mr. Gregory Stevens
Dr. Lisa Stevenson '91
Mrs. Ali Kairies Stewart '00 
    and Mr. Colin Stewart
Ms. Andrea Stewart
Ms. Deborah Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Stewart
Mr. Sean Stewart
Mr. Stan Stiglets
Mr. and Mrs. John Stollenwerck
Addie Stone '16
Stonebridge Ranch Country Club
Mrs. Hayley Hamilton Stoneburner '86 
    and Mr. Dee Stoneburner
Ms. Dee Stone Stone-Cassell '84
Mr. John Stooksberry
Mrs. Janet Brueggen Storey '73 
    and Mr. Harry Storey
Ms. Jada Stotts
Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Stoudamire
Ms. Sharon Stout
Stowe Financial Planning LLC
Ms. Rachel Stowe '08
Mrs. Kate Hurtekant Straight '01 
    and Mr. Stephen Straight
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Strange
Mr. Josef Stransky
Strategic Tax Group
Mrs. Carolyn Marshall Strauss '80 
    and Mr. David Strauss
Mrs. Ana Flores Streekstra '03 
    and Mr. Mark Streekstra
Ms. Tori Streff '01
Ms. Hannah Stringfellow
Mr. Paul Stroughal 
    and Mrs. Sharon Strouhal
Mrs. Cristine Nixon Struble '93
Mrs. Lisa Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stuart
Ms. and Ms. Hollis A. Stuckert
Studio 6 Fitness
Studio Movie Grill
Studio Store at the Statler
Studios of Sarah Strout
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stuecheli
Style by Amy
Mrs. Amanda Thomason Suchecki '02 
    and Mr. Mark Suchecki
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sudderth
Mrs. Kristen Georgia Suessmann '96
Mr. and Mrs. Rico Suhalim
Mrs. Helene Flournoy Sula '05 
    and Mr. Michael Sula
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sulli Jr
Sullivan Perkins
Mrs. Ashley McCrea Sullivan '94
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sullivan
Ms. Britney Sullivan '14
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Sullivan
Mrs. Diana Morris Sullivan '88 
    and Mr. David Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Sullivan
Ms. Patty Sullivan '72
Ms. Patty Sullivan '81
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Summerford
Sun Tx Capital Partners
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Sung
Sunshine Policy
Susan Saffron Jewelry Boutique
Kerry Suser
Ms. Constance Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sutton
Ms. Rachel Sutton
Mrs. Katie Murph Swaim '78 
    and Mr. John D. Swaim
Mr. and Ms. Stewart Sweda
Mrs. Betty Jean Heraty Swenson '43
Ms. Tricia Swenson '74†
Mr. and Mrs. Kail C. Swindle
Ms. Mari C. Szeszko '98
Mrs. Kathryn Deatherage Szwejkowski '73 
    and Mr. John Szwejkowski
T Bar M Racquet Club
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Talamas
Dr. Leslie Talbott '64
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Talkington
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Talmadge
Talulah & Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Tamburrino
Ms. Patricia Tamez
Dr. and Mrs. Simon S. Tan
Mr. and Mrs. James Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. John Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tanner
Ms. Ashli Taquino '97
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tatsch
Mrs. Lisa Bechtel Tavares '97 
    and Mr. Patrick Tavares
Ms. Maryellen Tavernier
Taylor Your Table
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Taylor
Mrs. Bobbie James Taylor '57
Ms. Caitlin Taylor '08
Mrs. Caroline Koch Taylor '02
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Taylor
Mrs. Kathy Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Taylor
Ms. Pique Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Taylor
Ms. Shelby Taylor '11
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Taylor
Mr. Tim Taylor
TE Connectivity
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Tedeschi
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Teichelman
Mr. Glenn Teitlus
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Tejan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Teleha
Ten50 BBQ
Mr. and Mrs. Cristian Teodorescu
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Tepera
Mrs. Rebecca Quinn Teresi '07 
    and Mr. John Teresi
Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. B. Ternan
Mr. Thomas Ternan
Terry Costa
Mrs. Laura Jungen Terry '82 
    and Mr. Roger Terry
Texas Brand Bank
Texas Motor Speedway
Texas Star Golf Course
Mrs. Lauren Gump Tharpe '02 
    and Mr. Bryan Tharpe
The Anne and Michael Duffy Charitable Fund
The Balady Beach Team
The Dayton Foundation
The Henry
The Highland Dallas
The Impeccable Pig Snyder Plaza
The Judy Family Foundation
The Kenedy Memorial Foundation
The Larovere Family Living Trust
The Local Oak
The Madigan Family Trust
The Quaker Oats Foundation
The Wellik Family Charitable Fund
Theatre Arlington
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Theisen
Mr. Paul Thibault
Mr. Scott Thibodeaux
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thoele
Mrs. Cathy Edwards Thomas '68 
    and Mr. George Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Thomas
Mrs. Jill Lalonde Thomas '85 
    and Mr. Barry Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Thomas
Mr. William Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Thompson
Mrs. Karen Clark Thompson '81 
    and Mr. John Thompson
Mrs. Kelly Wilmoth Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Thompson
Thomson Reuters
Mrs. Christine Tillery Thomson '83 
    and Mr. Scott Thomson
Mrs. Shannon McTiernan Thomson '92 
    and Mr. Jay Thomson
Mrs. Dorothy Edwards Thornhill '47† 
    and Mr. James H. Thornhill
Thornson Reuters
Mrs. Hibernia Swain Thornton '36†
Mr. John Thun
Mr. and Mrs. David Tiffany
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Tilden
Times Ten Cellars
Mrs. Marie Cade Timmons '80 
    and Mr. Mark Timmons
Ms. Kathy Tisko '71
Mrs. Melissa Dowlearn Tison '96 
    and Mr. Xavier Tison
Mrs. Rebecka Davidson Tobin '96 
    and Mr. Daniel Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Toedt
Dr. Anna Toker 
    and Dr. Steven Toker
Ms. Teresa Tolle '56
Mrs. Tammy Marietta Tolle '52
Mr. Domenic Tolotta
Mrs. Shelby Sewell Tomaso '99
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tompkins
Mrs. Jennifer Salmon Tooker '87 
    and Mr. Morris Tooker
Ms. Rebekah Topaz
Topgolf Entertainment Group
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Topolski
Ms. Kelly Tornow '05
Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. Torrealba
Mr. and Mrs. Dimas Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Israel Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Torres
Ms. Marcela Torres '11
Ms. Mia Tortolani '14
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tortolani
Mrs. Maureen McCarthy Toscano '82
Ms. Nikki Tosi '02
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tosi Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Toudouze
Toulouse Cafe and Bar
Toy Maven
Toys Unique!
Mrs. Helen Flurry Trajtenberg '95 
    and Mr. David Trajtenberg
Ms. Cecilia Tran
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Tran
Mr. Lam Tran
Mrs. Lisa Panchasarp Tran '98 
    and Mr. Jimmy Tran
Mrs. Marinette Paredes Tran '96 
    and Mr. Tran
Ms. Emily Tranchina '14
Traverlers Insurance Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Trenary
Mr. Auggie Trevino
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Trevino Jr.
Mrs. Catherine Wood Triantos '84 
    and Mr. Takis Triantos
Tricia Ryan Studio
Tri-City Book Review Group
Dr. Carolyn Trieu
Mr. and Mrs. David Trigiani
Trina Turk
Mr. and Mrs. Anindya Trivedi
Mr. and Mrs. David Troendle
Mrs. Monique Tromblay
Mr. Sean Trotter
Mrs. Mary Ann Murphy Trotzuk '63 
    and Mr. Patrick Trotzuk
Mrs. Judy Abright Troy '56
Sister Mary Troy '51
Mrs. Sofia Almanza Trueax '07 
    and Mr. Chris Trueax
Ms. Katherine Trungale
Isabel Tschurr '16
Ms. Barbara Bernardo Tucker '67
Ms. Holly Tucker
Mrs. Rhonda Fridrick Tull '86 
    and Mr. Jeffrey Tull
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Tullis II
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tulloh
Mrs. Carolyn Tuohy 
    and William Tuohy†
Mrs. Julianne Christine Turner '64 
    and Mr. Jim Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Turner
Mrs. Karen Putnam Tyrrell '92 
    and Mr. John P. Tyrrell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Uetrecht
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Ulloa
Undermain Theatre
Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Underwood III
Dr. and Mrs. Fidelis Unini
Unique Polish Nail Salon
Unleavened Fresh Kitchen
Urbane Cole
Ms. Liza Urso
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ursone
Ursuline Provincialate
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Usry
Mr. and Mrs. William Uttich
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Vafa
Dr. Vafa Mirshams 
    and Dr. Afshin Vahadi
Dr. Praveena Vajja 
    and Dr. Manohar Vajja
Ms. Clara Valderrama
Dr. Kimberly Valenta 
    and Mr. Marcel Valenta
Ms. Kaitlyn Valente
Mrs. Kathy Malloy Valenzuela '85 
    and Mr. Marco Valenzuela
Ms. Blanca Valero
Mr. and Ms. Joseph Van Blargan
Ms. Lyndsay Van Brunt '93 
    and Mr. Brian Angiolet
Mrs. Carolyn Cook Van Engelenburg '07
Ms. Marie-Louise Van Hummel '89
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Van Hyfte
Mrs. Maureen Keating Vance '86 
    and Mr. Mike Vance
Mrs. Kathy Vanciel 
    and Mr. Jerry Vanciel†
Mrs. Donna Vanderwoude† 
    and Mr. Fred Vanderwoude†
Ms. Scarlett Vargas
Ms. Kristen Vassallo '89 
    and Mr. John J. Fitzpatrick
Ms. Beverly Vaughan
Ms. Brooke Vaydik '07
Ms. Silvia Vazquez '20
Ms. Maribelle Velasco '87
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Velasquez
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Velasquez
Mr. and Mrs. Elefteris Velesiotis
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Velis
Dr. Marina Vengalil 
    and Mr. Tomy Vengalil
Ms. Debi Veninga
Dr. Frank Veninga
Mrs. Judy Messina Vera '67 
    and Mr. Oscar Vera
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Verderame
Mrs. Adele Chamoun Verdiguel '99 
    and Mr. Eric Verdiguel
Mrs. Dorothy Dalton Verhalen '60 
    and Mr. Robert Verhalen
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Vernino
Veronica Beard
Ms. Bailey Vertin '13
Ms. Katie Vick '04
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vick
Mrs. Kimberley Hogan Viehmann '85 
    and Mr. Matt Viehmann
Mr. Peter Vig
Dr. Veronica Villalba 
    and Mr. Phillip Villalba
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Villani
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Villar Jr.
Mrs. Sandra Magaña Villarreal '96
Dr. and Mrs. Javier Vinals
Vintage Car Wash
Vitae Med Spa
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vitale
Vitality Bowls-Preston Hollow
Viviano & Associates P.C.
Ms. Melissa Vogeler '02
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Voirin
Dr. Chithra Arumugham Volluz '91 
    and Mr. Kyle S. Volluz
Ms. Caryn Vorsas
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Wade
Dr. Nimisha Mehta 
    and Mr. Sanjay Wadhwa
Mrs. Jocelyn Wick Waggoner '93 
    and Mr. Jerry Waggoner
Ms. Tracy Walder
Ms. Lauren Waldman
Mr. and Mrs. Joel W. Walenta
Walker & Dunlop
Walker Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Walker
Mrs. Colleen Murphy Walker '85 
    and Mr. Greg Walker
Ms. Jamie Rae Walker '94
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Walker
Mrs. Collun Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Walker
Mrs. Sherri Lee Walker '81 
    and Mr. Ken Walker
Mrs. Kelly Noonan Walker-Fisher '95 
    and Mr. Dan Walker
Mr. Joe Walkoviak
Dr. Jenifer Walkowiak '96 
    and Dr. Panos Konstantinopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Cullen Wall
Ms. Laura Wall '08
Alejandra Wallace
Ms. Ann Marie Watkins Wallace '83 
    and Mr. Charles Wallace†
Ms. Jill Wallace
Ms. Maria Wallace
Ms. Whitney Whorley Wallace '97
Ms. Stephanie Wallace-Wolf '04
Mrs. Sarah Winston Waller '99
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wallner
Mrs. Brennan Robertson Walls '02 
    and Mr. Ryan Walls
Walmart Foundation
Mrs. Elaine Walsh†
Mrs. Mary Ann Durick Walters '73 
    and Mr. David Walters
Ms. Mary Walters
Ms. Mary Walters '75 
    and Mr. Mark Stoltz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Walters
Mrs. Celeta Simmons Walther '57
Mrs. Teresa Daly Walther '74 
    and Mr. Todd Walther
Mrs. MaryLee Kemendo Walton '60 
    and Mr. George T. Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wampner
Ms. Margaret Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Warborg
Mrs. Anne Ward
Mrs. Lucy Grissaffi Ward '91 
    and Mr. Joel Ward
Mrs. Rose Mary Fedor Wargo '73 
    and Mr. Rich Wargo
Mrs. Stephanie Carpenter Warnock '04 
    and Mr. Edward Warnock
Mr. Michael Warren
Mrs. Allison Warren Warren-Simpson '92 
    and Mr. C. Simpson
Mrs. Geraldine Mulvihill Washam '67
Ms. Cherie Wasoff '81
Ms. Jane Kay Wasoff '79
Waterford Capital
Ms. Inda Watkins
Mrs. Cynthia Dragan Watson '74 
    and Mr. Mike Watson
Mrs. Jessica Carrillo Watson '04
Ms. Erin Watts '03
Mrs. Kathy Martin Weatherford '77 
    and Mr. David Weatherford
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Weaver
Mrs. Tucean Pennington Webb '55 
    and Dr. David R. Webb
Mrs. Lliana Webber
Ms. Claire Weber '20
Mrs. Eileen Maher Weber '84 
    and Mr. David S. Weber
Dr. Patty Morgan Weber '74 
    and Dr. Gregg Weber
Mr. and Mrs. David Wedeberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. John Weigman
Ms. Lee Weiland '10
Welch & Salvador Gandara
Dr. Anna Welch 
    and Mr. David Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Welch
Mr. and Mrs. John Wellik
Ms. Margaret Wellik '10
Mrs. Traci Karlstad Wellington '92 
    and Mr. Chris Wellington
Ms. Lydia Wells '12
Mr. Kraig Wellshear
Mr. Steve Welter
Mrs. Catherine O'Neill Wenglar '95
Mrs. Irene Mearsheimer Wenner '67
Dr. Marcela Wentzel '71 
    and Dr. Joe L. Fogle
Mr. and Mrs. Kiel Werking
Mrs. Nika Micchelli Werner '74 
    and Mr. David Werner
Mrs. Joan Hemstreet West '86† 
    and Mr. Rob West
Mrs. Lori Rebone Westrick '05 
    and Mr. Chad Westrick
Westwood Holdings Group
Mrs. Nicole Rodriguez Wetters '95
Ms. Patricia Whalen '70 
    and Mr. Jeb Martin
Mrs. Mary Charlotte Totebusch Whaley '42
Mrs. Nancy Lehn Whaley '74
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wharton
Mr. and Mrs. George Wharton
Ms. Susan Wheat '10
Wheaton Street Investors, Inc.
Ms. Mary Ann Whitacre
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron White
Mrs. Bridgette La Fountain White '85 
    and Mr. John T. White
Mrs. Emily Moeller White '98 
    and Mr. Dan White
Ms. Linda Thomas White '81
Ms. Marti White '10
Mrs. Megan LaDriere White '05 
    and Mr. Tim White
Mrs. Michelle Stevens White '98 
    and Mr. Mason White
Mrs. Sarah Upton White '99 
    and Mr. Daniel White
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. White
Mr. and Mrs. Todd White
Ms. Jessica Barnett Whiteman '05 
    and Mr. Matthew Whiteman
Mr. and Mrs. John Whitley
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Wicker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wiegand
Mrs. Elizabeth Peters Wiener '90 
    and Mr. David Wiener
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wilcox
Ms. Stephanie Wilcox '14
Mrs. Gloria Wilemon
Mrs. Nicky Bize Wiley '98
Mrs. Maribel Guzman Wilkie '03 
    and Capt. Adam Wilkie
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wille
Ms. Kathe Willems
Mrs. Celina Romero Williams '73 
    and Mr. Paul J. Williams
Ms. Elizabeth Preston Williams '98
Mrs. Jessica Dermer Williams '89 
    and Mr. Floyd Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Williams
Ms. Claire Williams '08
Mrs. Mary Louise Bantle Williams '60 
    and Mr. John D. Williams
Mr. Nathaniel Williams† 
    and Mrs. Ann Williams
Ms. Olivia Williams '13
Ms. Tracey Williams '77 
    and Mr. Steven Ellett
Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wilson
Mrs. Kitty Cooper Wilson '73 
    and Mr. James A. Wilson
Mrs. Kristin Canavan Wilson '93 
    and Mr. Whitney Wilson
Mrs. Laura Delin Wilson '79 
    and Mr. Tracy R. Wilson
Madison Wilson '18
Ms. Patricia O'Connell Wilson '75
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wilson
Ms. Sheri Sullivan '07
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wilson
Mrs. Tracy Fulkerson Wilson '81 
    and Mr. Michael Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Windham
Ms. Celia Wing '70
Ms. Katie Winikates '82
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Winings
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Winn Jr.
Ms. Sarah Schulman Winters '00
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wischmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wise
Mrs. Martha Hardy Withers '58
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Withey
Mrs. Nora Anne Hagar Wogan '53 
    and Mr. Kenneth Wogan†
Mrs. Susan Wolff Wolf '83 
    and Mr. David Wolf
Dr. L.E. Brumley Wolovits '96 
    and Mr. Josh Wolovits
Ms. Beatriz Wolpert
Womack Machine Supply Companies
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Wong Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Wongso
Ms. Eris Wood '78 
    and Mr. James Peters
Ms. Maddie Wood '17
Ms. Marleigh Wood '19
Ms. Meredith Wood '17
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Kelby Woodard
Woodlands American Grill
Ms. Nancy Roche Woodward '74
Mrs. Debbie Wooley 
    and Mr. Jeff Wooley
Mrs. Shannon Flynn-Mayfield Workman '84 
    and Mr. Ronald Workman
Mrs. Sarah Worzer '08
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Woster
Mr. Chad Wren
Mrs. Anita Chambers Wright '80 
    and Mr. Bernard Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Logan Wright
Ms. Melanie Wright '14
Ms. Melynda Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wright
Mr. and Mrs. William Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wunderlick
Mrs. Sue Virant Wunderlick '74 
    and Mr. George Wunderlick
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wunderlick
Dr. and Mrs. Don G. Wyckoff
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wynne Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Wynne
Ms. Jane Xi
XL Catlin Insurance Company
Mr. and Mrs. Yi Xu
Ms. Hua Yang
Mr. and Mrs. Candelario Ybarra
Mrs. Stacy Guzman Youkilis '94 
    and Mr. Scott Youkilis
Mrs. Ann Schmitz Young '61 
    and Mr. Roy O. Young
Mrs. Andrea Bouchey Young '96 
    and Mr. John T. Young
Mrs. Leigh Carter Young '00 
    and Mr. Ryan Young
Ms. Katherine Young '01
Ms. Lacey Young '02
Mrs. Laura Burris Young '99 
    and Mr. Jim Young
Mrs. Patty Roberts Young '73 
    and Mr. Malcolm Young
Mrs. Veronica Fuqua Young '81 
    and Mr. L. A. Young
Mrs. Laura Youngberg '92 
    and Mr. Christopher Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Youngblood
Younger Partners Dallas, LLC
Ms. Lauren Younger '14
Mrs. Rivann Saynhalath Yu '03 
    and Mr. Kevin Yu
Ms. Rebecca Yung '12
Ms. Sarah Yung '10
Ms. Taylor Yzaguirre '14
Dr. Manny Yzaguirre
Mrs. Judy Jaeckle Zafereo '96 
    and Mr. Jason Zafereo
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zagielski
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zagorski
Mr. Donald Zale
Mrs. Sally Shell Zalkovsky '69 
    and Mr. Charles R. Zaldovsky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Zamora
Ms. Iris Zamudio
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Zanatta
Mr. and Mrs. John Zanoni
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zansler Jr.
Dr. Saam Zarrabi
Mr. and Mrs. John Zaugg
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Zeiger
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Zimmer
Mrs. Lisa Weber Zimmerer '08 
    and Mr. Johnathan Zimmerer
Ms. Delphine Zimmern '07
Mr. and Mrs. John Zipko
Mrs. Ann Zolfoghary
Mrs. Tricia Hanks Zucker '98 
    and Mr. Jim Zucker
Mr. Kelly Zwinggi

Donor lists are carefully compiled, but there is the possibility of error.
If your name was omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact Mimi Bishop Bason at 469-232-3584 or