Endowments 2022-23


Thank you to the generous supporters who, by establishing an endowment, have provided Ursuline with a permanent source of financial support.
“Thank you so much for the scholarship.   I am looking forward to the rest of my experience here at Ursuline, and meeting more people, joining more clubs, serving more, and seeing what else comes in the 4 years I have here. I am looking into starting a business after graduating, and also helping the less fortunate. Once again, thank you for letting me have all of these opportunities.”

Class of 2024 Student


Scholarship Endowment

Gifts to the Ursuline Academy Scholarship Endowment provide merit and need-based tuition assistance for students.

Faculty Endowment

Gifts to the Ursuline Academy Faculty Endowment help provide competitive salaries and benefits, professional development, and other faculty support.


Donor lists are carefully compiled, but there is the possibility of error.
If your name was omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact Mimi Bishop Bason at 469-232-3584 or