Scholarship Supporters 2020-21

Ursuline celebrates the generosity of community members by recognizing all charitable gifts and payments made to Ursuline’s operational scholarship fund and the Mardi Gras Gala between July 1, 2020 and DECEMBER 31, 2020.


The David M. Crowley Foundation
The Moayedi Family
Dr. and Mrs. Rudy Tovar

$15,000 - $24,999

The Catholic Foundation
Mrs. Kara Sherman Gehan '85
  and Mr. Peter Gehan
Mary Kay Inc.
Mrs. Vicki Vaughan Miller '75
  and Mr. Brian K. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stephens

$10,000 - $14,999

Mrs. Allie Morgan Dunklin '04
  and Dr. William H. Dunklin
Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Longwell
Mrs. Stephanie Staubach Phillips '87
  and Mr. Todd Phillips
Mrs. Linda Maas Schmidt '87
Mrs. Mary De Loache Terry '73
  and Mr. Michael Terry
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weber

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Bangs
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry P. Braun
Mrs. Kelly Hanratty Butler '95
  and Dr. Gordon M. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Codd Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. DiFrancesco, III
Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Drees
The David G. and Mary Fox Family
Mr. and Mrs. Garner C. Galbraith
Mrs. Jennifer Staubach Gates '84
  and Mr. John A. Gates
Glenn Partners
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Golding
Nina and Jim Hayden
Dr. Emily Hebert
  and Dr. Chris Hebert
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Jordan
J.P. Morgan Private Bank
Mrs. Vicky Pitts Lattner '69
  and Mr. Douglas J. Lattner
Public Service Plumbers, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Staubach
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Templeton
Mrs. Kathleen Barger Thorson '88
  and Mr. Todd Thorson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Walsh IV
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weilert
Mr. and Mrs. Yongzhi Zhao

$3,500 - $4,999

Mr. David Benitez
  and Mrs. Ana M. Trevino
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. John Locke
Dr. Helen McGuire
  and Mr. Brendan T. McGuire
Dr. and Mrs. Al Mollabashy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reasonover

$1,874 - $3,499

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bartholomew
Mrs. Liz Vache Bentley '11
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Brodsky
Mrs. Marian Haggar Bryan '72
  and Mr. George E. Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin J. Colbert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Devita
Mrs. Katie Cook Gallagher '97
  and Mr. Chris Gallagher
Mrs. Aimee Baillargeon Griffiths '90
  and Mr. Paul Griffiths
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Grimes
Mrs. Michelle Staubach Grimes '86
  and Mr. John Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Guerra
J.M. Haggar Jr. Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Hull
Jackson Walker LLP
Mr and Mrs Kevin Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Yu Jing
Ms. Mary Jane Johnson
Mrs. Mary Emma Ackels Karam '72
  and Dr. Albert G. Karam
Mrs. Nancy Rix Kraft '73
  and Mr. John Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Louviere Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Marques
Ms. Helen Matus
Mrs. Judi McQueary
Mrs. Amy Staubach Mentgen '95
  and Mr. James Mentgen
Mrs. Sharon Stack Morrison '87
  and Mr. Kevin Morrison
Mrs. Lydia Haggar Novakov '68
  and Mr. Daniel P. Novakov
Mr. and Mrs. James Oates
Mr. and Mrs. David J. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pagel
Mrs. Susan Irwin Piot '87
  and Mr. Jon Piot
Rex’s Seafood and Market
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rickman
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Wilbert Jr.
Ms. Charnette Young
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zulick

Any Gift Up to $1,873

Ms. Abigail Africa '12
Mr. and Mrs. Gregorio R. Africa Jr.
Ms. Erin Ahmed '10
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Alderink
Ms. Myrtie Jackson Alexander '70
Ms. Maddie Allardyce '10
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Allen
Dr. Jennifer Allen
  and Mr. Xavier Allen
Alliance Data Systems
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Allinger
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Allison
Mrs. Tracy Long Alvarez '85
  and Mr. Angelo M. Alvarez
Ms. Nathalie Amador '12
Mrs. Janet Anderson
Ms. Susan Lain Anderson '67
Ms. Stephanie Brooks Angel '72
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arias
Mrs. Gloria Armstrong
Mrs. Heather Graham Armstrong '95
Mr. and Mrs. John Arnott
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Ashmore Jr
Mr. Richard Atwell
Mrs. Peggy Pettigrew Austin '65
  and Mr. Barry Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Austin IV
Mrs. Suzanne Lamberty Austin '90
  and Mr. Chris Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bachonski
Ms. Deanna Bailey '08
Ms. Celia Balderas
Bank of America
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Barajas
Ms. Krissy Barker '90
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Barry
Mrs. Alex Bret Bastoni '08
  and Mr. Nicholas Bastoni
Ms. Bailey Beach '10
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bell
Mrs. Lynn Feather Bell '82
  and Mr. Win Bell
Benevity Causes
Ms. Lynn Hebert Blake '78
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Blakeley
Mr. and Mrs. David Blakelock
Mrs. MaryCook Nabors Blanshard '67
  and Mr. Robert A. Blanshard
Ms. Katie Blase '15
Catherine Blizzard '16
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Boeding
Mrs. Ann Doyle Boehm '75
  and Mr. Rodney Boehm
Mrs. Gabriella Veleba Bondy '53
Mrs. Cindy Munoz Bouchard '81
Ms. Angela Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. G. Wayne Boyter
Ms. Miriam Brainard
Mr. Valentine Brandner
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brandt
Mrs. Lisa Janick Brannon '90
  and Dr. Timothy Brannon
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bray
Mrs Patricia Liu Brilliant '94
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brockett
Mr. and Mrs. David Brodrick
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Brown
Mr. and David Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Bruce
Mrs. Barbara Brum
Mrs. Lisa Valek Bruni '85
  and Mr. Mark Bruni
Dr. Jill Weber Brunkenhoefer '05
  and Mr. Travis Brunkenhoefer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brush
Mr. and Mrs. Torrence A. Bryant
Mrs. Joey Downey Buck '68
  and Mr. Stephen Buck
Ms. Alexa Burciaga '15
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Burns
Mrs. Rosemary Pitts Burns '60
  and Mr. Bob Burns
Ms. Brooke Burnside '88
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Burrow
Mrs. Katie Boes Calacci '90
  and Mr. Richard Calacci
Mrs. Mary Leslie Stewart Calcote '85
  and Mr. Alan Calcote
Mrs. Teresa Messineo Cameron '88
  and Mr. Darren Cameron
Mrs. Lisa Sierra Campagna '73
  and Mr. Anthony Campagna
Mrs. Mary Catherine Rudick Candelario '91
  and Mr. Zachary Candelario
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert R. Cantu
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Caracio
Mrs. Chantel Langlinais Carlson '90
  and Mr. Kevin Carlson
Mrs. Cynthia Carpenter-Smith
Mrs. Christina Duffield Carroll '95
  and Mr. William Q. Carroll
Mrs. Julianne Rouquette Cary '96
Ms. Brenda Cashion
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Chapa
Mrs. Malorie Perry Chapman '04
  and Mr. Ian Chapman
Dr. Michelle Chesnut
  and Mr. John J. Chesnut
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Childers
Ms. Marianne Chionglo '00
Mr. and Mrs. William Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chu
Mrs. Janet Kohler Claussen '69
  and Mr. David M. Claussen
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cohen
Ms. Colchado
Mr. and Ms. Matthew W. Combs
The Communities Foundation of Texas
Ms. Shannon Considine '08
Mrs. Karen Lynch Conway '85
  and Mr. John Conway
Mrs. Kelly Moore Cook '85
  and Mr. Peter Cook
Mrs. Sarah Brown Cornelia '10
  and Mr. Matthew Cornelia
Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Cortez
Mrs. Lorilei Cardenas Cronin '95
  and Mr. Tory Cronin
Mrs. Jennifer Jascott Crumley '88
  and Mr. Joey Crumley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Culak
Mrs. Julie Wernick Dallavis '96
  and Mr. Christian Dallavis
Mrs. Tara Teter Dankberg '00
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Daugherty
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Daus
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davey
Mrs. Kelly Lacy Davis '09
  and Mr. Dylan Davis
Dr. Melissa Sartin Davis '03
  and Mr. Dylan Davis
Dayton Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio De La Rosa
Dr. Margaret Theresa Dempsey '80
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dietsch
Mrs. Nancy Reichenstein Dobbs '85
  and Mr. Chris Dobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dodson
Mrs. Elizabeth Wise Dominguez '87
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Dondis
DPA Acoustics, Inc.
Ms. Gina Drummond '11
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Duarte
Duda Family Foundation
Mrs. Carole Duff
Mr. and Mrs. Kramer R. Duhon
Ms. Jarilyn Dupont '71
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Dupre
Ms. Esha Edupuganty '10
Ms. Alma Ekong '01
Mr. and Mrs. Nasser Y. Elawar
Electronic Arts
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Elias
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Esquivel
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan O. Estes
Ms. Katy Evans '10
Ms. Ingrid J. Feigenbaum ’06
Mrs. Mary Manion Fent '87
  and Mr. David Fent
Fidelity Investments
Ms. Diane Filibeck '88
Mrs. Mary Fleming Fimian '85
  and Mr. Stephen Fimian
Dr. Veronica Meneses
  and Dr. Jason Fish
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Darin Flabiano
Mrs. Raquel Martinez Fleischer '98
  and Mr. Brian Fleischer
Mrs. Kristi Heath Florence '85
  and Mr. Craig Florence
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flores Jr.
Mrs. Virginia Flores
Ms. Sarah Forman '95
Ms. Laura Frazee '10
Ms. Sarah Frazee '09
Dr. Jennifer Crofford Freeman '75
Mrs. Joan Sazama French '60
Ms. Ann Fritsche '06
  and Mr. Sreeram Reddy
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Gajardo
Ms. Theresa Garcia de Quevedo '04
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Garcia
Mrs. Rachael Ward Garfield '05
  and Mr. Brenden Garfield
Dr. Elizabeth Gargiulo
  and Mr. Timothy Gargiulo
Mrs. Kimberly Hightower Garnett '95
  and Mr. John Garnett
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Garrison
Mrs. Tricia Watson Gerber '05
  and Mr. Greg Gerber
Ms. Jacqueline Gibson '15
Ms. Alison Goh '05
  and Mr. Derek Pearce
Mrs. Mary Goldsmith '04
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gough Jr.
Mrs. Rita Gracia
Mrs. Lauren Rasch Greil '08
  and Mr. John Greil
Mrs. Aimee Riederer Gromowsky '88
  and Mr. Steve Gromowsky
Mr. John Guandolo
Mr. and Mrs. Ulises A. Guardado
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Guerra
Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Guerrero
Ms. Kristen Gustafson '90
  and Mr. James Maysonett
Ms. Erin Hall '00
  and Mr. Eric Blitzstein
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Hanrahan
Mr. and Mrs. George Hanson
Ms. Maria Happe '05
Mr. and Mrs. Fuad P. Harfuch
Mr. and Mrs. Milvern Harrell
Mrs. Maddie Huffman Harrison '98
  and Mr. Gray Harrison
Mrs. Missy Bone Hayes '83
  and Mr. William Hayes
Ms. Jane Hensley '06
  and Mr. Eric E. Pederson
Mrs. Sandra Sandoval Hernandez '91
  and Mr. Carlos B. Hernandez
Ms. Casey Hibbard '91
  and Mr. Scott Walnum
Mr. and Mrs. John Higginbotham
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Higgins
Ms. Gretchen Hill '02
Ms. Deborah Hinyard
Mr. Ray Hiza
Dr. and Mrs. Thai Hoang
Mr. and Ms. Daniel C. Hobson
Mr. and Mrs. Harold N. Hofmann
Mr. and Mrs. Harold N. Hofmann
Mr. and Mrs. Armour R. Holman
Mrs. Sam Fechtel Howell '05
  and Mr. Paul Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Hrnicek
Ms. Carolyn Hubach '03
Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Hubach
Mrs. Heather Moore Hubbard '05
  and Mr. Derek Hubbard
Mrs. Carly Landon Huffman '08
  and Mr. Robert Huffman
Ms. Katie Hughes '10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Inkman
Ms. Kathy Jacquart '84
Mr. and Ms. Joseph S. Jancuska
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Jiede
Mr. and Mrs. Brook Johnson
Mrs. Patti Pardo Johnson '68
  and Mr. George Johnson
Ms. Mari Hinojosa Jones '91
Mrs. Estela Meneses Jones '71
  and Mr. Herbert A. Jones
Mrs. Margie Thibodaux Jones '85
  and Mr. Kevin Jones
Mrs. Angie Sagers Kadesky '80
  and Dr. Kevin Kadesky
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kahl
Ms. Gretchen Kane
Mrs. Mary MacHutta Kearney '95
  and Mr. William Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Keating
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Kenchel
Capt. Mary Kidd '96
Mrs. Carrie Hill King '94
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Kleinenbroich
Mr. and Mrs. Adam B. Kobos
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Koch
Ms. Mary Beth Koeth '01
Mr. and Mrs. Stijn Pieter Konings
Mrs. Amanda Fitch Korth '82
  and Mr. Craig G. Korth
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Kuehler
Mrs. Julie Dobransky Kuehn '90
  and Mr. Scott Kuehn
Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Kumpers
Mr. and Mrs. Chad LaFrance
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lamont
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Land
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lange
Mrs. Julie Jungen Lanicek '80
  and Mr. Rick Lanicek
Mrs. Stefanie Ramirez Lattanzio '90
  and Mr. Douglas Lattanzio
Dr. and Mrs. John Lavelle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Leal
Dr. Lydia Aguilar
  and Dr. Seong Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lehman
Ms. and Ms. Hollis A. Stuckert
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Manish Limaye
Mrs. Courtney Harnden Link '92
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Llana
Ms. Tarra Loera '03
Dr. Kristi Long
  and Mr. Nathan A. Long
Ms. Shannon Long '04
Ms. Bevin Holman Lonngren '86
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lopez
Mrs. Angelique McKinnon Lorig '95
  and Mr. Brian Lorig
Mrs. Mary Teresa Reichenstein Lothery '68
  and Mr. Hugh Lothery
Mrs. Amanda Newton Lott '05
  and Mr. Erinn J. Lott
Mr. and Mrs. James Loughborough
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Loughman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Love
Mr. and Mrs. David Lowe
Mr. David Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lynch
Ms. Kathrina Macalanda '10
Mrs. Anne Dancy Maher '08
  and Mr. William Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Marina
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Marks
Mr. Jose Marquez
Mrs. Cecilia Ackels Martin '84
  and Mr. Matthew C. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio Martinez
Ms. Suma Mathew
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mattia
Mrs. Kristin Robl Matula
  and Mr. Theodore D. Matula
Mrs. Catherine J. Maurer
Ms. Patricia McCormack
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McGowan
Mrs. Karen Bishara McMahon '93
  and Mr. Peter McMahon
Mrs. Kaylen McCurry Meserve '00
  and Mr. Nicholas T. Meserve
Microsoft Corporation
Mrs. Sophie Walton Migliazzo '97
  and Mr. Joshua Migliazzo
Ms. Christina Miller '95
Mrs. Julia Moore Miller '90
  and Mr. Ben Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Mobley
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Moise
Mrs. Lisa Moses Montgomery '90
  and Mr. Matt Montgomery
Dr. Beth Montigue
  and Dr. Tre' Montigue
Ms. Jen Moore '90
Mrs. Michelle Ingram Morales '89
  and Mr. Juan C. Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Moreno
Ms. Charry Morris
Mrs. Kathleen Nolan Morrison '93
Alexandra Muck '16
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Muck
Mrs. Leigh Goodall Mundinger '00
  and Mr. Will Mundinger
Mrs. Madeline Brophy Murack '05
  and Mr. Brett Murack
Ms. Julia Murphy '90
Mrs. Margot Brito Murphy '79
  and Mr. Thomas J. Murphy
Mrs. Carolyn Thomas Murray '87
  and Mr. Lee Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murray
Mrs. Bunny Priest Nance '63
Ms. Zoe Nash '14
Mrs. Marilyn Heraty Newkirk '60
  and Mr. Henry Newkirk
Ms. Jacqueline Nguyen
Mrs. Gretchen Ganc Nieto-Giovanini '90
  and Mr. Giovanni Nieto-Giovanini
Nuance Communications
Ms. Ali Oberman '15
Ms. Brett O'Brien '05
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Orendain
Mrs. Christina Brophy O'Shell '87
  and Dr. Michael V. O'Shell
Mrs. Megan Middendorf O'Sullivan '93
  and Mr. James O'Sullivan
Ms. Polly Rea O'Toole '84
Ms. Marcie Pagel '12
Mrs. Amanda Brown Paredes '84
  and Mr. Thomas Paredes
Mr. and Mrs. Nick F. Parigi
Dr. and Mrs. Amit I. Patel
Mrs. Megan O'Donnell Pattie '95
  and Mr. Marshall Pattie
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Payne
Mrs. Yvette Rendon Pelikan '96
  and Mr. Thomas Pelikan
Mrs. Amy Perkins
Mrs. Eileen Archibald Perkins '80
Mrs. Maryanne Connelly Perri '83
  and Mr. David Perri
Ms. Janet Sherman Phipps '90
Mr. and Mrs. Chuong Phung
Mrs. Kathleen Sullivan Pipes '72
  and Mr. Bill Pipes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pitchford
Mr. and Mrs. James Pittman
PNC Foundation
Ms. Elise Seymore Porras '95
  and Mr. Paul Porras
Mrs. Karen Quadrini Powell '86
  and Mr. Evan Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Pratt
Ms. Olivia Price '10
Mrs. Cynthia Primrose
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Progar
Ms. Emily Pryor '10
Mrs. Rachel Dickey Radu '06

  and Mr. Peter Radu
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rakowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rand
Dr. Tia Tortoriello Raymond '88
  and Mr. Colin Raymond
Mrs. Angelique Thomas Reagor '81
  and Dr. Lee C. Reagor
Mr. Hal Redmon
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reisch
Mrs. Elizabeth Bondy Reynolds '88
  and Mr. Robert Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Richard
Mrs. Laura Hovas Richman '05
  and Mr. Scott Richman
Ms. Claire Riggins '10
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Rivera
Mrs. and Joan Roberts
Dr. Tami Roberts
  and Mr. Matthew Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Robinson
Dr. Dena Robinson
Mr. Donald Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Rowley
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Rubenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rucker
Ms. Ashley Rushing '14
Mr. and Mrs. John Sabine
Salesforce Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Clayton Sanders
Dr. Ann-Marie Roberts
  and Mr. Matthew Sanders
Ms. Megan Sanders '01
Mrs. Erin McDowell Sands '88
  and Mr. Kurt G. Sands
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Santos-Burgoa
Mrs. Hilda Sanz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Sargis
Mrs. Sarah Martin Sarrat '95
  and Mr. Edward Sarrat
Mr. and Mrs. Lacarl Satcher
Ms. Yvette Schaded '47
Mr. and Mrs. John Schneider
Mrs. Mary Ann Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schnurr
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schorlemer
Mrs. Karen Baetz Schott '02
  and Mr. Jeffrey Schott
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schroeder
Ms. Katherine Schulten '80
  and Mr. Michael Dulchin
Mrs. Cynthia Henderson Scott '66
Mrs. Kathy Seery Scucchi '96
  and Mr. Mark Scucchi
Ms. Courtney Seager '10
Mrs. Lauren Navarro Senie '06
  and Mr. Brian Senie
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Shepherd
Ms. Susan Shotland '04
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sikes
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Slusher
Ms. Courtney Smith '09
Mrs. Evangelina Ramirez Smith '86
  and Mr. Mark Smith
Mrs. Lucy Trenary Smith '97
  and Mr. Brent Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Smith
Ms. Whitney Smith '10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Snyder
Mrs. Elizabeth Lucier Sobczyk '99
  and Mr. Kevin Sobczyk
Mrs. Erin Goiffon Soich '04
  and Mr. Alex Soich
Mr. and Ms. Leonardo Spencer
Dr. Montse Aguilar Stadler '89
  and Dr. Ronney F. Stadler
Mr. and Mrs. David Stanford
Ms. Viviana Stanford
Ms. Laura Starr '03
  and Mr. Mike Presbitero
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Steinbach
Ms. Whitney Stenger '05
Mrs. Lauren Saller Stewart '94
  and Mr. Alec A. Stewart
Addie Stone '16
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Stoudamire
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Straus
Dr. Tracy Stringfield
  and Mr. David Stringfield
Ms. Patty Sullivan '81
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Sweda
Mr. and Mrs. Kail C. Swindle
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Syler Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Simon S. Tan
Ms. Ashli Taquino '97
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Taraszki
Ms. Earlyne Tarrant '57
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Terhune
Texas Instruments Foundation
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
Ms. Carolina Thomas '05
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. David Tiffany
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tomaselli Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dimas Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tran
Mrs. Marinette Paredes Tran '96
  and Mr. Tran
Sister Mary Troy '51
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Trungale
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Trungale
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Tschoepe M.D.
Mrs. Julianne Christine Turner '64
  and Mr. Jim Turner
Mrs. Patty Jo Haggar Turner '63
  and Mr. John Turner
Ms. Morgan Uber '11
United Healthcare
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Untermeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ursone
Ursuline Sisters of Dallas
Mrs. Lendy Duda Vail '82
  and Mr. Tom Vail
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Van Dinter Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Van Hyfte
Mrs. Donna Vanderwoude
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Velasquez
Ms. Bailey Vertin '13
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Villani
Mrs. Sandra Magaña Villarreal '96
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wagner
Ms. Laura Wall '08
Ms. Mary Walters '75
  and Mr. Mark Stoltz
Mrs. Lucy Grissaffi Ward '91
  and Mr. Joel Ward
Mrs. Stephanie Carpenter Warnock '04
  and Mr. Edward Warnock
Mr. and Mrs. James Wasinger
Ms. Ann Weaver '66
Dr. Annamaria Welch
  and Mr. David Welch
Mr. and Ms. Kraig Wellshear
Mrs. Catherine O'Neill Wenglar '95
Mr. and Mrs. Max Wernick
Mrs. Nicole Rodriguez Wetters '95
Ms. Susan Wheat '10
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron White
Mrs. Emily Moeller White '98
  and Mr. Dan White
Ms. Marti White '10
Ms. Jessica Barnett Whiteman '05
  and Mr. Matthew Whiteman
Mr. and Mrs. John Whitley
Mrs. Jessica Gates Whitsitt '02
  and Mr. William Whitsitt
Mrs. Elizabeth Peters Wiener '90
  and Mr. David Wiener
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williams
Ms. Olivia Williams '13
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wilson
Ms. Monica Marie Wischmeyer '11
Mrs. Nora Anne Hagar Wogan '53
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolf
Mrs. Kathie Kahn Wood '87
  and Mr. Alan Wood
Maddie Wood '17
Ms. Marleigh Wood '19
Meredith Wood '17
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Wooten
Ms. Lijin Xi
Mrs. Stacy Guzman Youkilis '94
  and Mr. Scott Youkilis
Ms. Theresa Youngblood '82
  and Dr. Keith Volanto
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Zarmakoupis
Mrs. Ann Zolfoghary
Donor lists are carefully compiled, but there is the possibility of error.
If your name was omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact Catherine Maurer, Chief Development Officer, at 469-232-3584 or
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Class of 2020 Scholarship Recipient