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Endowment Goal: $4M


Endowments build long-term financial stability that provides scholarships to promising young women for generations to come.

Infused by the spirit of Serviam, I will serve, Ursuline Academy is distinguished as a premier educational institution and center of culture and faith.

Three cornerstones and signature programs combine to make Ursuline unique in the Dallas area: our Ursuline heritage and Catholic identity, we are all girls, and our tradition and innovation. An endowment is a permanent "trust" account established through philanthropic support. The endowment principal earns investment income to benefit the school.

Endowments are managed by the Ursuline Academy of Dallas Foundation, Inc., and a formal investment policy provides for both growth and expenditures.

two senior girls helping elementary student with school work

Endowed Scholarships

  • Allow Ursuline to achieve a socioeconomic balance that reflects the wider community
  • Permanently invest funds
  • Annually distribute supporting scholarships in perpetuity
  • Provide an opportunity for an ongoing legacy of support for Ursuline

We chose to give to the endowed scholarship fund in our parents’ name because we believe in Catholic education. Because of our parents, we were fortunate to have the opportunity and experience of a Catholic education. Through our gift and on behalf of our parents, we wanted to provide the opportunity of an Ursuline education and experience for generations to come.

Jennifer '84 and John Gates, Michelle '86 and John Grimes, Stephanie '87 and Todd Phillips, Amy '95 and Jamie Mentgen, and Jenny and Jeffrey R. Staubach

The Marianne and Roger Staubach Endowed Scholarship


Jill Stephenson

Chief Development Officer