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Capital Improvements Goal: $68.25M


As education continues to evolve, so must Ursuline’s physical learning spaces.

By contributing to capital improvements, you are helping to create a 1,000-seat theater, flexible academic spaces, a beautiful new chapel, and more. Together, we will build and renovate spaces where our community can gather, create, collaborate, work, play, and praise.

New Spaces

East Campus Building | Athletic Field View


  • Theater to accommodate the entire student body
  • Visual & Performing Arts classrooms
  • Flexible Learning Spaces for English & Social Studies
  • Engineering & Fabrication Labs
  • Collaborative & Social Spaces
  • Broadcast Studio
  • Distributed Dining Space


Existing West Campus | Haggar Center Interior


  • Chapel
  • Dining Area (photo above)
  • Practice Gym & Weight Room
  • Administrative Offices
  • Volunteer Workspaces

“During my time at Ursuline, I discovered a new sense of confidence I had never experienced before. I was able to express both my interests and concerns, become more socially active, and improve in my academics. I also developed leadership by organizing small private service events throughout the years with my friends. I feel blessed to have found a new voice and outgoing personality within myself thanks to my teachers and peers.”

Monica Aguilera
Class of 2020