School Uniform Guidelines

Ursuline uniform items may be purchased from Mills Uniform Company (Code: 3377) or Academic Outfitters (Code: TX0814).

The Ursuline uniform signifies membership in the student body. Students are to wear the school uniform every day. The Ursuline Academy uniform must, at a minimum, include a blouse, a skirt, a sweater, a blazer, socks, and a pair of uniform shoes.

All uniform standards are subject to interpretation by the Dean of Students, whose decision as to the appropriateness of any aspect of a student's appearance is final.

Basic Uniform

The basic uniform includes the following list of approved items:

  • white oxford or cotton material, pointed collar, may be button-down, long-sleeved or short-sleeved, tuck-in blouse
  • navy blue cardigan or navy blue v-neck sweater
  • navy blue blazer with Ursuline's crest on pocket
  • solid navy blue tights with no ridges/pattern, or solid navy footless tights/leggings (socks must cover legging hem.)
  • solid white crew socks that must cover ankle (no emblems)
  • solid white knee socks
  • navy blue or black and white saddle oxfords, or navy blue or black and white mule style saddle oxfords
  • red, white, and blue plaid skirt (hem must be of no more than one and a half inches above the knee as a student stands straight)
  • red or navy pullover Ursuline fleece from Bear Necessities
  • Ursuline sweatshirts in excellent condition (not torn, frayed, or stained)

Senior Choices

The senior uniform includes the following list of approved items:

  • navy blue cotton, short-sleeved, tuck-in blouse
  • navy blue ¾ sleeve blouse
  • white v-neck sweater
  • solid navy blue socks that must cover ankle (no emblem)
  • solid navy blue knee socks
It is strongly recommended that labels with student names be placed in all uniform items (particularly blazers/sweaters).

Students are expected to wear the uniform properly at all times during the school day. The uniform blazer is worn for all liturgical events/assemblies unless otherwise directed.

Jewelry, make-up, and hair adornments must be understated and appropriate to the uniform and proper deportment, at the school's sole discretion.

Hairstyles should not be distracting, and hair may not be dyed an unnatural hair color. All jewelry should be minimal and appropriate for school. Tattoos, facial jewelry, and body piercings are not allowed. Only pins that are school related may be worn on the blazer. Undergarments should be tasteful, not visible, and flesh colored only.

Non-uniform items may not be worn during the day. Undershirts must not be visible. Jesuit and Cistercian sweatshirts may only be worn on selected days when they are approved by the Dean of Students.

A student will only be permitted to not wear uniform shoes if she has an official note from her physician stating that, for medical reasons, she cannot wear the shoes for a specified number of days. This note is presented to the Dean of Students and is kept on file. Only in rare instances will non-uniform shoes be permitted for an entire semester or school year.

In the event that the uniform cannot be worn (due to injury or special circumstances) the student must request a temporary pass from the Dean of Students.

Students who arrive at school in non-uniform clothing are not in compliance with the uniform requirements and are unprepared for school. The student will receive a Class I infraction for improper/incomplete uniform.

Occasionally, the Dean of Students may approve a "Dress Down Day" for the student body. On those days, school appropriate, casual clothing is acceptable. Nothing should be too tight or too short. Shorts, pajamas, and/or torn garments are never appropriate attire for class days. Flip flops and slippers are not permitted on dress down days. The administration will not allow apparel that is, or is perceived to be, contrary to the mission of the school.