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Financial Assistance

The Ursuline Academy of Dallas Financial Assistance Program is designed to offer assistance to students who are in need of financial support. In 2016-2017, the Academy granted approximately $1,233,000 in financial assistance and merit awards to 217 students, representing approximately 26% of the student body.

Admission to Ursuline and the awarding of Financial Assistance are two separate decisions.  If a student is accepted, Ursuline then determines the student's need, the family's ability to pay, and the availability of financial assistance funds.  When a student demonstrates need, it is the intent of this program to share the cost of education with the student and her family.
To be eligible for assistance, a family/student must demonstrate financial need, meet the entrance requirements of the Academy, and be current with all financial obligations due. 
Every effort will be made to award some tuition support to eligible candidates. Students may be eligible for a grant each of their four years at Ursuline; however, the students must apply each year. Awards are not automatically renewed.
How to Apply
Ursuline uses the Grant & Aid Assessment through FACTS, a third party organization which analyzes the financial situation of applicants based on a number of factors. Families applying for financial assistance must submit their FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment online. Please note the following important deadline.
  • January 13, 2017: Deadline for submitting the completed FACTS Grant & Aid application form, fee, and a complete, executed copy of your 2015 Federal Income Tax Return directly to FACTS. The Tax Return must include all tax schedules and copies of your W-2 forms. Your application will not be considered until all information is received.   
Decisions regarding financial assistance will be mailed on March 10, 2017 to families that have submitted ALL required documentation.  If the application remains pending due to an outstanding tax return, the family will be notified in a timely manner by FACTS. If you do not receive a notification letter, contact the Finance Office to check on the status of your application.
Financial Assistance FAQs
Q. How are financial assistance decisions made?
A. Once all required documentation is submitted to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, including the 2014 year Federal Income Tax Return and W-2's, the Chief Financial Officer will prepare recommendations to the Financial Assistance Committee members. Recommendations are based on the report from FACTS, the tax return, and the amount of funds available that year for financial support.

Q. How am I assured that my application is handled in a confidential manner?
A. Reports generated from FACTS are available only to the Finance Office through a secure login and password system. In addition, completed documents are kept only in Finance Office files. When recommendations are submitted to the Finance Committee, all names are withheld.

Q. What is the maximum amount of financial assistance awarded?
A. The amount of financial assistance awarded varies from year to year. The annual proceeds from the Mardi Gras Ball comprise the largest contribution to the scholarship fund. An amount is calculated on the FACTS Grant & Aid Application for the family contribution. This amount is deducted from the tuition obligation and a percentage of need is applied. The total amount of funds available and the total number of students applying determine the percentage. Historically, the Academy has been able to provide 50% of financial need.

Q. If my family's financial situation changes during the year, can I apply for financial assistance, or do I have to wait for the following year?
A. You may apply at any time. However, because there is a limited pool of funds, the funds may already be allocated when you apply. You will be put on a waiting list in case funds become available at a later date.

Q. If parents are divorced or separated, do both parents need to apply for financial assistance?
A. Yes. Both parents need to submit financial assistance forms and tax information.

Q. When is the financial assistance award applied to my account?
A. The approved award is applied on a per semester basis. Once an application has been approved, an Acceptance Letter will be mailed to the family to be completed and returned. When the Finance Office receives the Acceptance Letter, the first half of the grant will be applied to the tuition balance.

Q. Are financial assistance awards renewed annually?
A. No. Applications must be submitted annually with current information in order for a family to be eligible for assistance each year.

Q. What if my tax return does not agree with the information provided to FACTS?
A. If the amount on your tax return does not agree with the information provided on your FACTS Grant and Aid application, any approved award may be adjusted accordingly.
Financial Assistance Contacts
Finance Office
Connie Lovejoy
Tuition & Financial Assistance
Tel: 469-232-3577

FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment
Tel: 866-315-9262
Fax: 866-315-9264
Financial Assistance Dates & Deadlines
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