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Why an All Girls School?

Ursuline Academy is a place designed especially for girls and the way they learn.

Studies show that girls find it easier to excel and become more confident learners in an all-girl setting. It's a more comfortable environment that encourages girls to speak up in class, to express their opinions, and to take initiative in everything from academics to the arts to athletics.

At Ursuline, every girl is an achiever in her own way. Girls start clubs, plan service projects, play on sports teams, and hold all of the leadership positions. The all-girl environment creates a special, sister-like bond among students and a strong sense of community.

From the first day a girl walks through the door, she finds a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone – students and teachers – is eager to help you learn, grow, and succeed in taking on any challenge.

Find out more about what the research shows about the benefits of an all-girl education.

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