Mothers' Club

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Welcome to the Mothers’ Club web page! We are glad you stopped by.

Dating back to 1932, our organization has a wonderful history of assisting both the President and Principal with many of the school's social and cultural activities. Every mother of an Ursuline student is a member of the Mothers’ Club.

From Mentor Moms and making mums in the fall to providing hospitality at senior graduation, there are many Ursuline events and activities for which the Mothers’ Club provides invaluable support. We also provide welcoming receptions for Ursuline traditions such as Freshman Convocation, Sophomore Serviam and Junior Ring Ceremony.


There’s something for every mom to participate in and best of all, it’s fun!


If you like to plan ahead, check out our calendar of events for the school year and consider joining us at our general meetings to learn more about Ursuline. Also, consider lending a helping hand by joining a committee.

We encourage you to explore our volunteer opportunities in detail. Getting involved will provide you a chance to learn more about Ursuline Academy and have you meeting new friends in no time. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Barb Louviere
2019-2020 Mothers' Club President



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