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Ursuline Showcases Special Print Exhibition
Ursuline Showcases Special Print Exhibition

What a way to celebrate 20 years of printmaking at Ursuline!

Photography and Printmaking Teacher Bill Thompson presents a selection of student prints from 1997-2017.

"With so much strong work, selection was not an easy process," Thompson said. "I am proud of how each student delights in the medium in her own way. Many of our students go on to great success in creative fields, and I know in some way their experiences in our Art classes influenced their future."

From the UA collection of more than 400 prints, 139 intaglio, screen, and relief prints are featured.

"Teaching prep-school Art is not just about students continuing in the Arts (although many do)," Thompson said. "It is about students exercising creativity, while learning and appreciating how art is done. I know my students carry that with them."

And the students are thankful they do, too.

"Although not everyone's work is displayed, I want to thank all my students for joining me with the courage to create and express," Thompson said. "This exhibition honors your presence and hard work."

View the full exhibit.