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Classroom Corner: Finding Your Inner Zen
Classroom Corner: Finding Your Inner Zen

Stephanie Zorn's Mindfulness and Stress Management class might as well be a life skills course.

Students learn organization, time management, and how to combat stress with meditation, exercise, and self-reflection.

"Since I began using meditation outside of this semester class, I have noticed I accomplish my tasks more efficiently throughout the week," junior Gabrielle Rauker said. "The technique has also benefited my health by allowing me to go to bed earlier and have personal time for myself."

More students are becoming more mindful. Zorn taught 18 students last year. That number jumped to 52 students this year.

"It is vital to your well-being to personally check-in with yourself every day," Zorn said. "That's why I love being a PE teacher, too. Many people dread the workout at first, forgetting how great we feel afterwards — happier and more energized."

While yoga and exercise are key to the class, it isn't everything.

Other mindful activities:

  • Students have a planning period every week to prioritize tasks and plan out study and homework time in their planners.
  • Students chronicle thoughts in journals and gratitude journals.
  • Students chart their stress levels during a seven-day mindfulness log (i.e. walks, meditation, naps).

"This class is very important, and I think everyone needs to know how to cope with their stress so that it does not build up," junior Avery Thompson said. "This class encouraged me to care more about my well-being, not just physically, but emotionally."