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Ursuline's Science Classes Go 3-D
Ursuline's Science Classes Go 3-D

Ursuline's Anatomy and Physiology classes have never been so cutting edge.

The school unveiled its new Anatomage Table this week. The educational tool is found in the world's leading medical schools, but very few have reached the high school classroom.

No other school in Dallas currently has an Anatomage Table, which is the only real human 3-D anatomy system. Only 68 tables are currently in high schools nationwide.

"Ursuline is a technology leader in the classroom," said Matt Lepley, who teaches Anatomy and Physiology and Human Anatomy Honors. "In addition to instruction, I will use the table for formative and summative lab practical questions."

Lepley's students are starting their lesson on the central nervous system and the brain.

The table's capabilities are endless. Students can play automated fly-throughs throughout the body and dissect and investigate the pathology of tissues and organs. The table can also be tipped upright for easier viewing within each virtual cadaver.

"With the entire class standing around the table, I challenged each girl to choose a muscle, name it out loud, and then tap it on the table," said Jill Wallace, who also teaches Anatomy and Physiology. "Each girl successfully identified their muscle, and it was met with lots of positive affirmations."

The table will be mainly used in Ursuline's Anatomy and Physiology classes, but Ursuline's Biology classes will also use it during its units on comparative anatomy of animals. The table includes virtual cadavers of frogs and cats.

Lepley's favorite feature? Students and teachers can add annotations to each image, which has an unprecedented level of accuracy.

The annotating can make a great study tool before quizzes and tests.

"The students cannot wait to see all the other fabulous things the table will teach them as the semester progresses," Wallace said.