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Ursuline Participates in Ethics Symposium
Ursuline Participates in Ethics Symposium

Ursuline explored ethics in business, medicine, technology, and religion at the Shelton School's Ethics Symposium.

Director of Personal Counseling Tanya Hamilton and Head Librarian Renee Chevallier accompanied six students to the annual symposium at the University of Texas in Dallas.

The symposium, which included more than 125 area students, was a hands-on learning experience. Clint Bruce, a former Navy Seal and NFL player, and Bryan Kelley, Chief Empowerment Officer of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, were among the symposium's key speakers. Will Matthews, an ethics teacher at the Shelton School, also discussed the origins of ethics.

Students dissected the concept of a society's ethical barometer. They considered ethical scenarios and determined solutions as a group. Distinguished professionals also discussed ethical decisions and valuable decision-making tools in various panel discussions.

At the end of the day, students were challenged to continue to act with integrity and make the right decisions, even when they're not the popular one.

Student participants:

  • Sophomore Simon Tan
  • Sophomore Maura Miramontes
  • Junior Sydney Armijo
  • Junior Valentina Ponce
  • Junior Mackenzie Marsaw
  • Junior Bethany Roberts