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Ursuline Hosts Hackathon
Ursuline Hosts Hackathon

Engineering Week was full of exciting activities.

Ursuline hosted a Hackathon with eight judges from the technology industry including Microsoft, Raytheon, IIS Engineering and Technology, and Credera.

Eleven teams were asked to develop a product for a specific problem related to Mother Earth. They "hacked"/programmed a solution in three hours using any programming language, such as Java, Java Script, HTML, and Python.

Other Engineering Week activities included spoon catapults and newspaper towers in Haggar. Thanks UA Engineering Club!

Hackathon Results

First Place: Emma Tanner, Lauren Stark, and Rachel Voirin

Project Name: 3AR1H

Users determine their major environmental issue. A personalized weekly calendar of challenges and tips follows, so the user adopts more sustainable and environmentally friendly habits. This program reinforces one person can have an impact even if it's as simple as trading out a plastic water bottle for a reusable one.

Second Place: Somto Unini and Alessia Welch

Project Name: The Teenager's Guide to Saving the Planet

This program takes the form of a fun and easy questionnaire. It offers personalized solutions. Green initiatives are added to your calendar based on your interests and on how much time you have.

Third Place: Namisha Kaur, Kendall Mobley, and Riley Mall

Project Name: Project CleanUp

This application, designed for Ursuline, offers an incentive for recycling. The users are placed in teams: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors. They enter how many water bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bags, and cardboard boxes they've recycled. A printout includes the amount of pounds recycled and the amount left for each grade to reach its goal. Along with the JGRASP application, we coded the first three pages of the app in XCode using Swift. In the future, users will take pictures of their trash and it will be sent to an administrator to review.

The grade with the highest recycling will receive a dress down day, a day off, or other rewards. Project CleanUp hopes to expand beyond this Hackathon and cater to schools across the Diocese of Dallas.

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