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Teacher Recalls El Camino Pilgrimage
Teacher Recalls El Camino Pilgrimage

Eve Juarez remembers the journey like it was yesterday — 39 days, 693 miles, 1,550,384 steps.

Ursuline's Computer Science Chair walked the El Camino de Santiago in summer 2014. She reflected on her pilgrimage in November's Heartbeats: The Company of St. Angela in the 21st Century.

She started the journey alone but gained invaluable friendships along the way.

"The Camino is God's vision of heaven on earth," Juarez wrote in the newsletter. "Never have I seen such a spirit in the human race where people come to the table as family, brothers and sisters, sharing and rejoicing in our similarities and our differences."

Eve and her husband returned to the El Camino de Santiago in July 2017. The pair completed 230 miles from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Burgos, Spain. Spanish teacher Maluza Escamillia and her husband also completed the end of the Camino last summer.

"This is how God envisions us living with one another, God's Way," Juarez said. "If everyone could just get a small glimpse of this heaven, we would aspire for this community everywhere in the world."

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