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Summer Student News
Summer Student News

We're always excited to hear what our students are up to!

Here are some accomplishments shared by our students.

Vivian Blakeley '21 knows what it's like to be a doctor.

She attended the National Student Leadership Conference at Harvard Medical School. The prestigious conference educates aspiring doctors with workshops, lectures, and labs.

Vivian performed clinical rounds, learned surgical techniques, and participated in diagnosis and treatment scenarios. She even tackled important public health issues. She was named VIP by her high school peers.

Sofia Caldera '22 had a memorable summer. The freshman went on a life-changing medical mission trip with her family to Guatemala. She also spent time mastering a hobby. She competed in the Stars and Stripes National Trampoline and Tumbling Competition in Reno, Nevada.

Bella Ramirez '20 excels on the lacrosse field. She played for the 2018 Under Armour Underclass Southwest Girls Highlight Team.

Bella said it was "an absolute honor" to play in lacrosse's most prestigious event at Townson University in Baltimore. She plays defense for Ursuline Lacrosse and the select 214Lacrosse team.

Ursuline continues to mix math and art.

Voyage Dallas highlighted Ursuline's unique partnership with the MADI Art Museum in Dallas. Students create geometric transformations, including translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations, to create special masterpieces.

The artwork, created on Geometer SketchPad, is displayed annually at the Madi.

"As math teachers, we try to teach our students that math is an integral part of their everyday lives," Department Chair Tammy Yung said. "This includes looking at math with an artistic eye. Geometric art is a great way to showcase both the principles of geometry and creative problem solving."

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U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions hosted 163 students from 42 high schools for the annual Pete Sessions Leadership and Growth Program in Washington D.C.

Madison Neri '19 and Zoe Victorine '19 participated in the second session, Olivia Hartin '20 and Bethany Roberts '20 participated in the third session, and Porter Pechauer '19 and Sarah Pumphrey '20 participated in the fourth session.

Students experienced firsthand how government works and learned invaluable leadership skills.

"The week-long program was amazing," Neri said. "We participated in debates and visited historic sights, including our nation's capitol and museums."

Anai Winings '22 was selected to play in the prestigious United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) All-American Games in Viera, Florida. The softball standout was part of the Midwest National Team and played against other teams in the US.

Elise Welch '20 is very excited about her senior season.

Elise excels in cross country. She knows expectations are high for Ursuline, but she knows the best is yet to come. The Bears are eying their fourth state title in a row.

"We are all very excited and hopeful for this upcoming season," Welch said to Texas MileSpilt. "We have two returning varsity members that ran in last year's state meet. ... In my offseason, I really focused on strength and solid base work. I feel stronger and more determined than I have before."

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Angelina Velis '20 and Grace Risinger '20 love to make a difference.

They teamed up with Genesis Women's Shelter to raise awareness about teen dating abuse. In three years, the dynamic duo has raised more than $2,000 for the shelter.

"Once we heard one in three teens in Texas experience abuse, we knew we had to do something," said Risinger, who volunteers with Velis on the Genesis S.T.A.R. Board (Students Tackle Abusive Relationships).

Angelina and Grace's Serviam Spirit was featured on Clarice Tinsley's latest "Hometown Heroes." Their fashion blog, entitled Angel Named Grace, also sells t-shirts to raise money for the Genesis Women's Shelter.

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"Even the smallest thing can make a difference in someone's life," Velis said.

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