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Students Win Calligraphy Competition
Students Win Calligraphy Competition

Ursuline's Mandarin Chinese Classes are celebrating culture and calligraphy.

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival — an important tradition in Asian countries — students learned Tai Chi. Dr. Xiujuan Hu, an instructor from The University of Texas at Dallas, taught the martial arts class on campus Wednesday.

Ursuline also recently won best school participation at the Confucius Institute's Calligraphy Competition. The Confucious Institute is part of UTD.

Students wrote a Chinese poem in calligraphy along with this sentence: "I am a high school girl, and I love to learn Chinese. I will serve (Serviam) is one of our school's core values."

The students (listed below) take May Shen's Mandarin Chinese IV Honors Class:

  • Senior Kat Allison
  • Senior Sue Kim
  • Senior Valeria Marques
  • Senior Ana Parigi
  • Senior Cate Stuart
  • Senior Oria Wilson-Iguade
  • Junior Marie-Claire Inniss
  • Junior Kaitlynn Soo