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Students Make Memories Around Globe
Students Make Memories Around Globe

Ursuline continues to educate global leaders, near and far.

Students visited Ursuline's sister school, Ursuline High School, in Wimbledon, England this summer. They also explored the heritage of Ursuline missions in Montana and participated in a faith-based mission trip in Costa Rica.

Unique study abroad classes were also offered in Spain and France. Here are the highlights:

Ursuline High School in Wimbledon, England

Thirteen students bonded quickly with wonderful host families in Wimbledon. They took a walking tour of London and experienced the London Eye, Hampton Court, and the host site of the famous Wimbledon Tennis Championship. They also served tea, coffee, and food to elderly members of a local parish.

The students made scones, sausage rolls, and classic English sponge cake, called a Victorian sandwich cake, in the school kitchen. The students ended the party with a lively rendition of "Deep In The Heart of Texas."

"It was a wonderful experience of Serviam and sisterhood," said Rachel Clark, who teaches Physics and Engineering Design Innovation.

Study Abroad Programs

The World Languages Department hosted summer study abroad classes for Ursuline students at the University of Salamanca, Spain, and University of Caen, France. Opportunities included language coursework for academic credit.

In Spain, 22 students experienced two weeks of language and culture study at the Universidad de Salamanca, which celebrated its 800th anniversary. They lived with Spanish host families, cooked paella and tortilla Española, and attended flamenco classes.

"It's always a great learning experience for our students," World Languages Department Chair and Spanish Teacher Roxana Casco said. "Many of them discover their love for the Spanish language and culture."

In France, 10 students experienced two weeks of language and culture study at the Université de Caen. They lived with French host families, cooked with a French chef, and cheered on the French National Team in soccer's World Cup.

"It was a perfect blend of immersive learning and fun," French Teacher Amy Gilchrist said. "It was a very exciting time to be there."

Weekends included guided tours to historic regional sites like the D-Day beaches and Mont Saint Michel.

Mission Trip

Eight students participated in project-based ministry in Costa Rica. Activities included digging trenches, construction, and painting projects at various chapels.

"It was a peace-filled trip guided by the Holy Spirit," Theology Teacher and Retreat Coordinator Kathryn Gibbs said. "Our students walked away with hearts filled with gratitude and peace."

Students also made bracelets, visited a Del Monte pineapple plantation plant, played soccer with locals, and made homemade tamales.


Montana Ursuline Experience. The week-long trip included visits to the St. Paul's and St. Ignatius Missions, as well as Giant Springs State Park.

"It's always fulfilling to learn about the courageous lives of the pioneer Ursuline sisters," said Sr. Lois Castillon, Ursuline's Director of Mission and Heritage. "It was the best week."

Sr. Lois traveled with junior Mackenzie Marsaw, sophomore Marcela Toscano, two Ursuline alumnae, and three Ursuline coworkers.