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Students Encourage Voting, Engagement
Students Encourage Voting, Engagement

Election Day is just around the corner, and students and faculty are motivating each other to be active, engaged citizens.

Ursuline's recent "Afternoon of Activism" helped seniors and faculty register to vote. It also promoted volunteerism and taught participants how to navigate candidate websites.

"We are not party, issue, or candidate affiliated," Social Studies Chair Olivia Ide said. "We are purely here to help. We hope that this will get students excited about the voting process and see that their vote counts."

Ide said the sessions are more than just about how to vote.

"We want to help students recognize their voice does matter and they can make a difference," Ide said. "Sometimes we all just need support taking that first step."

Ursuline will hold a mock election on "something non-political" on Tuesday, November 6, and will host another "Afternoon of Activism" in the spring. Topics include helping students find ways to explore issues that are important to them, how they become involved with those causes, and the pros/cons of different types of activism.

"We are more there to help them think through how they want to be involved and provide support for them to get involved," Ide said.

"Afternoon of Activism" Teachers:

  • Sarette Albin
  • Frank Bauroth
  • Dr. Stephen da Silva
  • Alicia Estes
  • Jeff Girard
  • Dr. Megan Griffin
  • Jessica Bailey
  • Kate Schenck
  • Dr. Jason Surmiller