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Meet Our National Merit Semifinalists
Meet Our National Merit Semifinalists

What a way to end the week!

We celebrated our seven National Merit Semifinalists Friday with a luncheon and special cake. We can't wait to see what they accomplish next.

Approximately 16,000 students across the U.S. were named National Merit Semifinalists this year. These seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,500 National Merit Scholarships offered next spring.

Meet our National Merit Semifinalists:

Morgan Andrulis

Clubs/Interests: Computer Science Club President, Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society Vice President, and National Honor Society

"I want to study aerospace engineering, particularly the astronomical branch of it. I want to work at a space company to work on rockets and satellites."

Mary Chen

Clubs/Interests: Music Honor Society President, pianist, and violinist in Ursuline's orchestra

"I want to study bioengineering at Rice. I've always loved science and engineering. With biology, you can really help a lot of people."

Sophia Love

Clubs/Interests: Art-in-a-Cart Vice President, Cistercian Cheer Senior Captain, and Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society

"I'm undecided on my career path, but I'm excited. I would like to combine liberal arts with something in math or business."

Rachel Pierce

Clubs/Interests: band drum major, varsity softball captain/catcher

"I'm looking at pediatrics at Baylor. I like neonatology and infectious disease. I did a pediatric cardiology internship this past summer and loved it."

Kaitlynn Soo

Clubs/Interests: Broadcast Journalism Club, participates in Taekwondo

"I want to work in business and engineering. We planned a mission to Mars during my summer program at NASA's Johnson Space Center, and my internship involved artificial intelligence in the finance industry. I saw how business and engineering can be combined."

Emma Tanner

Clubs/Interests: Ambassador, varsity soccer forward, and Walnut Hill Elementary tutor

"I want to do so many things. I want to minor in Spanish and work for Doctors Without Borders. I can be a doctor who writes on the side and owns her own business."

Laurel Wood

Clubs/Interests: Jesuit Theatre, Ambassador, and National Honor Society

"I want to go to Pepperdine and be a children's author. When I was younger, I'd always tell my younger sister stories. The young adult section of the book store has turned really dark, and I don't want to read something depressing."

View photos from our luncheon.