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Literary Magazine Wins Seventh Straight Gold Medal
Literary Magazine Wins Seventh Straight Gold Medal

Esse received a Gold Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, which highlights excellence in student literary magazines.

The 2018 literary magazine earned 966 out of 1,000 points and achieved special recognition in categories of essentials and verbal. Ursuline scored a near perfect score (398 out of 400) in the verbal category.

It's Ursuline's seventh straight gold medal from the CSPA.

"You've created a product that is very special for your readers," one CSPA judge said. "The depth of writing and art show a thoughtful approach to collecting the very best from your school community. The writing and artwork you've highlighted are really special and unique."

The works follow the theme of "Space." Esse 2018 was produced by the Ursuline Literary-Art Magazine Club, which was led by Editor-in-Chief Veronica Yung '18 and Art Editor Anna Rehagen '18. Monica Prachyl Cochran '71 and Kate Kairies Schenck '97 moderated the club.

The magazine was dedicated to Frank Bauroth, one of Esse's biggest supporters. Bauroth, who has taught English at Ursuline for 25 years, encourages every student to submit entries to the magazine. He was also a former moderator of the Ursuline Literary-Art Magazine Club.

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