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June Student News
June Student News

We're always excited to hear what our students are up to!

Here are some accomplishments shared by our students.

Math has an artsy side.

Aiden Stuart '19, Whitney Dodson '21, Isabella Zarmakoupis '21, and Agustina de Urtubey '21 used geometric transformations, including translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations, to create special masterpieces. The artwork, created on Geometer SketchPad, is currently on display at the Madi Art Museum in Dallas.

"I want to congratulate each of our students on their beautiful artwork," Math Department Chair Tammy Yung said. "We are the only school with student artwork on exhibit at the museum."

Artwork from Ursuline art students Emma Sinasac '21 and Channing Lilley '19 is also part of the display.

View the museum's website.

Congratulations to the new officers of the Student Alumnae Association. The SAA works closely with the Alumnae Office. Students volunteer during alumnae events and programs.

  • President: Cecilia Chavez '19
  • Vice President: Emma Sheumaker '19
  • Co-Social Coordinators: Kailas Patel '19 and Allie Kilduff '20
  • Secretary: Mary Colleen Parro '20
  • Homecoming Chair: Olivia Hartin '20
  • Easter Egg Hunt Chair: Chiamaka Osuagwu '20
  • Memorial Mass Co-Chairs: Sonia Stadler '20 and Lauren Horner '19
  • Service Chair: Kristy Reynolds '20

The SAA had the following members this school year:

Seniors: Olivia Parsons, Gaby Preston, and Graciela Valenzuela.

Juniors: Hailey Baek, Mary Chen, Nadia DeLaCruz, Kerry Gleim, Christina Guerra, Nikka Hayes, Lauren Horner, Lauren LaBarba, Pauline Le, Rosemary Lerma, Elizabeth Mocek, Sarah Mulcahey, Kailas Patel, Arianna Ramirez, Emma Sheumaker, Emma Tanner, and Rachel Voirin.

Sophomores: Nicolette Altadonna, Ollantay Avila, Marta Baker, Rachel Cook, Sarabeth DeBord, Yesenia Gamiz, Olivia Hartin, Sarah Hui, Courtney Kang, Allie Kilduff, Katherine Martinez, Chiamaka Osuagwu, Colleen Parro, Sarah Pumphrey, Kristy Reynolds, Sonia Stadler, Avery Thompson, Claire Weber, and Daniella Zevallos.

Freshmen: Isabel Gajardo, Sara LaBarba, Mary Grace Voirin, and Jordan Young.