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Freshman/Sophomore Academic Awards 2018-2019
Freshman/Sophomore Academic Awards 2018-2019

Congratulations to the Ursuline students recognized for outstanding academic performance in the 2018-2019 school year!

The awards for Freshmen and Sophomores were presented on Wednesday, May 8.

Alumnae Leadership Scholarship Award: Juliana Alvarez
Alumnae Leadership Scholarship Award: Anna Fent
Alumnae Leadership Scholarship Award: Catherine Housson
Alumnae Leadership Scholarship Award: Isabella Martinez
Alumnae Leadership Scholarship Award: Giselle Sethi
Introduction to Computer Science: Mary Claire Bach
Introduction to Computer Science: Elizabeth Grambling
Introduction to Computer Science: Chloe Keggen
Introduction to Computer Science: Brooke Murray
Introduction to Computer Science: Grace O'Campo
Introduction to Computer Science: Lily Parra
Introduction to Computer Science: Olivia Sikes
Introduction to Computer Science: Mary Beth Walsh
Introduction to Java Programming: Namisha Kaur
Introduction to Java Programming: Elizabeth Rand
Digital Graphics and Animation: Savannah Flores
Digital Graphics and Animation: Mi-Lan Hoang
Webpage Design and Development: Delany Harwell
Webpage Design and Development: Juliana Stanford
Webpage Design and Development: Hannah Timmer
Advanced Placement Computer Science A: Megan Sickler
Advanced Placement Computer Science A: Somto Unini
Advanced Placement Computer Science A: Alessia Welch
Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles: Jennifer Elias
Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles: Julia Elias
Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles: Marcela Toscano
English I: Marissa Cash
English I: Vivana Esquivel
English I: Maggie Griffiths
English I: Anneliese Mier
English I: Emma Sweeney
English I: Ella Tomaselli
English I Honors: Ana Paulina Quiroz
English II: Jennifer Elias
English II: Madeleine Hebert
English II: Hailey Jones
English II: Grace O'Campo
English II: Sona Srambickal
English II: Marlene Weis
English II Honors: Mi-Lan Hoang
English II Honors: Somto Unini
Journalism I: Katharine Bales
Newspaper Journalism: Ellie Skelly
Yearbook Journalism: Phaedra Sulli
Algebra I/Geometry Year l: Maggie Lynch
Algebra I/Geometry Year l: Lia Padian
Algebra I/Geometry Year l: Ana Paulina Quiroz
Algebra I/Geometry Year l: Nika Shaaf
Algebra I/Geometry Year l Honors: Sarah Kerber
Algebra I/Geometry Year l Honors: Katie Robb
Geometry Honors: Abigail Rakowitz
Geometry Honors: Maggie Griffiths
Algebra l/Geometry Year 2: Renee Atwell
Algebra l/Geometry Year 2: Courtney Bell
Algebra l/Geometry Year 2: Vivan Nguyen
Algebra l/Geometry Year 2 Honors: Julia Elias
Algebra l/Geometry Year 2 Honors: Ashley Lehman
Algebra II: Katrina Csaky
Algebra II/Pre-Calculus Honors Agustina de Urtubey
Algebra II/Pre-Calculus Honors Megan Sickler
Algebra II/Pre-Calculus Honors Isabella Zarmakoupis
Calculus A Honors: Meena Gujjarlapudi
Texas Mathematics League finalist: Jamie Lim
American Mathematics Competition Level 10 and "School Top 3 Scorer" and "Team Member": Briar Bundy
American Mathematics Competition Level 10 and "School Top 3 Scorer" and "Team Member": Kylie Koeijmans
American Mathematics Competition Level 10 and "School Top 3 Scorer" and "Team Member": Alessia Welch
American Mathematics Competition Level 10 and "Team Member" and "School Winner" for highest overall score: Devon Vopni
Band: Ruthie Keyes
Freshman Choir: Caroline Richard
Jazz Choir: Theresa Hayes
Concert Choir: Somto Unini
Color Guard: Maura Miramontes
Dance: Regina Aguilar-Tejada
Dance: Samantha Hernandez
Orchestra: Maggie Griffiths
Introduction to Speech: Ana Paulina Quiroz
Stage Make-Up and Design: Amanda Benavides
Stage Make-Up and Design: Karina Torres
Stage Make-Up and Design: Victoria Wasinger
Stage Make-Up and Design: Kathryn Wilson
Introduction to Costuming Design: Abby Skelly
Lighting & Sound Design: Isabela Quevedo
Set Design and Stagecraft: Renee Atwell
Musical Theatre: Alyssa Schlette
Fundamentals of Acting: Olivia Sikes
Introduction to Theatre: Shelby Sawyer
Improvisation: Callie LaValle
Wellness: Tess Bowers
Wellness: Lily Edwards
Wellness: Vivana Esquivel
Wellness: Anupa Mathew
Wellness: Katherine McMahon
Wellness: Abigail Rakowitz
Chemistry I: Katie Harmon
Chemistry I: Mary Kate Jones
Chemistry I: Ashley Lehman
Chemistry I: Marlene Weis
Chemistry I Honors: Megan Sickler
Chemistry I Honors: Katie Tschoepe
Physics I: Maggie Griffiths
Physics I: Becca Loera
Physics I: Beckett Morris
Physics I: Lia Padian
Physics I: Ana Paulina Quiroz
Physics I: Hannah Wright
Physics I Honors: Jamie Lim
Physics I Honors: Emma Smith
Historical Geography: Katharine Bales
Historical Geography: Jamie Lim
Historical Geography: Beckett Morris
Historical Geography: Kathryn Reynolds
Historical Geography: Katie Robb
Historical Geography: Victoria Wasinger
World History: Brooke Horowitz
World History: Sophie McCauley
World History: Olivia Sikes
World History: Hannah Timmer
World History: Somto Unini
World History Honors: Elizabeth Rand
World History Honors: Marcela Toscano
Revelation in Scripture: Marissa Cash
Revelation in Scripture: Maddie Colbert
Revelation in Scripture: Meghan Mulcahey
Revelation in Scripture: Ana Paulina Quiroz
Revelation in Scripture: Katherine Reynolds
Revelation in Scripture: Victoria Rivera
Jesus, Salvation, and Church: Courtney Bell
Jesus, Salvation, and Church: Katrina Csaky
Jesus, Salvation, and Church: Hailey Jones
Jesus, Salvation, and Church: Ava Love
Jesus, Salvation, and Church: Sona Srambickal
Jesus, Salvation, and Church: Devon Vopni
Studio Art I Drawing, Painting and Design: Marissa Cash
Studio Art I Drawing, Painting and Design: Maeve Padian
Studio Art I Drawing, Painting and Design: Katie Robb
Studio Art II Drawing: Vivian Nguyen
Studio Art III Painting: Savannah Flores
Ceramics I: Olivia Mihalic
Ceramics II: Maci Mitchell
Digital Photography I: Colleen Finch
Digital Photography I: Ella Hudson
Relief and Engraving: Zoe Hobson
Screen printing: Adrienne Brunel
Arabic I: Ainsley Lewis
Arabic I: Emma Louviere
Arabic II: Mia Duarte
French I: Isabella Reasonover
French II: Kristin Musso
French II Honors Taylor Komlosi
Mandarin Chinese I: France Villar
Mandarin Chinese II: Savannah Wren
Spanish I: Maggie Lynch
Spanish I Honors Jingyao Guo
Spanish I Honors Molly Rutledge
Spanish II: Mary Claire Bach
Spanish II: Marit Peterson
Spanish II: Isabella Zarmakoupis
Spanish II Honors Serena Dash
Spanish II Honors Jamie Lim
Spanish II Honors Marlene Weis
Spanish III: Somto Unini
Spanish III Honors: Katharine Bales