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Employee Legacy Scholarship Continues Success
Employee Legacy Scholarship Continues Success

Ursuline's Employee Legacy Scholarship celebrated another big milestone.

For the fourth year in a row, employee participation reached 100 percent. Employee gifts to the fund totaled more than $30,200 for the 2018-2019 school year.

The scholarship provides a current student with need-based financial assistance.

"Coming together to help create a life-changing opportunity for a student is an inspiring experience," Director of Development Michele Snyder said. "We reached 100 percent participation in only two weeks, so this says a lot about how invested everyone is in the mission of the school."

The Ursuline Employee Legacy Scholarship Endowment has grown to more than $274,690 since the fund was created in 2006. This is the seventh year a scholarship from the endowment has been awarded.

"Although she remains anonymous, it's easy for us all to rally behind supporting a deserving student," Snyder said. "The students continue to be at the heart of why we love what we do."

A volunteer employee committee promotes the scholarship and plans ELS presentations and appreciation events for employees. Each member serves a two-year term.

2018-2019 ELS Committee:

  • Simon Aisthorpe
  • Sarette Albin
  • Kathryn Gibbs
  • Jenny Hood
  • Guy Hoyle
  • Hadil Issa
  • Charity Kelly
  • Jim Koehler
  • Beth Lenzer
  • Susie Murray
  • Cristina Noriega
  • Bernie Paul, Chair
  • Michele Snyder
  • Ruth Talkington
  • Claire Webb
  • Rebecca Wunderlick