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Choir Update: Countdown to the Vatican
Choir Update: Countdown to the Vatican

The choir is making the most of its last-minute rehearsals and performances.

Ursuline previewed its Vatican set-list to parents Monday night and followed up with festive Christmas selections Wednesday during the faculty and staff Christmas party.

"This is it," Choir Director Jane Chambers said. "Every singer has taken ownership of her music and this special Vatican performance. They are perfecting the details now and have gained so much confidence."

Thirty-five students, seven alumnae, and seven chaperones will leave for Rome at 8:30 a.m. on Christmas Day. The choir performs at the Mass of the Holy Innocents at the Vatican on December 28. They also perform at the Basilica di Sant'Andrea della Valle in Rome and the Church of Ognissanti in Italy.

Pope Watch

It's official! Ursuline will be attending the Holy Mass on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God at St. Peters Basilica. Pope Francis is scheduled to preside over the 10 a.m. mass on New Year's Day.

"A year ago, I could never imagine this great trip, and now we get to attend a New Year's Day Mass and see the Pope," senior Arden Howard said. "This trip will be a dream come true."

Said junior Tori Zaugg: "Going to the Mass will be amazing. Just being in the Pope's presence will be calming and peaceful."

A Medieval Christmas

The choir will perform A Ceremony of Carols at the Basilica di Sant'Andrea della Valle and the Church of Ognissanti. Ursuline will perform five of the piece's 11 movements, which includes three-part treble chorus, solo voices, and harp.

Ursuline's singers consider it one of their "biggest challenges" because the text includes Middle English, Latin, and some Early Modern English.

Ursuline will also visit the Pantheon.

"We have permission to do two songs to demonstrate the amazing acoustics of the place," Chambers said. "Amazing."

Social Media

Follow every step of this once-in-a-lifetime trip on our social media. Our talented singers will take over Ursuline's Instagram and Twitter during their journey.

The group will be in Rome from December 26-31 and in Florence from January 1-5. #UARoadToRome

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