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Choir Update: Countdown to the Vatican
Choir Update: Countdown to the Vatican

Ursuline's choir is busy preparing for its performance at the Vatican.

Thirty-five students, seven alumnae, and eight chaperones will leave for Rome at 8:30 a.m. on Christmas Day. The group will be in Rome from December 26-31. Their once-in-a-lifetime trip moves to Florence, Italy from January 1-5.

"We're going to perform in some world-class locales," choir director Jane Chambers said. "I know our students are getting more excited."

History teacher Anita Pezzimenti will make the trip with her husband. Carlo Pezzimenti is an internationally recognized guitar teacher and performer. He has served on the faculty of Texas Woman's University since 1980.

He will accompany the Ursuline choir on Silent Night and perform additional solos of his own. Ursuline is scheduled to perform during the Mass of the Holy Innocents at the Vatican on December 28. The choir will also have two additional performances in Rome and Florence.

The official Vatican announcement came on the school's 144th birthday, February 2.

"This is the pinnacle—to share our gift of music in a setting such as St. Peters Basilica," Chambers said.

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