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Awards Reception Honors Visual Arts Students
Awards Reception Honors Visual Arts Students

Ollantay Avila was awarded the Katherine Bolka Endowed Scholarship for Academic and Visual Arts Excellence. The Katherine Bolka Scholarship is presented to a rising senior with artistic promise who is selected through nominations from the Visual Arts faculty.

Elenor Post was also awarded the $300 Outstanding Senior Artist purchase award. A piece of her work will become a part of Ursuline's permanent art collection on campus.

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Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

  • Sarah Hui won a Gold Key (Sense of the Ancient) and Honorable Mention (Egret in Flight)
  • Elenor Post earned Honorable Mentions for Metamorphosis and Rainbow Scales
  • Alyssa Dean won two Silver Keys (Midnight Shoot and Home) and a Gold Key (Tender)

The Visual Arts Department works with Advancement to create a calendar featuring student art work. These students have been selected for the 2019-20 calendar:

January: Christa Gorman, Wrong Turn
February: Meg Lemler, Patterns and Flowers
March: Zoe Hobson, Nest
April: Natalia Quevedo (Kavedo), Rainy Nature
May: Audrey Bredehoft, The Colors Around You
June: Brooke Murry, How It Bee Sometimes
July: Mary Kate Torpey, Beach Scape
August: Hannah Fee, Wide Smile
September: Christa Gorman, Antiquing
October: Izzy Domine, Reaching Out
November: Mia Krusinski, Morning Dew
December: Ellie Lenzen, Natural Emphasis

National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation

  • Vivian Nguyen (Participation Award)
  • Haley Hanson (Participation Award)

Exceptional Senior in Ceramics

  • Haley Hanson

Juror Awards: Jessica Crocker, Guest Juror

Ceramics Functional
Honorable Mention: Erin Hurlburt, Shino Wave
Artistic Achievement: Sophia Love, Purple Mug
First Place Artistic Achievement: Sarah Gibbs, Shino Plate

Ceramics Non-Functional
Honorable Mention: Teresa Valenzuela, Pearl of the Sea
Artistic Achievement: Haley Hanson, Blackbuck
First Place Artistic Achievement: Ashley Zanatta, Heart

Fused Glass
Honorable Mention: Alexis Maldonado, All Strung Out
Artistic Achievement: Hanna Hughston, Plate of Colors
First Place Artistic Achievement: Alexis Maldonado, All Cracked Up

Digital Photo I
Honorable Mention: Natalia Quevedo, Rainy Nature
Artistic Achievement: Meghan Deasy, Your Beautiful Reaction
First Place Artistic Achievement: Audrey La, Glisten in the Darkness

Digital Photo II
Honorable Mention: Elise Welch, Bruno
Artistic Achievement: Kendall Colaluca, Untitled-Smoke
First Place Artistic Achievement: Elise Welch, Through the Looking Glass

Honorable Mention: Jade Kyle, In Too Deep
Artistic Achievement: Kiera Mullany, Taboo
First Place Artistic Achievement: Alyssa Dean, Flower Talk

Honorable Mention: Ollantay Avila, Japanese Paper
Artistic Achievement: Clare Bacak , Violet Jessop
First Place Artistic Achievement: Britton Morrell, Plant Cycle

Honorable Mention: Bella Sakalas, House
Artistic Achievement: Ashleigh Rogers, Isolation
First Place Artistic Achievement: Sarabeth DeBord, Lady Liberty

Studio Art I
Honorable Mention: Addie O'Connor, Piece of Dubrovnik
Artistic Achievement: Melissa Carlson, Volcano
First Place Artistic Achievement: Molly Rutledge, Serenity

Studio Art II
Honorable Mention: Anai Winings, My First Black Eye
Artistic Achievement: Vivian Nguyen, I'm Not Emo I Swear
First Place Artistic Achievement: Emma Richard, Sweet and Sour

Studio Art III and IV
Honorable Mention: Kate Rucker, Vogue Girl
Artistic Achievement: Meg Lemler, City Sunset
First Place Artistic Achievement: Savannah Flores, Fear

AP Studio Art
Honorable Mention: Malachi Snyder, Connection in Modern Times
Artistic Achievement: Izzy Domine, Examining Relationships Between Man and Nature
First Place Artistic Achievement: Alyssa Dean, Intimacy, Emotions through Bodies