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Awards Reception Honors Visual Arts Students
Awards Reception Honors Visual Arts Students

Ursuline held an arts awards ceremony and reception on Thursday, May 3, in conjunction with its annual arts exhibition.

Jordan Walters was awarded the Katherine Bolka Endowed Scholarship for Academic and Visual Arts Excellence. The Katherine Bolka Scholarship is presented to a rising senior with artistic promise who is selected through nominations from the Visual Arts faculty.

Anna Rehagen was also awarded the $300 Outstanding Senior Artist purchase award. A piece of her work will become a part of Ursuline's permanent art collection on campus.

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Awards List

The Visual Arts Department works with Advancement to create a calendar featuring student art work. These students have been selected for the 2018-19 calendar:

Hannah Ryan, Rainy Days
Riley Campbell, Deep Water Horizon
Gina Lecca, The Guadalupe
Anna Rehagen, Beautiful Hands
Mi-Lan Hoang, An Ocean of Metaphors
Sophia Love, Humming Bird
Elodie Boccara, Marigold
Breanna Beckhamm, Signs of Fall
Mary Dee, San Fran
Alyssa Dean, Baseball Tees
Abby Turner, You Are Loved
Kathryn Wright, Reflection

Jury-Selected Art Awards

AP Studio Art
Riley Campbell, Artistic Achievement, Deep Water Horizon
Erin Sanchez, Award of Artistic Merit, Gluttony
Elenor Post, First Place Artistic Achievement, Metamorphosis
Brigit Torpey, Honorable Mention, Creativity Yin Yang
Lauren DeVore, Honorable Mention, Kontour Kit

Gabrielle Preston, Artistic Achievement, Self Portrait, Ceramics I (Non-Functional)
Mackenzie Harrod, Honorable Mention, Something About Bees, Ceramics I (Non-Functional)
Kaitlin Codd, Honorable Mention, Split Decision, Ceramics II (Functional)
Alexis Maldonado, First Place Artistic Achievement, Surfin' Shoe, Ceramics II (Non-Functional)
Alyssa D'Aloise, Artistic Achievement, It's About Time, Ceramics III (Functional)
Mohitha Peram, Honorable Mention, OctoPot, Ceramics III (Non-Functional)
Alyson Cruz, Honorable Mention, Cup and Saucer, Ceramics III (Functional)
Theresa Khoury, First Place Artistic Achievement, Water Fall, Ceramics IV (Functional)

Digital Photography I
Grace Taylor, Artistic Achievement, Red Bus
Kristen Hyman, First Place Artistic Achievement, Western Boots
Josephine Davis, Honorable Mention, Black & White Book
Margaret Savage, Honorable Mention, Holly Berries with Water

Digital Photography II
Emily Musso, Artistic Achievement, African Mother & Child
Rachael Frisbie, First Place Artistic Achievement, Leatherwork
Victoria Gomez, Honorable Mention, Blurred Silhouettes
Melinda Miller, Honorable Mention, Portrait with Brush

Hanna Moon, Artistic Achievement, Inanimato
Kelly Mansour, First Place Artistic Achievement, Gemini
Jade Kyle, Honorable Mention, Orange Juice
Maggie Herndon, Honorable Mention, Signed Anonymous
Hanna Moon, Honorable Mention, The Hauntings

Fused Glass
Caroline Hunt, Artistic Achievement, Flower Power
Hannah Ryan, First Place Artistic Achievement, Chrysanthemums
Alyssa D'Aloise, Honorable Mention, Fireball
Larson Fisketjon, Honorable Mention, Nebulous

Katherine Henrion, Artistic Achievement, Exposed Stitch Book
Ciara Quinn, First Place Artistic Achievement, Case Bound Book
Jillian Brown, Honorable Mention, Mint Book
Claire Polak, Honorable Mention, Japanese Stab-Binding Book

Alyssa Dean, Artistic Achievement, Midnight Shoot
Christa Gorman, First Place Artistic Achievement, Layover
Meenakshi Gujjarlapudi, Honorable Mention, Sankranti
Christina Wood, Honorable Mention, New York, New York

Channing Lilley, Artistic Achievement, Amorphous
Neida Negrete, First Place Artistic Achievement, Memories
Emma Catherine Sinasac 2021 Honorable Mention Waves
Anastasia Lee Austin 2018 Honorable Mention Capricorn

Studio Art I
Devon Vopni, Artistic Achievement, Electric City
Savannah Flores, First Place Artistic Achievement, The Watchers
Vivian Nguyen, Honorable Mention, Ride in Style
Mary Torpey, Honorable Mention, A Warm Summer

Studio Art II
Mi-Lan Hoang, Artistic Achievement, An Ocean of Metaphors
Stephanie Beveridge, First Place Artistic Achievement, Night
Mary Torpey, Honorable Mention, Show Your True Colors
Michaela Coulter, Honorable Mention, Dandy

Studio Art III & IV
Ollantay Avila, Artistic Achievement, La Virgen
Sophia Love, First Place Artistic Achievement, Self Portrait in Oil
Justine Walker, Honorable Mention, Fishy Fishy
Mary Grace Yaeger, Honorable Mention, Me

The People's Choice Award
Erin Sanchez, Gluttony, AP Studio Art
Vivian Nguyen, Ride in Style, Studio Art I
Marina Barraco, Twisted, Studio Art II
Kendrick Hawkins, Georgia's Skull, Studio Art III & IV
Ollantay Avila, Pajaro Rojo, Studio Art III & IV
Kaitlin Codd, Split Decision, Ceramics I & II (Functional)
Priscilla Sulli, Flower Boy, Ceramics I & II (Functional)
Mohitha Peram, OctoPot, Ceramics I & II (Non-Functional)
Theresa Khoury, Dumbo Tea, Ceramics III & IV (Functional)
Claire Eckert, Slice of Time, Ceramics III & IV (Functional)
Theresa Khoury, Self-Erosion, Ceramics III & IV (Non-Functional)
Jordan Walters, Head Shot With Hand, Digital Photography I
Elise Welch, Yucca Thorns, Digital Photography I
Melinda Miller, Color Brush, Digital Photography II
Katherine Reynolds, Girl At Creek, Digital Photography II
Alyssa Dean, Ovid's Metamorphoses (In Color), Printmaking
Claire Polak, Japanese Stab-Binding Book, Papermaking
Juliana Buys, Black Space, Fused Glass
Claire Eckert, Nesting, Sculpture