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Awards Reception Honors Visual Arts Students
Awards Reception Honors Visual Arts Students

Ursuline held an arts awards ceremony and reception on Thursday, May 4, in conjunction with its annual arts exhibition.

Anna Rehagen was awarded the The Katherine Bolka Endowed Scholarship for Academic and Visual Arts Excellence. The Katherine Bolka Scholarship is presented to a rising senior with artistic promise who is selected through nominations from the Visual Arts faculty.

Miranda Walker was also awarded the $300 Outstanding Senior Artist purchase award. A piece of her work will become a part of Ursuline's permanent art collection on campus.

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Awards List:

The Visual Arts Department works with Advancement to create a calendar featuring student art work. These students have been selected for the 2017-18 calendar:
  • Lauren Arnott "Mechanical Eye"
  • Madeline Bookout "Night Sky"
  • Stacie Cardoza "Blues"
  • Christa Gorman "Flowers"
  • Lauren Horner "Shoes on Brick"
  • Brynn Jaspersen "Color of Fall"
  • Tiffany Noel "Eudemonistic"
  • Elenor Post "Rainbow Scales"
  • Molly Smith "Flower"
  • Miranda Walker "Contained"
  • Caroline Hunt "XOXO"
  • Anna Rehagen "Tea Stains"
Jury-Selected Art Awards:

AP Studio Art

  • Janelle Castillo, Artistic Achievement, Mayan
  • Triana Gorman, First Place Artistic Achievement, Eyes
  • Alizeh Hussain, Award of Artistic Merit, Mugshot
  • Maggie Lenzen, Honorable Mention, Princess and the Pea
  • Ashley Liu, Honorable Mention, Heart Strings
  • Victoria Caballero, Honorable Mention, Home, Ceramics: Non-Functional
  • Riley Campbell, Artistic Achievement, Flamingo, Ceramics: Functional
  • Marley Justice, Artistic Achievement, Brutus' Bowl, Ceramics: Non-Functional
  • Marley Justice, First Place Artistic Achievement, Pitcher, Ceramics: Functional
  • Theresa Khoury, Honorable Mention, Lone Neck, Ceramics: Functional
  • Isabella McCormack, First Place Artistic Achievement, SeaHeel, Ceramics: Non-Functional
  • Claire Starcher, Honorable Mention, Sunflower Teapot, Ceramics: Non-Functional
  • Kathryn Wright, Honorable Mention, Rock and Roll, Ceramics: Functional
Digital Photography I
  • Hannah Bennett , First Place Artistic Achievement, Print I
  • Madeline Bookout, Honorable Mention, Victoria
  • Rachael Frisbie, Artistic Achievement, Print I
  • Paulina Harwell, Honorable Mention, Print I
  • Hannah Pujats, Honorable Mention, Print I
  • Kate Reynolds, Honorable Mention, Print I
Digital Photography II
  • Alex Arenas, Honorable Mention, Aid
  • Victoria Segovia, First Place Artistic Achievement, Drive Through Volcano
  • Katie Schaefer, Artistic Achievement, Turning Bus
  • Katie Murray, Honorable Mention, Retrospectrum
  • Gabby Piamonte, First Place Artistic Achievement, HOV
  • Cydney Roy, Artistic Achievement, Recovery
  • Alyssa Sheldon, Honorable Mention, Dream Walker
Fused Glass
  • Nicole Low, Artistic Achievement, Bluebonnets
  • Tiffany Noel, Honorable Mention, White Vase
  • Jade Whitney, First Place Artistic Achievement, Red Web
  • Valerie Wijeweera, Honorable Mention, Chutes and Ladders
  • Emily Courtois, Artistic Achievement, Case Bound Book
  • Tiffany Noel, Honorable Mention, Japanese Stab Binding Book
  • Jessica Skertchly, First Place Artistic Achievement, Exposed Stitch Book
  • Valerie Wijeweera, Honorable Mention, Japanese Stab Binding Book
Screen Printing
  • Abigail Claypool, Honorable Mention, Red X
  • Rachael Garcia, Artistic Achievement, The Wagon
  • Jayden Gill, First Place Artistic Achievement, Daisies
  • Emily Horvath, Artistic Achievement, Dahlia and Hydrangea
  • Paige Morrison, Honorable Mention, Box
  • Ana Williams, Honorable Mention, Theo
Studio Art I
  • Ollantay Avila, First Place Artistic Achievement, Ribs
  • Jillian Brown, Artistic Achievement, Shoe Line Drawing
  • Mariana Sereno, Honorable Mention, Street Dreams
  • Graciela Valenzuela, Honorable Mention, Baile de los Colores
Studio Art II
  • Ava Mollabashy, Honorable Mention, Candyland
  • Mariana Sereno, Artistic Achievement, Poe's Bird Calling
  • Anna Rehagen, First Place Artistic Achievement, Candy
  • Graciela Valenzuela, Honorable Mention, Daisy Garden
Studio Art III & IV
  • Lauren Arnott, Honorable Mention, Mechanical Eye
  • Elenor Post, First Place Artistic Achievement, Self-Portrait with Roses
  • Erin Sanchez, Artistic Achievement, Good Night
  • Erin Sanchez, Honorable Mention, Ugly Fish
  • Brigit Torpey, Honorable Mention, Fantasyscape
Relief and Engraving
  • Sidney Armijo, Honorable Mention, Marta
  • Frannie Leonard, Honorable Mention, Ms. Francis
  • Hailey Wilson, First Place Artistic Achievement, Brooke
The People's Choice Award
  • Madeline Bookout, Victoria, Digital Photography II
  • Riley Campbell, Flamingo, Ceramics: Functional
  • Rachael Frisbie, Print I, Digital Photography I
  • Marley Justice, Brutus' Bowl, Ceramics: Non-Functional
  • Theresa Khoury, Vase with Carved Flowers, Ceramics: Functional
  • Ellie Lenzen, Daredevil, Studio Art II
  • Frannie Leonard, Ms. Francis, Relief and Engraving
  • Frannie Leonard, Turtles, Sculpture
  • Erin Sanchez, Good Night, Studio Art III & IV
  • Hallie Tomlinson, Popsicles, Fused Glass
  • Julia Yaeger, Handsy, AP Studio Art: Drawing