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A Back-to-School Message from the Principal
A Back-to-School Message from the Principal

Dear Ursuline Families,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at Ursuline Academy of Dallas!

The beginning of the school year is one of the most delightful times to be an educator. The students are fresh and eager to begin, and so are their teachers! While school begins in earnest today, the past weeks have been busy around here. The faculty and staff devoted several days of in-service to exploring how we craft our classes to be focused on our learners and helping them find ways to get to understanding and mastery of the content and subjects they encounter. We learned tips to reach the hearts of adolescent girls and help them navigate the hard moments that sometimes happen in school. We shared ideas and experiences from summer conferences, readings, and travels. Most of all, we came together to celebrate our school's mission and how it is lived out in our students.

It has been pure joy to see the classes come together for orientations. Their spirit and energy are beautiful. As Principal, I have the privilege to address each of the grades and share some thoughts and reflections with them. While they change somewhat for each grade, I found myself referencing similar themes. One idea that emerged was to describe how they are active participants in the building of community — the sisterhood — and that this building is done by performing the work of kindness. I have been struck by the number of times I have encountered the idea that small kindnesses are what makes the difference in our days, in our lives. I hope they can remember this as they fall into the rhythm of school, because I know how much their smiles and greetings mean to me as we pass by in the hallways, and I know that it means even more when their fellow students share those kind connections.

The year ahead will be filled with busy days, and I look forward to observing your daughters' growth and successes — those big and small. Our students are blessings in our lives.

Please know that I hold each of you in my prayers. Let's have a great year!


Andrea Shurley