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Graduation 2019: Livestreaming with Student Crew
Graduation 2019: Livestreaming with Student Crew

Ursuline's Graduation will be live — with the help of a student crew.

Students will help Performing Arts Teacher James Gregory livestream the beautiful event on Sunday, May 26.

"Graduation is always such a special event," Gregory said. "It's the highlight of our year, and everyone, near and far, has an opportunity to witness the ceremony."

This is Ursuline's fourth time livestreaming Graduation. Ursuline also livestreams sporting events and other traditions, such as Freshman Convocation, Intramurals, Sophomore Serviam, Junior Ring, and Senior Farewell Mass. Friday Announcements are also livestreamed each week.

The student crew will set up the PA system and operate the two-camera shoot.

You will be able to view Graduation on smartphones, tablets, or home devices. View the ceremony by going to Ursuline's live-streaming page and clicking the Watch Live button.

The events Ursuline chooses to livestream will be archived on our live-streaming page, so viewing and reviewing can be done with ease.

Check your data and download speed to ensure your viewing quality. Mobile streaming will depend on your carrier's coverage.