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Rangerettes Shine at American Dance Camp
Rangerettes Shine at American Dance Camp

The Jesuit Rangerettes sure do like performing at the Line and American Dance/Drill Team Officer Camps.

More than half the team earned the opportunity to perform at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl New Year's Day Halftime Show in New York City.

The Dance and Social Officers earned the highest award at the American Dance Camp — All-American Officers. The award recognizes outstanding discipline, enthusiasm, and performance. The Rangerettes also earned the Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence during the Line Camp in Dallas.

The Rangerettes added many individual awards. Allyson Pemberton won Most Outstanding Performer, and Natalya Holtz, Courtney Lambert, Alex Tedeschi, and Allyson Pemberton won the All-American Dance Company Award. Jillian Carrell earned Most Admired Veteran, and Millie Kerr earned Most Admired New Girl.

Other awards:

  • Angelina Syler, Zoe Garcia, Courtney Lambert, Mattia Cantrell, Jillian Carrell, Alex Tedeschi, Allyson Pemberton, Jordan Vitale, and Natalya Holtz won All-American Kick Company.

  • The Marching Finalists were Jordan Page, Maggie Savage, Christina Davenport, Molly Hibbs, Cydian Witherspoon, Courtney Lambert, Hannah Bookout, and Taylor Louviere.

  • Courtney Lambert was named Miss High Kick, Cydian Witherspoon won Miss Drill Down, and Bri Niemyski won Outstanding Manager.

  • Christina Davenport, Colleen Parro, and Catherine Meenan won the Gussie Nell Davis Dancers of the Week. Emily Martin and Maggie Kurilecz earned the Most Improved Award.

  • ADTS Pizazz recipients: Taylor Beaver, Ashton Arlen, Millie Kerr, and Mary Kate Jones; Spirit of ADTS recipients: Taylor Louviere and Zoe Garcia; All-American Dancer recipients: Cydian Witherspoon, Natalya Holtz, Millie Kerr, Allyson Pemberton, Maggie Savage, Alex Tedeschi, Zoe Garcia, Michelle Antoon, Courtney Lambert, Jillian Carrell, and Taylor Louviere.
  • Taylor Beazer, Mary Kate Jones, Jordan Page, Ciana Cantrell, Mattia Cantrell, Colleen Parro, Christina Davenport, and Anna Roberts won All-American Honorable Mention.