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Nine Ursuline Student-Athletes Signed Their Letters of Intent

By Reese Walsh '25

Nine Ursuline student-athletes signed their Letters of Intent on National Signing Day, Wednesday, February 7.

After many years of dedicated practice and training, these athletes are excited to advance to the collegiate level of their sport.


After 10 years of playing lacrosse, Midfielder Reagan Chen signed to play lacrosse with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She looks forward to majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a focus in Astronautics. 

At Embry-Riddle, she’s excited to continue to grow and improve against new and talented opponents, as well as making lasting friendships with her new team.

Her advice? “Play for the love of the game,” she says. “Teammates and coaches will change, you will too, but if you love what you are doing everyday then that is what will keep you motivated and pushing towards success.” 


Quetza Garza has played soccer since she was three years old. She's a Goalkeeper and loves the relationships she’s made and the community she’s gotten out of the sport.

Her advice to other athletes is “to just keep pushing through even when you feel like quitting. It is worth it!”

Quetza signed to play soccer at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. She plans to major in Biology on a Pre-Dental track.

Isabella Zanoni’s parents had her try almost every sport as a kid before she finally found her passion in soccer. She signed to play at the University of Illinois, with plans to major in Electrical Engineering.

She is most excited to play at a very high level, continue her development, and keep playing the sport she loves.

“My best advice is to take care of your body and never stop pushing yourself to higher levels,” she said.

Growing up, Kate Askew loved to play soccer against her sisters, “I felt like it was one of the things that I could beat them at, so I kept up with it.” 

As a Midfielder and Defender, she loves the competitive nature of soccer and the people her sport has brought her.

“I have soccer to thank for the people I have crossed paths with throughout my career,” she said.

Kate signed to play at Trinity University, with plans to major in Neuroscience next year.


Berkeley Bundy was first introduced to golf by her dad, and started her career playing with him on the weekends. 

“What I love most about golf is that there is always a way to be better," she said. "Golf challenges me physically and mentally and I love how it pushes me to try my hardest every day.”

Berkeley signed to play at Washington & Lee University this fall, and will major in Business.

Her advice to future collegiate athletes is to “enjoy this time in high school with your teammates, and even though it can be stressful at times, the college athletic process can be super fun and you get to meet so many amazing people along the way.”

Golf is one of the hardest things Sonia Hao has ever done in her life. But amidst all the hardship, Sonia says that she loves the challenge golf brings.

"I actively practice emotional control, looking to the future and not the past, honesty & integrity, perseverance, hard-work, and patience all the times in the game of golf," she said. "All these qualities that I learned from playing golf transfer into my day-to-day life."

Sonia looks forward to continually improving herself, on and off the course, as well as building new friendships with her team next fall at Santa Clara University.


Point Guard Madelyne Davis’ basketball career started on her driveway, playing with her two older brothers. 

She loves that basketball is fun and has opened up so many opportunities for her that she never knew existed.

Her favorite saying is “DGOW- Don't get out worked! Not just in basketball, but in every aspect of life!”

Madelyne signed with Houston Christian University, and plans to major in Business Marketing.

Kiana Mollabashy started playing basketball around the first or second grade. She signed at Kenyon University, and looks forward to majoring in Economics this fall.

“What excites me most about playing for Kenyon is the opportunity to just be able to continue playing the sport I love for another four years, and create long lasting relationships and friendships with my teammates and coaches,” she said.

Her advice to future athletes: “never feel defeated, because you have to face failing to know what it takes to succeed.”


Opposite Hitter Loren Winn lives by the mentality that “you are incapable of playing volleyball without your teammates.” 

She says her favorite part of volleyball is getting to see some of her favorite people.

Loren signed to play at the University of Connecticut. She is excited about everything about college- new teammates, coaches, and a new environment. 

“Work hard, and it will come to you. Remember why you started and embrace the growth," she said.