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Meet the Three Lacrosse Co-Captains

When she picked up her very first lacrosse stick, Madeleine Hebert ’21 knew the sport was for her. Eleven years into the sport, she plays attack and midfield for the UA Lacrosse Bears.

As a co-captain on the team, she hopes to encourage her teammates and keep positive energy at a maximum so that they can all do their best.

“Being co-captain means being a leader that your teammates can also see as a friend,” she said. “We lead by example but also leave room for fun and laughter off the field.”

Being an attack enables her to set goals for herself and playing midfield means she can push herself to win 50/50 ground balls or cause a turnover on transition.

“Running has always been the highlight of the sport for me, and these positions highlight speed the most,” she said.

Her co-captain, Cassidy McCollum ’21, has been playing since the second grade and had a somewhat rocky introduction to the sport.

“It was hard and frustrating at first,” she said. “But I stuck with it and am so glad that I did!”

Typically an attack, Cassidy has been exploring the midfield position this season.

“I surprisingly really enjoy it,” she said. “I didn’t think I would, but it is very fun to be able to play both attack and defense.”

She appreciates working with her two co-captains because, “the team needs all three of us for different reasons. We each bring something to the table and work very well together.”

An attack, Mary Margaret Skipworth ’21 started playing lacrosse her freshman year at Ursuline. Without a clue what she was doing, she picked it up quickly and ended up really liking it.

“Practice is so fun because we have a great group of girls from all different grades and personalities,” she said.

She enjoys being a co-captain and uses her positive personality to her advantage by encouraging her team.

“Having three co-captains works so well because we are all able to work together and use multiple ideas to help the team,” she said. “We want everyone on the team to be the best and happiest they can be.”

Go Bears!