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12 Ursuline Students Commit to Play Collegiate Level on National Signing Day

Five rowers, three lacrosse players, three soccer players, and one track & field star will sign their college letters of intent.

Note: Ursuline's Signing Day was postponed from Wednesday, February 1, to Friday, February 10, due to the winter storm. 


A Midfielder/Attacker, Tess Hovivian has played lacrosse since the 1st grade. She also loves the community, her coaches and teammates, and the way that the sport encourage her to work on herself to be better than before.

“It’s my time of day to step away from everything else and just play,” she said.

At Rollins next year, Tess looks forward to the people and relationships she’ll build.

“The players are truly family there and treat each other like best friends,” she said. “The coaches are very supportive and want us to be our very best.”

Finally, she’d like to thank everyone at Ursuline, her teammates, and her UA sisters for their support.

“I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of them,” she said. “I am very grateful for this opportunity and I cannot wait to attend Rollins. Go Tars!”

Tess plans to study in the Business Program.

Lauren Peck is a lacrosse Midfield and Defense. She’s played for seven years, and loves the community the sport has exposed her to.

She’s excited to become a part of Dickinson’s women’s lacrosse team next year, and thanks both of her Ursuline coaches for being extremely supportive of her.

She will study International Business and Management and plans to minor in Spanish.

Reese Ryland loves lacrosse because it’s fast paced, competitive, and has a tight knit community. She’s played for seven years total and is an Attacker/Offensive-Mid.

“I love my teammates and the friends I’ve been able to make and play with all over the country,” she said.

At Louisville next year, she’s most excited to have the opportunity to compete in a competitive conference while playing alongside and against some of the best players while learning from top coaches.

“Two of my favorite sayings are by Zig Ziglar: ‘If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you,’ and ‘Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude,’” she said.

She looks forward to majoring in Business.


Rowing holds a special place in Claire Chesnut’s heart. She’s been rowing for three years and loves it for two special reasons: the rowing community and because of the unity needed to move a boat.

“Rowing connects people worldwide over a common interest – getting out on the water, finding perfect balance, and flying,” she said. “This shared love draws together people globally to create an incredibly supportive and driven community of rowers.”

As she looks ahead to rowing at Colgate, Claire is excited to join a group of people who have a strong academic drive with a commitment to rowing.  

“Rowing lights up my day,” she said. “And the opportunity to row under the guidance of my Colgate coaches excites me greatly!”

Funnily enough, Laurel Grein was convinced by a friend to join Ursuline's Rowing team. She tried out for fun, and has now been on the team for three years.

"I love the relationships rowing builds," she said. "Having the chance to compete with my favorite people has definitely been the highlight of my Ursuline career!"

Next year, she will take on rowing at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, studying Unmanned Aerial Systems/Computer Science.

"I am delighted to row with like-minded people who love technology as much as I do!" she said.

Finally, she thanks her UA coaches for always answering her questions, helping her on and off the water, and taking the time to impart their advice.  

"I mean it when I say my coaches have been the best role models I could ever ask for," she said. "Additionally, thank you to my fellow rowers: you made practices worthwhile and added light to my life. Thank you for being the most wonderful friends I've ever had."

During her freshman year, Angelina Hassan was convinced by a neighbor she carpooled with to join the Ursuline Rowing Team.

"I love the sport because of the teamwork and team bonding required to make the boat move fast," she said. "And my favorite part about the Ursuline team is my teammates and the traditions everyone passes down to the underclassmen."

"I want to thank the Ursuline Rowing Head Coach Dominique and her sister, Chantelle, for always supporting me through the good and hard times, Strength & Conditioning Coach Sierra for pushing us beyond our limits every day in the weight room, and Coxwain Coach Stephanie for helping me grow as a coxwain by advising me on race plans and recordings," she said. 

Angelina will row at the University of Central Florida and study Mechanical Engineering. 

"I am excited about meeting my new teammates and continuing a positive culture of growth," she said. 

Anna Kahl has rowed for four years. She loves the team aspect and the reward that comes with all the hard work. Next year, she’ll be attending the University of Notre Dame to study Business Analytics.

“I am so excited about being part of a team at the collegiate level at a university full of tradition,” she said.

Her words to live by? Always do your best, work hard, and be a good person. #RowIrish

Ruby Farley, University of Oklahoma


Brook Hatzmann started playing soccer when she was six years old. She’s a Forward and loves the sport because of the competition.

“Playing against opponents always pushes me to perform my best,” she said.

At Benedictine next year, she looks forward to playing soccer with her cousin, who is a current freshman, and competing in the sport she loves at the next level.

“From day one, my mom has always told me, ‘In all things, give glory to God,'” she said. “It applies to every aspect of my life, and is a reminder of my purpose here on earth.”

Brook will major in Finance.

Soccer has taught Kate Ryan many life lessons over the years. She first started playing as a young five- or six-year-old and loves the challenge and thrill of competition.

As a Defensive or Attacking Center Mid, soccer has tested her physical and mental abilities and she enjoys taking the field with her team.

Next year at Dartmouth, she is excited to experience something new and play at the collegiate level.

“Playing D1 college soccer has always been my dream,” she said. “I am so blessed to have the opportunity to play at a school with such a quality education.

Her favorite sayings to live by? “Hard work beats talent when talent isn’t working hard enough;” Every day is a gift we don’t deserve, so do something with it;” and Luke 6:31, “Treat others just as you want to be treated.”

Caroline Staubach’s soccer career began when she played for the Frilly Frogs when she was four years old. She’s a Forward and going out to the field every day is her favorite thing to do.

She can’t wait to play at Baylor next year.

“It’s a great school academically, faith-based, and in Texas,” she said. “Plus, I’m excited to learn from top collegiate coaches and play at the collegiate level.”

Her skills coach once told her, “Just keep doing the little things and keep that discipline. The little things add up and make a difference.” Which, she took to heart since her third ACL surgery.

“I remind myself of that saying every day,” she said. “The small things you do behind the scenes is where the real work is.”

Track & Field

Since she was in the 7th grade, Taylor Radack has participated in Track & Field. She fell in love with pole vaulting, specifically, in 2021. As a junior, Taylor set Ursuline’s newest pole-vaulting record.

“I love the adrenaline at meets where you have to make quick decisions and take risks,” she said.

At Northeastern next year, she looks forward to specializing in pole vault and participating in a complete training program geared toward pole vaulters.

Taylor will major in Mechanical Engineering and Design, and she hopes to minor in Aerospace one day.

Hear what our signees have to say about Ursuline’s new practice gym and weight room, made possible by The Campaign for Ursuline:

“The new space will give all students the opportunity to stay healthy and do more strength-based workouts,” said Claire Chestnut ’23. “I’ve used the weight room to get a workout in during my free period and I consistently use the new training room space for ice baths or a recovery session after a game. These new additions have definitely made a difference in my recovery and helped strengthen my muscles to prevent injury.”

“I love that we are given a space where we can train as a team or individually,” said Tess Hovivian ‘23. “It has also helped me start preparing myself for what it will be like working out with my future college team.”

“UA lacrosse has been working out in the weight room twice a week,” said Lauren Peck ’23. “Using the weight room has helped me gain strength and has ensured that I understand the basics before starting team lifts.”

Muscle development and conditioning are essential for the improvement in a sport and for injury prevention,” said Taylor Radack ’23. “The new weight room will help future UA athletes level up and stay safe while doing it.”

“I remember when I first saw the finished project,” said Kathryn Ryan ’23. “I was blown away by the quality of the facility and it’s amazing to see all the new equipment that is available for us to use. Not to mention, it will provide a safe space for athletes to learn how to correctly use the equipment.”

“The new weight room and gym are unbelievable,” said Caroline Staubach ’23. “The spaces will help athletes perform at their best and focus on proper recoveries.”

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